2014-10-02: An Interview with an Advisor (Advisor Hekima)

An Interview with an Advisor

October 02, 2014 By: Ludes Stratics

So I grabbed my Reporter notebook and did a quick interview with one of our new Advisors..

Ludes: Hello

Hekima: Hi

Ludes: Thank you for coming..

Hekima: My Pleasure..

Ludes: So just a few questions for us Catskillians..

Hekima: Ok

Ludes: Tell us about your Ultima history…Did you play the single player games?

Hekima: No I didn’t actually play the single player games myself… However I did have some friends in college that did.. It sounded like an interesting game..

Hekima: But with studies, work, etc… I just never got to it.

Ludes: When did you start UO?

Hekima: Long story there..

Hekima: My ex wife had a friend who had a brother who beta tested EVERYTHING…

Hekima: So we opened our first account in April of 2000.. I had a toon on that account for a while.

Hekima: Back then it was a 5 toon limit.. and she wanted the last slot.. So I had to open a new account..

Ludes: So that was just a couple years out of beta?

Hekima: That was June or July of 2000 … Yes.. Her account opened just as Trammel went live..

Hekima: My account opened just as the housing telestorming started…

Ludes: Right after T2A?

Hekima: Yes

Hekima: then I opened my third account in 2003..

Ludes: So you’ve been playing a while.. Tell me this.. How do you find our shard? Friendly? Standoffish? Quiet ? Busy?

Hekima: Over the years I’ve not really spent much time on Catskills.. My main shard is Chesapeake..

Hekima: The people that I’ve met in the last week are very nice, warm and welcoming..

Hekima: Several even offered to take me on their adventures or give me tours of their villages..

Ludes: So as an Advisor.. what times are the best to see you around?

Hekima: Generally in the evenings.. and on weekends… I try to be on as much as possible.. but I like to run my {regular} characters too….

Ludes: Of course..

Ludes: So have you been tempted to make a character here on Cats and play here a little?

Hekima: Possibly… I do have toons here on Catskills mostly just for when I trade cross shard..

Ludes: The local feeling on the Advisor program is good.. it makes people feel that Broadsword is taking a more “personal” approach to the players..

Hekima: It is my pleasure to assist…

Hekima: *smiles*

Hekima: Remind everyone that they can contact me or Advisor Skeets by hitting the Help menu and clicking “Contact Advisor”

Ludes: It was very nice chatting with you today Advisor Hekima… thank you very much..

Hekima: You’re very welcome..