Bulk Order Deeds


Large Bulk Order Deeds

Lesser Potions Regular Potions Greater Potions Explosive Toxic
Lesser Heal Potion Refresh Potion Greater Refreshment Potion Explosion Potion Poison Potion
Lesser Cure Potion Heal Potion Greater Agility Potion Confusion Blast Potion Greater Poison Potion
Lesser Poison Potion Cure Potion Greater Strength Potion Conflagration Potion Parasitic Potion
Lesser Explosion Potion Greater Explosion Potion Darkglow Poison
A Greater Confusion Blast Potion Deadly Poison Potion
Greater Conflagration Potion


Large Bulk Order Deeds

Axes Chainmail Fencing Maces Platemail Polearms Ringmail Set Swords
Large Battle Axe Chainmail Coif Dagger Mace Platemail Gorget Bardiche Ringmail Gloves Cutlass
Double Axe Chainmail Leggings Kryss Maul Platemail Gloves Halberd Ringmail Sleeves Viking Sword
Battle Axe Chainmail Tunic War Fork War Mace Platemail Helm Ringmail Leggings Longsword
Two-Handed Axe Short Spear War Hammer Platemail Arms Ringmail Tunic Scimitar
Axe Spear Hammer Pick Platemail Legs Broadsword
Executioner’s Axe War Axe Platemail Tunic Katana


Large Bulk Order Deeds

Weapons Wood Furniture Cabinets SE Armoire Instruments Large SE Chests Elven Weapons
Gnarled Staff Wooden Box Tall Cabinet Red Armoire Lap Harp Plain Wooden Chest Wild Staff
Quarterstaff Wooden Shelf Short Cabinet Elegant Armoire Lute Ornate Wooden Chest Arcanist’s Wild Staff
Shepherd’s Crook Wooden Bench Maple Armoire Drum Gilded Wooden Chest Ancient Wild Staff
Tetsubo Wooden Throne Cherry Armoire Standing Harp Wooden Footlocker Thorned Wild Staff
Bokuto Finished Wooden Chest Hardened Wild Staff


Large Bulk Order Deeds

Barbeque Dough Fruits Miso Sushi Sweets Unbaked Pies
Cooked Bird Sweet Cocoa Butter Enchanted Apple Miso Soup Wasabi Clumps Pan Of Cookies Unbaked Fruit Pie
Fish Steak Sack Of Flour Savage Kin Paint White Miso Soup Sushi Rolls Cake Unbaked Peach Cobbler
Fried Eggs Dough Grapes Of Wrath Red Miso Soup Sushi Platter Muffins Unbaked Apple Pie
Leg Of Lamb Smoke Bomb Awase Miso Soup Green Tea Three Tiered Cake Unbaked Pumpkin Pie
Cut Of Ribs


Large Bulk Order Deeds

Ammunition Human Style Bows 1 Human Style Bows 2 Elven Style Bows 1 Elven Style Bows 2
Arrows Bow Crossbow Magical Shortbow Elven Composite Bow
Crossbow Bolts Composite Bow Heavy Crossbow Ranger’s Shortbow Barbed Longbow
Yumi Repeating Crossbow Lightweight Shortbow Slayer Longbow
Mystical Shortbow Frozen Longbow
Assassin’s Shortbow Longbow Of Might


Large Bulk Order Deeds

Circle 1 Circle 1 & 2 Circle 4 Circle 5 Circle 7 Circle 8 Necromancy 1 Necromancy 2 Necromancy 3 Books
Clumsy Heal Curse Blade Spirit Chain Lightning Summon Air Elemental Blood Oath Mind Rot Poison Strike Spellbook
Feeblemind Agility Greater Heal Dispel Field Flamestrike Summon Daemon Corpse Skin Summon Familiar Wither Necromancer Spellbook
Weaken Cunning Recall Magic Reflection Mana Vampire Summon Earth Elemental Curse Weapon Animate Dead Strangle Runebook
Cure Paralyze Meteor Swarm Summon Fire Elemental Evil Omen Horrific Beast Runic Atlas
Strength Summon Creature Polymorph Summon Water Elemental Pain Spike


Large Bulk Order Deeds

Cloth 1 Cloth 2 Cloth 3 Cloth 4 Cloth 5 Cloth 6 Cloth 7 Cloth 8 Cloth 9 Cloth 10 Leather 1 Leather 2 Leather 3 Leather 4
Bandana Skullcap Jester Hat Straw Hat Wizards Hat Floppy Hat Bonnet Tricorn Hat Sandals Feathered Hat Bone Armor Studded Tunic Leather Tunic Female Leather Armor
Shirt Doublet Jester Suit Tunic Body Sash Full Apron Half Apron Cap Shoes Surcoat Bone Arms Studded Gorget Leather Gorget Leather Shorts
Skirt Kilt Cloak Long Pants Robe Plain Dress Fancy Dress Wide-brim Hat Boots Fancy Shirt Bone Legs Studded Gloves Leather Cap Leather Skirt
Thigh Boots Shoes Shoes Boots Boots Sandals Sandals Tall Straw Hat Thigh Boots Short Pants Bone Gloves Studded Sleeves Leather Gloves Leather Bustier
Thigh Boots Bone Helm Studded Leggings Leather Sleeves Studded Bustier
Leather Leggings Studded Armor


Large Bulk Order Deeds

Jewelry Keyring Tools Dining Set
Ring Globe Mortar and Pestle Butcher Knife
Bracelet Key Ring Smith’s Hammer Spoon
Earrings (gemmed) Iron Key Skillet Fork
Globe Sewing Kit Plate
Spyglass Fletcher’s Tools Knife