2017-08-23: Classifieds: Yearning for Adventure? HUGE Treasure Map Sale!

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Classifieds: Yearning for Adventure? HUGE Treasure Map Sale!

Author: Al Harrington Published: August 23, 2017
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Thanks to a recent operation by the Royal Britannian Guard we have come into possession of a number of treasure maps ready to make you rich, and we're passing the savings on to you! Want to buy your special someone a prized diamond? Looking to upgrade that tattered and worn out armor? Does the old blade look a little worse for wear? Finally time to move out of your bankbox and build your dream home? Vendor salaries drying up your coin purse? Whatever it is, the lucrative profession of treasure hunting can have you swimming in fat stacks of coin before Trammel and Felucca are full again! We've got all the supplies necessary for your budding treasure hunting career covered at Needful Things, just Northeast of the central teleporters in Jhelom! Picks, shovels, lockpicks, bolts and even chickens! Anything and everything is on sale and we need to move inventory fast! So come on down to Needful Things and see us about our Introductory Treasure Hunter special - complete with a treasure map and everything you need to strike it rich! Don't delay! Act now!