2010-10-12: Producer's Update

Producer's Update - 10/12/10

Posted Oct 12, 2010 18:25:27 by Calvin Crowner on the UO Herald.

We are continuing to monitor the boards as publish 68 continues. Here are the immediate items discovered in today’s publish and have been updated. Simply log out and patch your client for the following fixes:

  • Players experiencing lag with housing
  • Tokuno ship dropping cannons (will be fixed during daily maintenance)
  • Dismounting a horse creates an additional horse

In other news:

I know players are having problems logging in to the UOGamecodes site. The trouble is one of traffic, but we are also having our network operations looking at our side for login server issues for player accounts. They have rebooted the server controlling logins, and will continue to monitor the service as the traffic continues.

Also, stay tuned for:

  • High Seas Fiction – we have some amazing player fiction to share with you in two parts. Part I will immediately follow this post.
  • Updates to the Live Arc – If you participated in the Invasion at Yew Prison this weekend share what you may have learned with other players.
  • Magincia is about to have a subtle makeover …

Return to Britannia ends tomorrow morning. Anniversary items are done, tested, and will be released in the next few days.

High Seas Helpful Hint:

You may not dry-dock your ship with a pirate binding pole (from one of the bounty quests) on the deck. If you need to dry-dock your boat quit the quest and the binding pole will disappear.

GDC Interviews:

While at GDC last week, I was privileged to meet some fantastic folks from, Massively, Gamasutra, Zam, and Gamebreaker TV and

See you on the boards.