Developer Meet And Greet from 2014-07-02

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Developer Meet And Greet from 2014-07-02

This meeting was held in English and Japanese. It was logged by Flair[1].

Mesanna hi Pandora
Pandora howdy
Pandora ok questions..
Misk hello
Bleak hello
Pandora howdy Misk
Pandora can we get the 'original' artwork back on the spiked heads
Pandora and change them back to ghouls during october ?
Mesanna No sorry some of our players complained
Mesanna we can not
Pandora blah
Pandora im complainig the other way :)
Pandora ok
Pandora #2
Mesanna I thought it was good
Misk so did i
Pandora it was FANTASTIC
Pandora absolutely FANTASTIC
Pandora ok fine though cant please everyone
Pandora #2
Pandora plants - can we make them stackable please
Mesanna we can put them on the list
Mesanna thats getting rather long
Mesanna lol
Pandora *smiles*
Mesanna but why
Mesanna if I may ask
Pandora list is better than no list
Pandora *nods*
Pandora u may ask of course
Pandora why?
Pandora cause i am a plant freak
Misk any reason why? storage mainly?
Pandora i like to keep them around for other players
Pandora especially
Pandora newbies
Pandora they like plants to deco w/
Pandora and yes, storage is always a
Pandora premium
FusionCut they can be like floor tiles, fill large spaces
Pandora especially when i save crap for newbies
Pandora that you can not craft
Pandora it provides a better experience for newbie to have plnats imo
Pandora for their deco pleasure
Pandora and saves me space
Mesanna *nods*
Pandora ...
Pandora ok the third question was about
Pandora myUO
Pandora but...
Mesanna yes?
Pandora apparantly we get that back i just read ?
Pandora and i am assuming
Pandora it would include
Pandora what guilds folks are in and their skills ?
Pandora like it was ?
Mesanna yes it will
Pandora that's spiffy!
FusionCut ty
Pandora i had nagged our former EMs for about a year about that
Pandora thank you
drcossack this is only supposed to be an hour, so probably
Volgeir Horkvir ah
Mesanna EM's have nothing to do with it, but we have some working on it now
Volgeir Horkvir excellent
Pandora *nods*
Pandora but...they are an ear into you
Pandora was my uh...
Pandora hope.
Pandora a 'bigger' ear than i could ever be
Clutch :( im missing pans questions
Pandora if that makes sense.
Volgeir Horkvir sorry
Mesanna you have an ear
Mesanna its called email =)
Pandora heh
Pandora *nods*
Mesanna you same as everyone else have my address
Pandora true but...
Pandora i imagine u are flooded so i figure if EMs had a list of neatly compiled crap
Taeara Mi'aken ah, I see
Mesanna just don't email me cussing me out and I will try to answer you
Pandora it save you an email
Pandora lol fair enuff
Pandora i will keep that in mind.
Pandora ok an last not least
Mesanna otherwise I just delete it
Pandora heh
drcossack haha
Pandora so would i.
Mesanna anything else?
Pandora ok uh return to
Pandora yes
Pandora the return to brittania thingie
Pandora the "returnee" players
Pandora although not paid but returned to test it out and see if they like it
Pandora with hopes they buy a subscription and come back to us...
Pandora will those players have access to general chat ?
Pandora or
Pandora condemned to the help chat channel
Mesanna Bleak ?
Pandora on LS folks are on general chat channel
Mesanna will they be under trial accounts
Pandora so if they needed help, guidance or 'fun'
Pandora they wont be heard
drcossack Most shouldn't be, Mesanna
Bleak They will be limited to Help Channel
Pandora blah
Kariny Stormsong ouch
Pandora any uh... considerations to change that ?
Taeara Mi'aken the ouch channel :p
drcossack lol
drcossack all guard me
Pandora i dunno about any shard but ls and little atlantic but...
Bleak Not at this time
drcossack makes sense, I guess. It IS technically a 30 day free trial or however long
Pandora folks are on general chat here.
Pandora so to make their visit nice - we need to be on help eh ?
Misk apparently, that will be your best bet
FusionCut aye we will have to switch if we want to help
Pandora *grumbles...*
Pandora ok
Pandora *grumbles again*
Pandora thank you for coming
Mesanna good questions though
Kariny Stormsong we will need to advertise on gen chat to check the help channel
Mesanna thank you Pandora
Pandora that concludes my list for now :)
Kariny Stormsong *sigh*
Mesanna lol
Pandora thank you :)
Mesanna have a great 4th
Misk thanks
Pandora thank you Lady Mesanna
Mesanna hi Big John
Bleak Hello
Big John hello
Misk hi
Pandora & thanks Misk !
