2009-11-12: Calvin Crowner - UO Producer's Letter

Calvin Crowner - UO Producer's Letter

Calvin Crowner

12 Nov 2009 20:14:08 EST

“This is your captain speaking … we’ll be climbing to an altitude of 36,000 feet. Expect some turbulence on ascent. Once we reach cruising altitude, I’ll turn off the seat belt sign, and you’ll be permitted to move about the cabin … Due to FAA regulations smoking is not permitted … unless you’re sharing the good stuff with the rest of the crew. Thank you for flying Britannia Airlines”

Twelve years and a Guinness Book record mention later, we are still here!

We’ve recently successfully launched UO’s 8th Expansion, bringing back programs that independent boards said would never occur … Oh, and I’m not certain if you noticed, but there are more people playing Ultima Online again every day. I know. I have our subscriber numbers on refresh. It makes me smile.

I heard you really liked Halloween. Yes, Sakkarah and the rest of the folks supporting her on live got rid of “Death or Treat” this year. She’s got a few nice things lined up for the holidays. Expect to see more on the holiday publish in the next week.

More importantly, something I know you have been waiting for – engineering has been working on speedhacking and 3rd party program detection. We’re closer each day to a solution, but are not publishing it until it’s solid.

Finally, as a former Air Force Officer and graduate of the United States Air Force Academy, I hope everyone found time to show their appreciation for those currently serving in our Armed Forces as we celebrated Veteran’s Day earlier this week. We here at Mythic make games. We don’t defend against all enemies foreign and domestic. We make a worlds where it’s possible to be the conquerors and almost king. Here we have a different battle for good and evil. As we’ve seen, life is all too real sometimes. Thanks for making us the place you care to escape.