2014-10: Prophetic Manuscript: The Pretty Prince's Throng

Prophetic Manuscript:

Author: Owain the Blind Published: October 2014

It is a curious thing, to be blind and to write. My mother taught me to write when I was very young - I was well practiced by the time I had lost the use of my eyes. I maintained the skill through the years with careful practice. I know one day these will be found and read - I have foreseen it.

I was past midaged by the time of my Guide's final visit. It was then that he showed me what the lands I knew of as home would one day come to look like, as the clash of two opposing ideologies will cause blood to be shed in every city. This will not be a war of control for territory, however, but rather a battle for the soul of the world taking place in a land once forsaken but now remembered.

It will not only be the forces of the Enchantress and the Noble King and his Knight who enter into the fight, however. Many will be drawn into violence, from all corners of the world. And through this conflict and strife, a forgotten secret will be rediscovered. My Guide's final words to me were:

"The greatest treasure of a long-dead king will have the power to save all lands.
Look for salvation in the shadows of the Old Lands, and in the ruins in the stars."

Then, turning back into a thousand swirls of dust, he disappeared, never to enter into my dreams again.