2011-05-01: Savage Sedition

Savage Sedition

Author: EM Drosselmeyer Published: May 1, 2011

Squee reached into her reagent pouch and drew out the last of her reserves, a burst of energy flying forth from her hand at the utterance of the words of power, and colliding into one of the pursuing orc scouts hard enough to knock it senseless. She shouted in her tribal language loudly, but heard no answering call; she could only fear the worst had happened to her fellow hunters. With a growl she looked down to her hand at the only reagents she had left. She had only blood moss and nightshade left, and with a loud curse she ran on through the woods from her pursuers. She quickly uttered the words of power for a spell of invisibility as she escaped the sight of her assailants. She held her breath as the scouts passed by her, and waited until just before the spell would have worn off on it's own to break it willfully. It would take some time to reach her Tribe's camp, and she could already feel her teeth gritting at the thought of how many of her tribes warriors had been lost today. The orcs had to be made to pay for this, somehow...

"Tribe no need help! Tribe slay orc on own!" Squee's Chieftain, Ga'hap, belligerently shouted at the mere suggestion she had of seeking others. Squee remained on bended knee before the Cheiftain as he continued. "Squee forget what be savage is! Squee hereby exile from tribe! Squee only return when worthy." With that proclamation, the Chieftain stood and rattled his spear, and his guards rattled theirs in response. Squee stood and was escorted out by an honor guard to the edge of their Tribes land.

"Squee know what need done. Jelak know Squee right!" She spoke directly to the Chieftain's son, one of the honor guard whom had escorted her out. Jelak's look said volumes to her, and his look crushed her. Squee had always cared for Jelak, but now his remorseful look threatened to tear her apart. Jelak then very carefully said only one short response to her before heading back to the tribal camp.

"Chieftain give order."

Squee slumped down to her knees at the edge of the swamp in defeat for a moment, before rising once more, a defiant look on her face. She'd prove to them she was right. She'd take the only thing they needed from the orcs to beat them, and then she'd prove she was right. They'd have to listen to her then. But she'd need help.