2013-05-20: Ultima Forever Game-Play FAQ

Ultima Forever Game-Play FAQ

Posted by The Gypsy to the forums on May 20, 2013.

What is the difference in the Keys?

There are three types of Keys in Ultima Forever; Bronze, Silver, and Gold. You must choose which type of Keys to use when you wish to open a chest.

  • Using Gold Keys will award you two Uncommon, Rare, or Epic items. At least one of the items will be Rare or higher.
  • Using Silver Keys will award you one Uncommon or Rare item.
  • Using Bronze Keys will award you one Common or Uncommon item.

Bronze Keys are found as loot in the dungeons. From the store, you can purchase Gold and Silver Keys, and convert Bronze keys to Silver Keys.

What do the different Rarities mean?

  • Common (green) items are the weakest items in the game. You will get at least a Common item when you use a Bronze Key.
  • Uncommon (blue) items are stronger than Common and provide better bonuses. You have a chance to find an Uncommon item when you use a Bronze Key, but are guaranteed an Uncommon when you use a Silver Key to unlock a chest.
  • Rare (purple) items are very good items. They are much better than Common and Uncommon. Using a Silver Key will give you a chance for a Rare item, but using a Gold Key will guarantee you get at least a Rare item (or better).
  • Epic (orange) items are the best in the game. You have a chance to find an Epic item when you use a Gold Key to unlock a chest.

You will find the biggest challenges in Ultima Forever are a bit easier if you are equipped with Rare and Epic items.

I destroyed an item and I want it back.

Be very careful when you choose to destroy an item. When you destroy an item, it is gone forever. We are unable to replace a discarded item.

What are the Shrines and what do they do?

The Shrines are ancient buildings, one for each Virtue, located near a town that is also dedicated to the same Virtue. The Weep has weakened the Shrines, restricting the flow of Virtue into Britannia. Tending a Shrine will temporarily increase the flow of that Shrine’s Virtue, granting you a boost to all Virtue of that type. Gaining Virtue will also affect your reputation with different towns, making the inhabitants trust you with greater quests and quandaries as you strive to become the Avatar. You can check with Virtues each town is affected by on the Reputation screen.

You may tend all eight Shrines at the same time and receive eight boosts. To view your current boosts, click on the map icon in the lower right of your screen. The map also shows when a Shrine is ready to tend. If you do not want to wait, you can go to the Shrine and use Keys to activate it and tend it immediately.

What is the difference in Loadout and Clothing?

In Ultima Forever you can change the appearance of you Avatar’s gear. Open the Choose Gear window (helmet icon). Tap the yellow button between the Loadout (swords crossed) icon and the Clothing (tunic) icon. The icon will turn green to show which you are viewing.

Loadout is the gear that gives you stats and is always equipped. You want to equip your best gear in the Loadout view. However, you can also equip vanity gear to show in the Clothing view. Using vanity gear will only change your appearance; you still gain the stats from your Loadout gear.

Can I continue my game on a new device?

If you are logging into Ultima Forever with Facebook you can continue your game on a new device simply by continuing to use your Facebook login.

If you are playing Ultima Forever as a Guest you will need to upgrade your account to a Facebook account. First login to your game on your old device and select “Login with Facebook.” Once you have completed setting up Facebook, the game will ask, “Would you like to upgrade your Guest account to a Facebook account?” Select “upgrade” and you will log into the game. Now you can close the game and login with your Facebook login on a new device.

Can I reset my game and start again from the beginning?

You are able to experience the breadth and depth of the Ultima Forever world as both a Mage and Fighter, but once their adventure beings, you cannot reset them.

Can I reset my character class and/or appearance?

You may not change your class or base appearance. However, you may equip different gear including “Vanity” gear, which will change your character’s look.

Can I change my character name?

In Ultima Forever, all of your characters use the same name. Be very careful choosing your name, as you cannot change it once you have created your first character.

How does the Virtue system work?

In Ultima Forever there are Eight Virtues. As the Avatar, you strive to learn and grown in each Virtue. You gain Virtue as you complete quests, quandaries and dungeons. You can see what Virtue a quest rewards you with by viewing the quest in your Quest Journal. All the Virtues contribute to your level. The Virtue bar is the purple bar in your portrait. When the bar is full, you gain a level. Virtues also grow your Reputation with the cities associated with that Virtue.

How does the reputation system work?

More people will speak to you as you earn Reputation with their city. You gain Reputation as you complete quests, quandaries and dungeons. You can see how much Reputation you will earn from a quest by viewing it in your Quest Journal. Virtues will also help grow your Reputation with the cities. Each city is associated with one or more of the Virtues. As you earn Virtue, you also grow your Reputation with the associated cities.

What do I do next?

If you are not sure what you should do next on your journey to become the Avatar, click on the picture of the gypsy in the upper right corner and she will open your quest journal. The journal has two sections—one for normal quests and one for Avatar quests. The quest directions will tell you where to go and what to do.

Also, keep an eye out for citizens with icons over their heads. Citizens with a Question Mark need help with a moral quandary. Citizens with the Quest for the Avatar symbol have a specific Avatar Quest for you. Citizens with a yellow Exclamation Mark have a quest for you, while a blue Exclamation Mark means it is a quest you have done before, but you can repeat it if you wish. Finally, citizens with a grey Exclamation Mark have a quest for you once you have leveled up; be sure to come back!