2011-02-11: Producer's Update

Producer's Update

Posted Feb 11, 2011 16:58:12 EST by Calvin Crowner on the UO Herald.

It’s been some time since we brought you an update so here’s the micro-version of our current plans.

Valentine’s Day has arrived in Sosaria and our videotape for the yearly update is at last complete. We had some interruptions with weather, vacations, and updating live production servers but the team is up to some really awesome stuff.

In the queue are:

  • Valentine’s Day – Bear Delivery!
  • Price Drops for the UOGamecodes store (to include 6 month game time discounts) for the end of February
  • Virtue Bane Story Arc
  • Finding a local host for Oceania
  • Restoring Magincia

The video tape will cover:

The verdict on the classic shard, how we plan to grow the game, updates for the Enhanced Client, and finally our plan for increased pace for arcs, updates, storytelling and connecting with the community over the next 10 months.


The arc for Virtue Bane should be within the next few days, with a completion at the end of March culminating in the Restoration of Magincia.

Please note that the events of the next few days are a transition period toward the Restoration of Magincia. The events have been orchestrated for the past several months, please respect the Event Moderators during what likely to be very crowded participation and most importantly, have a great time!