Big John i have one question
Mesanna ok
Big John will there be any new lands comming out in the future or is this all the land that we will have? i heard a rumor that this was it
Mesanna New lands? no I would rather do something new with the lands we have
Mesanna the lands we have are not visited much
Big John ahh so there will be changing
Big John of monsters
Big John like shame
Mesanna We can always change monsters
Mesanna I think we had several people ask for steampunk
Mesanna which put alot of great ideas in the works
Misk for the immediate future, this land is your land, this land is my land...
EM Falcon hot air balloons
drcossack lol Misk
Big John heh
Big John ok
Mesanna We no longer have EM Falcon
Mesanna May she rest in peace
Jack Wagon *Grins*
EM Falcon sighs
Big John i cant steal his cloths
Mesanna Hot air balloons!
Mesanna I swear
drcossack Now you know how we feel when your spiders kill us, Falcon.
Mesanna lol
EM Falcon *chuckles*
Big John well thanks for the answer
EM Falcon I deserved that
drcossack :)
Mesanna did that answer your questions John
Mesanna thank you
Mesanna Pandora??
Pandora lol aye me again
Pandora per general chat
Pandora they made me
Mesanna *shakes head*
Mesanna lol
EM Falcon did not
Pandora custo castles - dont kill me
Mesanna I do not think that is possible
Pandora ok that answers that - ive heard concepts over the years
Pandora so now its definite no ?
Pandora (clarify)
Taeara Mi'aken can't do bigger than 18x18 then?
Mesanna one sec
FusionCut its an art to deco them anyhow
Pandora *nods*
Mesanna we are having a discussion
Mesanna ok this is the final answer on castles and keeps
Pandora *listens*
Mesanna we can not make the customizable
Mesanna but
Misk BUT
Mesanna we can come up with different prefab designs of these
Pandora interesting....
Mesanna NOW
Mesanna it might be interesting
Mesanna and I will talk it over with the team
Mesanna to see if its possible before I actually step to deep
Pandora *nods*
Pandora heh
Mesanna and let the players maybe even design them
Mesanna *grins*
Pandora awesome
Mesanna so we will see
Kalia bigger than 18x18 plots?
Pandora understood
Mesanna how about that?
Pandora sounds like a start - thank you
Pandora choices :)
Pandora one more thing...
Pandora lol
Pandora people in line
Pandora cant see
Mesanna I would love to have more prefab choices honestly
Pandora what happening in here
Mesanna yes there are more now
Mesanna 5 more
Mesanna 3
Mesanna 4
Pandora but they cant see
Pandora what we saying
FusionCut cant hear over there
Pandora i can call aphid a name
Pandora and he wont
Pandora retailiate
Pandora heh
Jack Wagon *Grins*
Pandora aphid's a stupid bug !
Pandora he cant hear that...
EM Falcon pandy
Mesanna he can hear now
Pandora leaving!
Mesanna hi Kariny
Kariny Stormsong Evening
Misk hello
Bleak Hello
Kariny Stormsong And thank you for visiting us
Mesanna Of course
Kariny Stormsong Will there be a possibility we can sail where we can't now?
Misk where would you like to sail to?
Kariny Stormsong Uhoh
Mesanna lol
Kariny Stormsong *fidges*
Pandora lol
Kariny Stormsong I'd love to do more exploring in Illshenar
Kariny Stormsong With maybe the possibility we can eventually recall to those locations?
Mesanna *
Mesanna no recalling in Ilsh
Kariny Stormsong *sad*
Kariny Stormsong Ok it was worth a shot
Pandora heh
Mesanna can't hurt to ask!
Kariny Stormsong I believe Aphid had a list of places he would love to sail
Mesanna lol
Kariny Stormsong *smiles*
Kariny Stormsong That's all I have!
Kariny Stormsong Thank you again
Mesanna Have a good evening
Mesanna Thank you
Aphid oh boy
Mesanna Hi Aphid
Aphid howdy all
Aphid :)
Aphid ill try to make this short and sweet
Bleak Hi
Aphid 1st ?
