2011-06-15: In Search of Shathenth

In Search of Shathenth

Author: EM Drosselmeyer Published: June 15, 2011

"Yet another, and this one empty all the same. What do you think she found?"

Ratha cracked his neck to one side as he stood, pondering the meaning of the empty box. "Either something interesting or dangerous enough to prevent her return. Considering her attention span, both are likely." The tall Meer Captain snorted derisively, and gestured to their accompanying mage in her gossamer robes. "Take us back. I'll need to speak with the Elders as to our next course of action. The fight against Virtuebane has left our forces vastly weakened, and if Shathenth happened to find something truly devastating...Well, I will need to speak with them all the same."

With a fluid and graceful set of gestures, the Meer mage was able to command the forces of magic in a way that Human, Elven, and Gargish spellcasters could only marvel at; in moments the group shimmered, and vanished in a mass recall spell, avoiding the possibility of anyone following through a created moongate. With a sound like a bubble popping, They appeared within the confines of one of the hidden Meer encampments.

"Get yourself some food and whatever you may need for further reconnaissance. I need to speak with the Elders. Dismissed." This was given in his usual brusque tone, and he stalked off on his way to the council chambers....