2011-11-04: Mesanna, Associate Producer

Stratics QA5 from 2011-11-04: Mesanna, Associate Producer

For those of us who don’t know, what has your “career track” been with the gaming industry?

I started in 1999 working for Origin as an External Test Lead when we were allowed to have volunteers with approx 20 testing volunteers. Origin then built a structured team with 10 testers and myself. I worked as a Contracted External Lead over the external testing program for years, then I was hired full time in QA after UO was moved to San Francisco. When UO moved to Virginia, I was offered a different position as associate producer so I packed my bags and left San Diego and moved to Virginia with the team.

What project that you were involved in are you the proudest of?

I actually have two projects, the success of the first External Testing Team and the current Event Moderator Program. We have a great creative team that works really hard to come up with ideas that are played out in a unique style to each EM.

I think most of us understand and respect Dev’s having to remain tight lipped about upcoming content etc. However, when it comes to past content only, what was the hardest thing for you to personally remain tight lipped about?

It’s really hard to know we were putting the shard named Ale on the pirate boats and not tell you guys, Or to ask you guys for reward ideas and know something is already going in. Or not tell you about changes we are making that hopefully will help make your gaming time better. To be really excited about what we are doing and not be able to share is really hard for me.

When it comes to the current team, who is the practical joker of the bunch and have they gotten you? OR What was your best retaliatory strike against “the joker”?

Well we do have a joker but I won’t rat him out, besides I just watch him do it so he leaves me alone.

When you are not chained to the desk working, what do you enjoy doing?

Playing computer games, scuba diving, shooting archery, hunting, cooking, playing with my puppies, and being with my best friend which is also my husband