2012-01-13: EM Helios, Event Moderator for Legends

Stratics QA5 from 2012-01-13: EM Helios, Event Moderator for Legends

This interview was conducted by Jeriicco.

When you first started what impression did you have about doing events, is it harder or easier than you expected? Did you get nervous and do you still get nervous?

I had run player events quite often so I knew what to expect as far as most events go. The setup of our events can be lengthy, that I didn’t expect. I learn something each time I run one still. I was soooo nervous with my first event! I still get nervous!

What is it like working with the EM team and Mesanna?

It’s a blast really like a kid in a candy store! Everyone is very good to work with I really couldn’t say a bad word on any of the team.

What do you think about the structure of the program?

It’s structured fairly sound I think. Of course more abilities would be tremendous but you can’t expect the good folks of Mythic to hand the keys to the kingdom to us. :} They do a good job of instilling in us the importance of everything we do in game. The smallest of errors can affect a lot in game. We are happy to be able to bring what’s available to us to the general player base.

Can you describe the training you have to go thru to become a EM?

Training for me was a lot of hit and miss. I wasn’t one of the original EM’s from when the program began but I wasn’t too far from it. Luckily for me a lot of the trial and error that Faine and Dudley and Tailspin, etc. went through was well documented for the next pack. The structure that I referred to above had just begun to get organized. Nowadays things have progressed pretty fluently, but I still learn something new every time out.

If someone wanted to join the program, what would be the first thing you would say to them?

COME ON DOWN! If your interested contact Mesanna at [email protected]

Would you like to have a little more control over the player base at events?

I don’t know so much about the player base as more control over the environment itself. For instance it would be nice to be able to create a no spell zone or a two or three tile area of space for a rp character on the fly. Legends players have always been good to me win lose or draw and we’ve worked hard to make sure everyone is treated in a fair manner. Little tweaks here and there is about all I could ask for. Players know how to act accordingly in almost every instance. Some public shackles in Luna would be fun though :}