2017-08-30: Murder in Moonglow! Lycaeum Ransacked - Again!

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Murder in Moonglow! Lycaeum Ransacked - Again!

Author: Rita Radcliffe Published: August 30, 2017
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Once again the quiet countryside of Moonglow was rocked as the Lycaeum played host to a series of crimes. On the heels of noteworthy crimes in the past, this latest series of vile deeds only underscores the need for better scrutiny at Britannia's premier center for learning. The Royal Britannian Guard reaffirmed its stance that these "unlikely" incidents are few and far between and their efforts to curtail crime have resulted in a safer and more secure Britannia. Still, some Britannians are alarmed while others dismiss this and recent events. Speaking from a villa in Moonglow, local trader Arthur Vandelthorn said, "These things happen - and despite the crimes, the realm is prospering. I've got the air in my lungs and Moonglow Red in my glass, what more is there?" The investigation is still ongoing, yet the Royal Britannian Guard reports at least the theft of some items of magical importance and several fatalities. Members of the public are urged to contact Inspector Samuel Karny at the Lycaeum with any information.