2011-03-24: 鍵

Asuka, Hokuto, Izumo, Mizuho, Mugen, Wakoku Edition

鍵 / Key

Author: Unknown author Published: March 24, 2011

ザー女王陛下(Zhah the Gargoyle Queen)は、あれから何度も古文書を読み返しておられる。プルギロヌス殿(Prugyilonus the Advisor to the Queen)がお声掛けしているというのに、陛下はそれに気付かれていない。それほど、あの古文書に集中しておられるということなのだろうか。




今まさにデファイラー(the Defiler)打倒の準備が整おうとしている。千年もの長い間、陛下は多くのものを犠牲にされ、このときに備えてこられた。いよいよ、リスタ様(Rhista the Gargoyle Princess)との再会を果たすときが来たのだ。



His Majesty Queen (Zhah the Gargoyle Queen) has read over the old documents many times from that. Although Prgeillonus (Prugyilonus the Advisor to the Queen) is calling out, his Majesty has not noticed it. I wonder whether he is concentrating on that old document so much.

I do not think so. In my eyes my majesty is somewhere above me, looking like I'm thinking about something completely different. His Majesty's gaze is directed to ancient documents. However, it seems that the point of sight passes past the old document, and seems to capture the cold shining stone floor ahead.

What exactly is reflected on the floor that emits that creepy light? I also looked at the floor in the same way, but there was only a poor mirror that could only return the lantern's lightness slightly.

However, I feel I can understand what is reflected in that mirror that abandoned its role.

Now the defiler (the Defiler) is ready for overthrow. For thousands of years the Majesty was sacrificed a lot of things and was prepared for this time. It is time to reunite with Lister (Rhista the Gargoyle Princess) at last.

What kind of face do you see in the eyes of Listera?

Royal palace mystician