Daemon (Summoned)

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Daemon (Summoned)

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Classic client Enhanced client
Basic Stats
Alignment unknown
Magic Level master
Poison Level unknown
Loyalty Points none
Fame unknown ᵇ
Fame (Felucca) unknown ᵇ
Karma unknown ᵇ
Karma (Felucca) unknown ᵇ
+40% if paragon.
When was this mobile added to the game?First Seen? Day One
Is this mobile still spawning somewhere in the game?Spawning? unknown
Found Where? (old) Summoned by mages.
Found Where? (new)
Can this mobile be tamed?Tameable? unknown
Bodytype #(s) unknown
Hue #(s) unknown
Can this mobile be mounted?Mountable? No
Can you 'summon' this mobile in some way (other than from your stable)?Summonable? unknown
Can you polymorph into this body form in some wayPolymorphable? unknown
Is this mobile only seen while on a quest? If so, which quest?Quest only? No
Does a statue version of this mobile exist?Statue form? unknown
Gold Nothing gp
Base Loot unknown
Special Loot unknown
Stealing unknown
Powerful mages can summon one of these terrible Daemons from some unknown hell dimension to do their bidding by casting the 8th Circle spell "Summon Daemon".

The Summoned Daemon is not nearly as strong as its wild relatives, but that really doesn't matter much since it is still strong enough to defeat most creatures that does not manage to dispel it fast.

Summoning a Daemon is considered an act of evil and as such will cause the summoner to loose karma, provided there is any to loose of course...

As with all other creatures summoned by magery spells, the Summoned Daemon will disappear after a few minutes.


Base Damage 33 - 49 hp
Ranged Attack none
Slayer Demon
Anti-Slayer None
Speed medium
Does this mobile auto-dispel summons?Auto-Dispel? No
Special Moves & Abilities unknown
5 points higher if paragon.
Damage and Resistances

Physical Fire Cold Poison Energy
Damage 0% 0% 0% 100% 0%
Resist (min) 45% 50% 20% 70% 40%
Resist (avg) 50% 55% 25% 75% 45%
Resist (max) 55% 60% 30% 80% 50%

HP Stamina Mana Strength Dexterity Intelligence
min 200 110 150 200 110 150
avg 200 110 150 200 110 150
max 200 110 150 200 110 150
paragon 1000 - 1000   132 - 132   180 - 180   210 - 210   132 - 132   180 - 180  
Hit Point Regeneration Stamina Regeneration Mana Regeneration
min unknown unknown unknown
avg unknown unknown unknown
max unknown unknown unknown


This type of mobile cannot be barded.


Tameable?: unknown

Pack Instincts:  unknown



Anatomy Detecting Hidden Healing Hiding Magic Resist Parrying Poisoning Tactics Wrestling
min 0.0 unknown 0 unknown 90.1 unknown 0 100.0 98.1
avg 0 unknown 0 unknown 95.05 unknown 0 100 98.55
max 0.0 unknown 0 unknown 100.0 unknown 0 100.0 99.0

Lore & Knowledge:

Bushido Chivalry Discordance Eval Int Focus Magery Meditation Mysticism Necromancy Ninjitsu Spellweaving Spirit Speak
min unknown unknown unknown 90.1 unknown 90.1 90.1 unknown unknown unknown unknown unknown
avg unknown unknown unknown 95.05 unknown 95.05 95.05 unknown unknown unknown unknown unknown
max unknown unknown unknown 100.0 unknown 100.0 100.0 unknown unknown unknown unknown unknown