Start Date 1997-10-10

Governance Last Updated: 2016-12-17
City Governor Trade Deal
Britain Sugar None
Jhelom Pending Kings Choice None
Minoc Pending Kings Choice +5% SSI
Moonglow Pending Kings Choice None
New Magincia WildStar None
Skara Brae Reeky Bugbutt None
Trinsic Pending Kings Choice +5% SSI
Vesper Pending Kings Choice None
Yew Pending Kings Choice +5% SSI

Broadsword Staff
Event Moderator EM Obsidian
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News and Events

Town Cryer Reports

1998-03-15: Wolf Pack Attack On Yew
1998-03-19: Box Of Dreams
1998-03-25: Could It Be... Return Of The Doom Tree?
1998-03-27: Little Girl Kidnapped
1998-04-18: Caravan Of War Supplies Ambushed
1998-06-15: Massive Attack
1998-06-22: Rotting Undead Roam The Streets Of Buc’s Den
1998-07-04: More Missing Persons, Circle Of Blood Found At Buc’s Den
1998-07-04: Seer Halo Brings Lecture To More Shards
1998-12-01: Petty Criminal Locked Up In Trinsic Jail
1998-12-16: Meteorite Strikes Near Desert Outpost
1998-12-21: The Mysteries Within
1999-01-14: Black Crypt Rises From The Swamps
1999-04-08: Vicious Pirate Captain Attacks From Beyond Grave
1999-04-16: Rogue Mages Assault Vesper
1999-05-26: A Mad Wizard Attacked The Lycaeum
1999-05-29: Cove Under Siege!
2000-03-09: Drunken Ogre Bar And Casino Opens
2000-03-09: Snow Leopard Inn Opens

Britannia News Network Reports

2000-06-09: From The Grave They Arose
2000-06-09: Sacrificial Lambs
2000-06-13: Lost Souls In Britain Graveyard
2000-06-17: A Cat Gone Golden
2000-08-13: Something New Coming To Skara Brae?
2000-08-13: Wealthy Land Owner Passes On
2000-08-14: Skara Brae Craftsmen Unusually Busy
2000-08-15: Skara Brae Faire Grounds Constructed
2000-08-20: An Invitation To The Feast Of Spirits
2000-08-27: Feast Of Spirits Reminder
2000-08-27: Feasts Of Spirits Reminder
2000-09-11: Feast Of Spirits A Huge Success!
2000-09-11: Feasts Of Spirits A Huge Success!
2000-09-19: Meredith The Bard Resumes Tale Night
2000-10-10: Announcing The Championship Horse-Racing League
2000-11-14: A Wild Goose Chase For Mendur’s Daughter
2000-11-17: The Rescue Of Aireen Marris
2000-12-17: Wyrms Search For Worm-Eaten Tome!
2012-02-22: Noteworthy Persons - The Yattering

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