2011-08-03: Ultima Online Account Migration - A Note From The Producer

Ultima Online Account Migration - A Note From The Producer

Posted Aug 3, 2011 17:18:29 EST by Calvin Crowner on the UO Herald.


Ultima Online is migrating to a new account center and billing system. These changes are essential to the future and progress of Ultima Online.

So what will change?

On the surface the look and feel of the Account Center will change. Your page, as always, will be filled with personal entitlement (e.g. gametime, expansions, boosters) and other account information.

Electronic Arts is transitioning to a more robust payment system. Ultima Online’s current payment system is built on old technology, and if we want to insure the success of the product we need a more advanced platform. In addition, the account center will ultimately broaden payment options for our European players.

An additional feature is the capacity for trial accounts to immediately join the game without waiting for the full 14 days.

More importantly, for recurring players, we will have a fresh and solid platform that will effectively and correctly track account age.

Finally, the system will be fully integrated with the functionality of broader Electronic Arts. If you’ve created a Nucleus account with Electronic Arts, you should be familiar with the interface and process of viewing and interaction with your player account information. If you are not sure what any of this means, we’ve put together some common questions ( you may have.

Is your billing and account information secure?

Absolutely. One of the key reasons for updates to the current registration page and account center is to take advantage of the increased security offered by new web technologies. The first step in this transition is to make certain all your account information is safe.

All changes and updates are in line with Electronic Arts Terms of Service.

Thank you for your continued support and we'll see you in the game!