2017-08-17: Feeling Pressure, Crown Announces Tariff Reduction to Spur Trade

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Feeling Pressure, Crown Announces Tariff Reduction to Spur Trade

Author: Rita Radcliffe Published: August 17, 2017
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His Royal Highness Lord Blackthorn was on site in the City of Trinsic to announce a reduction in tariffs on trade orders throughout the realm. Feeling the pressure from merchants and citizens alike, representatives of the Britannian Tax Council hope the reduction in tariffs will spur trade and bolster local treasuries. Addressing a small crowd of Trinsic's merchants, artisans, and paladins, The King stated firmly the Crown's commitment to the fiscal prosperity of all of Britannia's cities. "We must remember Britannia is only as strong as her people and cities, so I am pleased to announce my government will do more with less and stretch every coin that goes into funding the safety, security, and prosperity of a functioning Kingdom!", his Royal Highness announced. When pressed by questions from the crowd regarding reports of trade carts burdened with casks of wine, ale, and liquors being delivered to His Majesty's castle and the need for paying a large standing army in these relatively peaceful times the King was ushered off by his agents as he waved to the on looking crowd. Following the announcement of the tariff reduction, His Majesty took a tour of Trinsic with representatives from the local government and visited with leaders of local guilds. During his tour the King sampled baked goods from Baked Delights before attending a magic demonstration at Encyclopedia Magika and taking in an evening concert at Meeting Hall Park. Some seemed optimistic while others took the visit of the King with contempt, "I dun' understand why we have to pay for these trade deals anyway! Who's the Governor think they are to pick? I got the coin, why should I pay it to a bunch of corrupt artisans who are going to waste it anyway! Not to mention all the coin they spend on booze in that castle! Bunch of drunkards they are!" Janet Boggerby of Trinsic's barrier island commented. Still, the reduction in tariffs are sure to spur trade deliveries across the realm and citizens are advised to take caution while venturing on Britannia's roads.