Start Date 1997-07-31

Governance Last Updated: 2020-06-17
City Governor Trade Deal
Britain Bella Donna +5% HCI
Jhelom Kataklysm +5% Bandage
Minoc Red Beard +3 Str
Moonglow Sigismund +1 FC
New Magincia Ma Nerva +5% SDI
Skara Brae Tatiana Thorn +1 FC
Trinsic Rain +5% SSI
Vesper Veselin Vandevic +5% SSI
Yew Ahz Silverleaf +5% SSI

Broadsword Staff
Event Moderator EM Roenick
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News and Events

Town Cryer Reports

1998-03-16: Pirates Sell Buccaneer’s Den?
1998-03-18: Buccaneer’s Den Still Owned By Orcs
1998-03-18: No Rest For The Dead
1998-03-19: Buccaneer’s Den Free Once More
1998-03-26: Strange Monster Pair Makes Trouble Near Vesper
1998-03-30: New Orc Fort Destroyed
1998-04-06: First Annual House-Decorating Contest
1998-04-06: The Rat Lord Makes An Appearance In Britain
1998-04-09: Blackthorn Disappears Mysteriously
1998-04-24: Humbolt’s Last Possessions On Display
1998-04-27: Jeriko Margrave And Kaylaina O'Dara Wed In Weekend Ceremony
1998-05-04: Vergil The Barber
1998-11-30: Interview With Sydney
1998-12-22: Lunch With Sydney
1999-03-22: Lord British Addresses The Town Councils
1999-04-09: Caravan Under Siege
1999-05-06: Spider Nest Found In Yew Mill
1999-12-20: Letter Found At The Library In Britain
2000-03-09: Daemon Phakebrus Is Fallen
2000-03-09: Ensnared!
2000-03-09: Interview With Prince Rowan Westmark
2000-03-09: Yew Crawling With Giant Spiders

Britannia News Network Reports

2000-05-31: The Mage’s Search
2000-06-09: The Daemon Revealed
2000-06-13: Ancient Wyrm Sighted Again
2000-06-13: Assassin Attacks On The Rise
2000-06-20: A Horrific Hunt
2000-07-08: The Oracle
2000-07-10: A Gemstone Lost
2000-07-17: A Profitable Meeting
2000-07-19: All In A Night’s Work
2000-07-23: You Know What They Say About Curiosity
2000-07-30: A Deal With The Daemon
2000-08-01: Dark Plans
2000-08-04: The Trial
2000-08-06: The Beginning
2000-08-15: The Last Of The Obsidian Posts
2000-08-17: Artist Creates Artwork Out Of Cloth
2000-08-31: Creatures Of Ice
2000-09-05: The Slave Mage
2000-09-18: Xerot The Illusionist Defeated
2000-09-24: Liane Sighted With Child
2000-09-24: Odd Plants Found In Jungle
2000-09-28: New Exhibits On Display At Vesper Museum
2000-10-03: Spells Of Power
2000-10-04: To Control A Town
2000-10-05: The Spell Of Binding
2000-10-06: Resurrections
2000-11-05: Odd Jungle Plants Examined
2000-11-28: Visions Of Death
2000-12-14: Mage Lord Kaiston Slain
2001-01-30: Brigands And Orcs, A Likely Bunch?
2001-01-30: Horticultural Haunting Unleashed On The Local Roads
2001-02-13: Adventurers Guild Reopens In Minoc
2001-02-13: Search For Missing Girl Ended
2001-03-07: Minoc Guard Assassinated!
2001-03-15: Minoc Obituaries
2001-03-18: Adventurers Summon Anvasflan!
2001-03-27: Britain Guard Mysteriously Slain
2001-03-28: The Mystery Of The Magic Book
2001-04-02: Crops Rot, Mysterious Magicks Blamed
2001-04-02: Jhelom Dueling Pit Reopens!

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