Mesanna ok
Mesanna oh god
EM Falcon *chuckles*
Aphid do you plan on activating spirituality and humilty virtues ever?
Pandora aphid short and sweet ?
Mesanna short and sweet does not start with 1st
drcossack lol
Drac Vallarusa rofl
Jack Wagon *Grins*
Pandora luv that bug
Mesanna do you want me to be honest with you
Aphid sure
Pandora no lie !!!
Mesanna ok we are still trying to come up with good ideas for them
Aphid ahh ok
Mesanna the ones that we have come up with suck
Mesanna *shrugs*
Aphid well if i come up with any i will let you know
Mesanna I mean are not good enough
Misk discussions have occurred
Mesanna please do
FusionCut player contest !
Aphid thanks
Aphid 2nd question
Aphid heard all this talk of hot air balloons
Aphid what about magic carpets?
EM Falcon *facepalm*
Mesanna don't make me kill you Aphid
Pandora LOL
FusionCut heh
Aphid hey i didnt so anything!
Gypsy Rose lol
Mesanna please leave this area
Drac Vallarusa heh
drcossack *grabs popcorn*
Aphid and 3rd question
Pandora *holds hand out for popcorn*
Aphid since we have dirty poopy brown polar bear ethereals now
Aphid bc of a mess up
Aphid can we get them back bright white?
Aphid for free
Mesanna How about we just fix them
Aphid well that would be great
Mesanna just for you Aphid
Aphid oh and placing a rowboat in a dungeon
Aphid would be awesome
Aphid no thank you
Aphid :)
Aphid i think that covers my questions
Mesanna thank you
Aphid thank you!
Mesanna have a great evening
Aphid you too
Big John i have thought of two more questions
Mesanna lol
Mesanna ok
Mesanna and welcome back
Big John thank you
Big John will it be possiable to place keeps or castles in luna any time soon
Mesanna No sir
Big John ok
Mesanna the region is not set up for them
Big John and next one is for em falcon
Mesanna Hi Clutch
Clutch hello all, ty for your time and making this a great game
Mesanna You are most welcome
Bleak Hello
Misk hi
Clutch Are there any plans to bring back the order/chaos fued?
Mesanna lol
Mesanna you are in luck
Misk VvV
Drac Vallarusa Vicev virtue
Mesanna we are removing factions and in the process of testing Vice vs Virtue currently
Mesanna we hope to have it up on TC1 within the next week or two?
FusionCut nice
Clutch ok, sorry, i dont get a lot of time to read up on the sites, that sounds great
Mesanna We have had a group of players giving feedback for almost a month now
Mesanna so yes its our revised version of chaos order
Clutch ok cool, one more ? is all I have
Mesanna ok
Clutch since castles and keep cannot be customed. is it possible, in a castle to maybe use the
Clutch courtyard areas?
Mesanna umm hun
Misk you already can
Pandora *sad chuckle*
Mesanna you cvan
Pandora *nods*
Drac Vallarusa heh
Mesanna can
Clutch doh
Misk you can lock down and secure items inside the courtyard
Mesanna I just can't type =)
FusionCut and thank you for that
Clutch like the green areas inside?
Pandora aye - that was great addition
Mesanna Yes sir
Clutch oh my
Clutch :O
Pandora or ice
Mesanna we did that a while back
Mesanna finally
Clutch *feels stupid*
Pandora awwww
Mesanna its ok
Clutch ok kick me out now
Clutch lol
Mesanna walk out yourself
Pandora teleporter
Clutch oh
Mesanna I would rather not kick you
Mesanna psst
Mesanna over here
Clutch ty all again. doing a great job, ive played for almost the full 16 years now
Clutch ty!
Mesanna thats awesome
Mesanna thank you
Clutch yw
Bleak thank you
Clutch im 190 :(
Clutch im old
Kalia hello
Mesanna hi Kalia
Kariny Stormsong yup yer old
Misk hello
Kalia i love the fancy couch and loveseat
Kalia can we get a chair for them
FusionCut 203
RZ 202 here
Clutch nice
Mesanna from the kings collection furniture?
Kalia yes
Mesanna I will throw it on the list for my artist
Kalia and can we turn them norht and west facing?
