2014-10: Prophetic Manuscript: The Bridge Of Two Ships

Prophetic Manuscript:

Author: Owain the Blind Published: October 2014

I was a boy of nine when I had my first vision. As I slept, I dreamt of darkness, studded with brilliant gems reflecting a wondrous light. A thousand swirls of shimmering dust appeared, dancing across the field before me. I reached for them, and suddenly the dust came together and there was a great flash, and then for a moment, nothing. I became aware of a whispering voice as a form slowly resolved in front of me - it was a man whose appearance was at once imperceptible and unforgettable, wonderful and ordinary, inspriring and terrifying. Gradually, I became able to understand the whispering, which came to me as though it were an echo from somewhere else. It was the being in front of me, and after so many years, so many visits, I still remember everything he said:

"Owain. Long has your family had a gift of sight, and long so it shall be. I come to you from the past to show you the future, and from the future shall I come with memories of the past. I will be your Guide, once you are ready to see."

When I awoke, I was frightened - too frightened to even speak of it. As one year turned into the next, however, I gradually learned to forget the dream. Some years later, when I was still a young man, I fell terribly ill. The healers were unable to explain this malady, and as a result, I lost the use of my eyes. I knew fear once again. It was then that I was visited in my dreams for the second time:

"It is time, Owain. There is much work to be done, now that you are ready to see."

I have been shown many things in my dreams - things that once were, and those that have yet to be. Here, at the end of my life, at the beginning of a Golden Age in the realm, I shall recount in secret the most important events that I have received glimpses of. While they may need to remain secret for some time, the day will come when the realm will need to know what I have seen.