2014-10: Prophetic Manuscript: Bully's Breakfast

Prophetic Manuscript:

Author: Owain the Blind Published: October 2014

The Time Lord. That is how he will be known when the events I have spoken of will transpire. In my sleep last night I had a vision of this name being spoken, and of an image of the being who has acted as my Guide for all my life.

Though he never visited me again, I continued to have visions of the future. It was in one of these that I saw the most troubling events of all, for I believe I saw things that the Time Lord would not have liked me to see.

One day, these words will be found in the darkest, most dangerous depths imaginable. On this day I shall walk upon the world once more, if in spirit only. The secret of which I have spoken will be discovered, and the path to the greatest treasure of a dead king will be revealed. Of this I am certain, even if I do not know what, or where it is.

Not all may be as the Time Lord showed me, however. For while I saw the salvation he spoke of, I now believe that this treasure also has the power to destroy our world, along with countless others. This may come as a surprise to any who read this, but it is one of the possibilities I have foreseen. Not all things that are meant to happen, will.

Now I come to the end of it. I will not be much longer for this world, and I am at peace. I have done my part, and these pages will now lie in wait until the time is right.

Until the world is ready to see.