Kalia i dont know why we cant but if not to hard can you make them go that way
Misk there is alot more involved in that
Kalia so not easy to do
Volgeir Horkvir Sanctum Viatas
Kalia ok last question
Kalia can we get plot that are bigger than 18x18 please
Kalia 50x50
Pandora dang
Kalia i beg you
Mesanna No
Drac Vallarusa !!!
Kalia please
Mesanna OMG
Mesanna ROFL
EM Falcon 50x50
Kalia why not
Pandora wow :)
FusionCut what an amazing structure we could design !
Misk I plant my house flag in Ter Mur, it is all mine!
Kalia you use to build worlds
EM Falcon lol
Kalia 50x50 isnt that big
Kalia well thanks for UO and all you do
Drac Vallarusa small city...heh
Mesanna thats bigger than a castle
Kalia castle are ugly
Mesanna your welcome
Kalia adn i want a town
Kalia 3 18x18s in a row isnt big enough
Kalia i need 4 50x50s
Misk keep an eye out for news on new prefabs
Pandora *nods at Misk*
Misk if you don't like castles
FusionCut *she thinsk she is in the emerald city*
Kalia enjoy
Mesanna thank you
Misk thanks
drcossack Hi. Just one for me, since Virtue/Vice is coming to TC soon.
Mesanna hi
drcossack With the upcoming loot changes, will any dungeons get a revamp? I'd enjoy fighting new bosses.
Bleak Hi
Misk there are currently no dungeon revamps in the works
EM Falcon you enjoy fighting anyting
EM Falcon anything
drcossack That's right! :)
drcossack ah
drcossack except spiders. :p
drcossack ty.
Jack Wagon Howdy All
Dreamy Is there a line we get in ?
EM Falcon Jack.. be nice
Kalia yes
Misk hello!
Kalia by the post
Mesanna hi Jack
FusionCut behind taeara
Bleak Hello
Aphid type this well now
Jack Wagon i was thinkin if we could get a Trash Bag with a 2 week timer on it for New Players
Aphid he isnt the best after some beers
Misk as far as the loot revemp, you may be visiting some old enemies again
Dreamy where is end of line i wanna get in it
Dreamy lol
drcossack see the sign below the devs?
Jack Wagon it wood help them get a head start and maybe a good item or even Suit'
Mesanna a trash bag?
Jack Wagon acts liek a trash barrel
Misk so you would throw away your stuff and it would stick around for 2 weeks?
Mesanna oh oh
Misk so that you could remove it for new players after 10 days or so?
Jack Wagon Aye so they could dump all theyre loot in it
Jack Wagon increase they;'re point for Turn Ins
Jack Wagon Aye what she said
Jack Wagon wood help the new Kiddos alot
Mesanna ok are you talking about new accounts?
Mesanna or trial accounts?
Jack Wagon indeed
Jack Wagon and just New 1s
Mesanna there is a difference
Mesanna *nods*
Mesanna and would disappear as soon as the young status is over?
Mesanna something like that?
Jack Wagon or maybe 2 weeks ?
Mesanna *nods*
Jack Wagon give them i nice head start ?
Mesanna nice suggestion I will talk to the team about it
Jack Wagon ty and 1 last thang
EM Falcon *pats Jack on the back*
Mesanna yes sir?
Jack Wagon could ypou Dye these few items of yer,i drunk and missed yer last Visit
Mesanna maybe after
Jack Wagon *Grins*
Jack Wagon ty again
Kalia she might dye is that the mask
Mesanna hi Gidge
Kalia these
Misk hello!
Gidge Thank you taking time to be with us.
Jack Wagon nice
Bleak Hello
Kalia no
Gidge I am an avid hunter
Gidge and a couple of things face us often.
Gidge Monsters spawning in odd locations.
Mesanna define odd please
Gidge Is there a way we can alert you guys to fix them?
Gidge in holes
Misk behind walls, etc?
Mesanna yes
Gidge behind rocks
Mesanna if you send me the general locations
Mesanna we will fix them
Gidge thank you
Gidge and
Gidge in shame
Mesanna *nods*
Gidge the moongates inside
Gidge I don't know if it is
Gidge our shard only
Gidge but they have a forcefield
Gidge and you can only enter from the "backside"
Aphid the busted steps
Gidge it's really odd
Mesanna Misk go check it out please
Aphid i know exactly what shes talking about also
Misk one second
Aphid cant get up tot he gate anyway but one side
Aphid like your stuck
Aphid in the steps
FusionCut you have to walk around to the back side
Aphid yeah
Drac Vallarusa yeah
Gidge that's all I could think of on such sort notice or
Gidge I would have a much longer list :)
Drac Vallarusa eeek!
