2012-10-03: Memorable Moment Winners - Formosa

Memorable Moment Winners - Formosa

Posted Oct 3, 2012 21:10 -0400 GMT by Tim Chappell on the UO Herald.

It is time to announce the next set of winners in the Memorable Moments Contest. Players on the Formosa shard mixed it up with entries containing poetry, epic battles and a holiday event. We hope you enjoy their tales as much as we have!

We received four entries from the Formosa shard and, once again, all entries are winners!

It was the year 2006, almost a year had passed by and business had picked up that year since the relocation of the Chocolit Shoppe in Formosa. With the year at end and the joyous atmosphere in the air, I had planned an anniversary event for the shop to give back a little something to everyone on this little shard that had made the shop what it is today. It had been my first time planning an event.

The house planned to hold the event had been specifically constructed and designed for the event, with mistletoes and wreaths hung up, big Christmas tree lights lit, a newly fallen layer of snow, bartenders ready to serve out hot chocolates to all and Santa's sleigh parked by the side of the house readily bearing gifts.

Little did I know then of how many people would show up on this quiet little shard of mine. Apparently news of this event had spread fast, anyone and everyone that could walk through a moongate showed up, great warriors and mages of the legends came, peasants and thieves came, even a few polar bears, orcs and ogres made appearances. All came for a chance to feel the Christmas spirit in Sosaria, enemies from the underworld had sat next to each other drinking eggnogs together and long lost friends that hadn't seen in awhile were drawn in. Seats were quickly filled up and the course of the event ran quite smoothly for a one-person-running event.

It had been tiring yet exhilarating in the end because everyone had loads of fun especially me. It was quite a memorable part of my UO life and to top it all off, I got wind of a Christmas housing contest during that time on Stratics which I threw in the event house and won first place. It was also the first time I've ever won any contest related to UO and one of my most memorable moments in UO.

-Choc of Formosa.

Will my dream come true?

Towns filled with fire,

Citizens cried with tears.

Demons are roaming freely in our land,

Humans seem to have no chance to stand.

Monsters pass through our defenses with ease,

Britannia citizens whom hear this will not be please.

News quickly sent to the ears of the Royal Guards,

Guards are then brought to the Castle’s Yards.

Armors are prepared weapons are sharpened we are ready for war,

We have arrived near the demons and easily hear their devils’ roar.

It was nearly the dawn of the day where the fight has begun,

So many causalities and death the royal guards have barely won.

My sword is filled with daemon’s blood,

The streets are red as endless flood.

As we are going for victory enemies main protagonist revealed,

Exodus’ the most powerful weapon that Mondain and Minax once yield.

Only his war cry are hurting both our ears and mind,

In our life, we have never seen powerful foe as such kind.

Despite this the royal guards belief are never dropped,

Until the moment this fearsome beast is stopped.

Dupre will be leading us into this final war,

We are then to end Exodus once and for all.

Before we set afoot to the dungeon’s depth,

Dupre decided the guards to first take a rest.

That day I make a dream of peaceful lands,

We dance happily together holding hands.

Birds are flying in the beautiful sky,

The dream indicates such a wonderful sign.

However, will my dream ever come true?

I would have to say, no one have yet a clue.

My guild and I have to take risk all the time, to venture into Felucca to fight the champion spawn, and often, we were raided by other players. The only time that was safe for hunting was actually on odd hours where people are sleeping or working.

My guild has a system going on back then. We had to hunt together for the champion spawn, and we would share the power scroll at the end of it by rolling the dice, and whoever had the biggest number will be able to choose from the scrolls first.

I was in need of a 120 magery power scroll back then, and on that very night when my guild mates asked me to join them for a champion spawn. It was quite late in the night, but I still joined them despite, having to go school the next morning.

We did the Vermin Horde Champion Spawn in Despise (Felucca). Everything was smooth until Barracoon the Piper spawned. Our rival guild, sDo, came with a bunch of hunters, and fighters. We started a brutal fight, and our side was losing. All of our guild mates available were activated. We brought all sorts of characters. There were tamers, mages, archers and stealth ninjas.

We rally all our troops to the guild headquarters, and used the stealth ninjas to screen and spy what the other guild is up to, and we coordinate an attack. We plan, and we strike. Together as one, our forces were strong enough to break through our rival guilds defense on the bridge to Barracoon the Piper, and we killed most of the rival guilds players. We got defense up, and we managed to pull off.

As we defeat Barracoon the Piper, we knew that our rivals are actually waiting for us to enter the gate open to the Star Room. We sent our stealth ninja down, so that we have an eye there. True enough, our rival were planning to trap us there, and we all took the other exit of despise.

Then, we gathered to dice for scrolls. As my guild mate place the scroll on the floor for us to see. I immediately saw a 120 magery. I was so eager for it, as I wanted to further train my mage. As we all started to dice for it, I was keeping my fingers crossed, hoping that I will win.

At last, it was my turn to roll the dice; I went forth and rolled the dice. To my surprise, I got a 12! I was so excited. As I picked up the power scroll from the floor, my guild mate ganged on me. I was resurrected, and killed several times, before my guild mates stopped and allow me to consume the 120 magery power scroll.

I love my guild, and the people there. Those people were the very reason I play UO to this very day. They make my UO experience a wonderful one.

Longest battle of my UO experience!!!

This a couple years back when Stygian Abyss had just hit main lands. Me (tickle me) and Lord Tathian where in a battle. so far it had lasted about 15 minutes and by the time we were all said and done it took an hour 62 minutes to be exact. we are sitting here fighting swinging swords back and forth with no progress in mine or his health bars. they kept bouncing between 100%-72%-90% but never hit lower than 50% health. It was a long battle and many of band aids were used to heal each of us. Much mana was used to cast the spells to protect our self's from the next swing of a weapon. We went at it for a good 50 minus before we finally ran out of band aids (or well i did) and I had died finally. I was a mass murderer (red player) and he was nice enough to go criminal heal me up. We sat on a old fallen log and we talked for a few. We thanked each other for the duel and asked what the templates of our character was and we figured out that we had the exact same skills and stats as well as our gear was almost exactly identical. We thank each other yet again for the amazing battle and set out for more of the good vs bad war that is Felucia.

There is my amazing moment in Ultima Online.

We would also like to note that we have selected one winner from the Arirang shard. However, we decided not to publish a translated version as it will not do the story justice.

Thank you for your fantastic memories and be sure and check back tomorrow for another set of winners!