Daemon Bone

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Daemon Bone

Daemon Bone is used by mystics for Mysticism spells.


From Ultima lore:

Having taken a hint from the Necromancers, the Cabal found that bone does, indeed, retain its tie to life. It is even useful in the ritual of binding when enough power is at hand. Daemonic forces are summoned and controlled by use of this reagent.
- The Chronicle of Pagan (Ultima VIII)

Daemon bone, hard to acquire, and harder still to use. This, of course, is the reagent required to make spells dealing with the daemonic servants of Pyros. If you are not wary with its use, it will be your undoing. Never use more Daemon Bone than your spell calls for.
- Vardion (Ultima VIII)

Mysticism spells using Daemon Bone