Publish Notes from 2017-04-26

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Publish # 97 Final
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Publish Notes from 2017-04-26

Publish 97 World Wide + Store Sale & Springtime Gifts

Posted on April 26, 2017 by UO Dev Team


Beginning with the Japanese shards this evening, all shards will be updated to Publish 97 with their regular maintenance by April 27, 2017.

Publish 97 is packed full of new features, most notably the much anticipated update to Animal Taming. You can read all about the new Animal Training features and check out the full list of changes in the Publish 97 wiki. We want to extend a very big thanks to everyone who helped test Publish 97 as well as those who sent in feedback. As always, please feel free to send us any feedback you have.

We are also pleased to announce that beginning April 27th, 2017 at 9am ET and continuing through May 4th, 2017 at 9am ET we are having a sale on Pet Bonding Potions in the Ultima Store – so stock up today for all your pet bonding needs!

Finally, as a welcome to the dawning of Spring, please visit Justice Falls to claim a special gift from the UO Team. The gift dispensers will be available beginning once all shards have been published with Publish 97 and will remain active until the displayed timer runs out.

See you in Britannia,

UO Team

Publish Notes

Animal Training

New methods of Animal Training are now available. Visit in-game Town Criers for more information! Also visit the individual wiki pages on the Discovering Animal Training Quest, Animal Training, and Animal Training Abilities.

  • Pets can now be trained beyond their current control slot requirements up to new maximums.
  • Train pets in endless combinations of special abilities, special moves, area effects and magic schools.
  • Customize skill caps and attributes to create new pet variants.
  • All pet training is final and cannot be reverted.
  • Visit Animal Trainers to embark on the “Discovering Animal Training Quest” to learn more about animal training, and earn the new title “Ethologist.”
  • Pet Slot Update
    • Existing pets will retain their current control slot requirement.
    • Newly tamed pets and pets that undergo the Animal Training process will have their control slot requirement updated.
    • Control slot requirements for pets have been reworked to take variation within the species into account. It is now possible that creatures can have varying control slot requirements based on their overall power.
  • Special Moves, Special Abilities, Magics, and Area Effects now require mana for pets to use.
  • Various AI tweaks when those AIs are applied to pets.
  • Animal Lore Update
    • Updated Animal Lore Gump to display all available skills, magic, special abilities, and new information related to Animal Training.
  • New Tameable Creatures
  • The following pets now have a chance to spawn in rare hues,

Miscellaneous Changes

  • All pet damage is now reduced by 30% when targeting players.
  • Added new option for the taming mastery ability “Combat Training” – As One, which allows pets to share damage while they are close to their master. Requires multiple pets to active.
  • All creatures with Grandmaster and above wrestling now have a chance to parry.
  • Skree AI has been updated.

Korean Localization Changes

  • 동물 지식 (Animal Lore) 기술 번역이 [동물학]으로 변경되었습니다.
  • 장비 지식 (Arms Lore) 기술 번역이 [병기학]으로 변경되었습니다.
  • 애완동물 관련 시스템 메세지 일부가 좀 더 자연스러운 표현으로 변경되었습니다.
  • (예: "이 동물은 너무 많은 이전의 인간 주인들 때문에 지쳐있게 보입니다 → "이 동물은 너무 많은 주인을 섬긴 데에 진절머리가 난 것 같습니다")
  • 동물학 창에서 볼 수 있는 애완동물의 상태 표현이 좀 더 유추하기 쉽게 변경되었습니다. 일부 부분은 약간 원문을 비틀었으나, 상대적으로 양극 상태 (혼란/행복)과 중립 상태 (불만/만족)을 제외하면 각각 4단계로 동일 형태로 분류하여 상태를 좀 더 파악하기 쉽게 만들었습니다.

충성도 이전 번역 현재 번역
Confused 혼란한 혼란스러움
Extremely Unhappy 극도로 불행한 몹시 화남
Rather Unhappy 아주 불행한 매우 화남
Unhappy 불행한 다소 화남
Somewhat Content 다소 만족스러운 약간 화남
Content 만족스러운 불만
Happy 행복 만족
Rather Happy 아주 행복한 약간 만족
Very Happy 매우 행복한 다소 만족
Extremely Happy 정말로 행복한 매우 만족
Wonderfully Happy 최고로 행복한 몹시 만족
Euphoric 행복감 행복함

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