2010-05-18: Producer's Update - May 2010

Producer's Update - May 2010

Calvin Crowner

18 May 2010 18:02:09 EST

Hey all,

This is a prelude to topics that I’d like to cover in a more expansive letter this week:

  • We’ll discuss house design and gozamats: History and future
  • Current Status of Pub 66
  • Event story arc and loopholes in the fiction – Giving EMs a chance to catch up before major Live Event
  • Status of the 3rd party program detection – We are ready to implement and will let you know our plan of action for repeat offenders

Also, right now we are doing our best to get Pub 66 to Test Center .. hope to get you an update in the next 36 hours.

After Pub 66 initial we will have a follow up publish several weeks after as we couldn’t fit all of pub 66 in one palpable serving.

See you on the boards,