A Small Piece Of Blackrock

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A Small Piece Of Blackrock

This is a mineral occasionally mined up by miners. It has a unique ability to cause the negation or inversion of magic, including breaching the walls of our world, forming cracks which reach into the Ethereal Void. In larger amounts, it has been known to cause catastrophic damage.


From Ultima lore:

Blackrock is an odd substance, only recently discovered. The there seems to be little interest in it, and even less use for it, a small handful of experimenters have noticed it has a profound effect on magic (though these same researches refuse to comment on what, exactly, the material does)...
- A Complete Guide to Britannian Minerals, Precious, and Semi-Precious Stones (Ultima VII)

The mysterious substance known as Black Rock is completely indestructible. Only by magical means can it be molded and shaped. Black Rock can be found in small quantities beneath the ground, sometimes near lodes of iron ore or lead. Black Rock can be excavated by conventional means, but melting it down into a malleable substance is impossible, except by magic. I have found that a combination of electrical energy and magnetic energy has a profound effect upon the substance. Together, these properties cause Black Rock to become permeable, that is, one can put one's hand through the substance as if it were water!

Further study reveals that Black Rock might work as a teleportation device if magic, electrical energy, magnetic energy, and the correct alignment of heavenly bodies act together upon the substance.

- Observations on Blackrock (Ultima VII)