2011-04-22: More Efforts for the Restauration of Magincia

More Efforts for the Restauration of Magincia

Posted Apr 22, 2011 16:51:46 EST by Calvin Crowner on the UO Herald.

This week’s installment of the upcoming items available for the beautification of Magincia (and other areas) includes a little something for your hearth and your lawns.

Gargoyle Statues:



Goblin and Llama Topiaries:



More information on the distillery:

Due to sometimes less than legal history of distributing liquor throughout the U.S., we have brought a small element into the design of the distillery. There will be one component in its crafting that will require … shall we say a thief’s touch in order to acquire it.

That component will be in lesser supply throughout the world. So keep a thief friend close when the distillery becomes available this Spring.