2011-12-13: Terms of Service Reminder

Terms of Service Reminder

Posted Dec 13, 2011 18:21:19 EST by Kai Schober on the UO Herald.

We would like to remind our players that the use of 3rd party programs violates our Terms of Service.

If you receive a warning for any infraction, it is because you were reported by a fellow player for breaking the ToS.

Warnings placed on an account will escalate to suspension if the account commits the same offense repeatedly.

The following third party programs are the only ones legal to run:

  • UO Assist
  • UO Auto-Map
  • UO Calculator
  • UO Cartographer
  • UO Curse Tool
  • UO Journal Converter
  • UO Magic Tool
  • UO Spawn Map
  • UO Wedding

Happy Holidays,

The UO Team