Mesanna umm
Mesanna is it in fel or tram or both
Gidge hmm
Mesanna wait
Mesanna which moongate
Gidge I know tram definitely
Mesanna ok
Gidge all of them
Mesanna ok first one he is not having issues with
Mesanna this one he is having issues with
Mesanna ok
Mesanna lets move on while he checks out the issues
Gidge thanks! *wave*
Mesanna you are welcome
Mesanna hi Taeara
Taeara Mi'aken Hello Mesanna, Bleak
Bleak Hello
Taeara Mi'aken Thanks for the title Mesanna. I never took it off :)
Mesanna we need to change it
Mesanna and engrave you instead
Mesanna but go ahead
Taeara Mi'aken I had three things to ask tonight
Taeara Mi'aken but I forgot the first one...
Mesanna lol ok
Taeara Mi'aken so...
Taeara Mi'aken second, I'm a big user of the Enhanced client
Taeara Mi'aken and something's been bugging me since it came out
Gidge Thank you!
Taeara Mi'aken Would it be possible to review the clothing layering on the EC paperdolls?
Gidge you know I gotta go check it out :)
Misk there are several bugs on that in the system right now
Mesanna Gidge wait
Taeara Mi'aken I often feel like some pieces of clothing should be on top of others, instead fof below
Mesanna Gidge come back
Bleak I will have the pleasure of fixing them :)
Jack Wagon *Bites Tounge*
Taeara Mi'aken oh good
Kariny Stormsong Jack..
Kariny Stormsong Need ice?
Mesanna Gidge let Misk take you, it will be faster
Taeara Mi'aken my final request is also probably something in the same vein
Gidge okay
Mesanna one sec Taeara
Mesanna Do you mind if he teleports you?
Gidge not at all
Mesanna ok thank you
Taeara Mi'aken all good?
Mesanna sorry
Mesanna go on
Taeara Mi'aken no worries
Mesanna yes please
Taeara Mi'aken my last question is about homes and animated decorations in the enhanced client
Taeara Mi'aken I still seem to be missing several frames of animation on various animated decor items
Taeara Mi'aken (fountains, forges, etc)
Taeara Mi'aken in my house
Bleak There is a bug in the system on this issue.
Taeara Mi'aken and I often find myself viewing the wrong floor of my house when I log in
Mesanna we have several bugs already with invisible animated tiles in the EC client
Mesanna We are aware of it
Bleak It is on my list of issues to address
Taeara Mi'aken alright, thank you
Mesanna Thats Bleak
Taeara Mi'aken any idea on the priority of the bug fix for the paperdoll?
Mesanna Well on the plus side
Mesanna I am looking to get him help
Mesanna I am looking ot hire another engineer
Bleak Once we wrap up our EC UI update I will take a look at it
Miss Candy Cane i want the to add wood salvage to my salvage bag
Mesanna so we can get these things fixed
Miss Candy Cane tried to tossing all those bows
Taeara Mi'aken darn, I'm not a coding engineer
Taeara Mi'aken my job is to give them headaches instead
Mesanna lol mine too =)
Taeara Mi'aken QA technician :p
Mesanna just ask him
Taeara Mi'aken thank you for talking the time to come to our shard :)
Mesanna I am enjoying LS
Taeara Mi'aken *bows*
Mesanna you guys are awesome
Mesanna thank you
Mesanna hi Dreamy
Dreamy hello
EM Falcon They are awesome here
Bleak Hello
Dreamy Thanks for coming and love uo alot and nice to meet you all
Drac Vallarusa good there fixed!
Dreamy i have 2 questions
Dreamy One is in regard to tailoring bribes, can you please fix it so that guildmasters can bribe
Dreamy The blacksmith guildmasters can bribe
Mesanna makes sense to me
Dreamy but not Tailors
Dreamy hehe ty
Mesanna but they do not offer bods
Mesanna and blacksmiths do right
Mesanna ?
Dreamy And second is to ask if there is a reason we cant fish dungeon fish in the ant hole ponds
Dreamy yes they do on guildmasters
Mesanna ok so
Mesanna the fishing is based off regions and I honestly don't think they are set up for those regions
Mesanna are you talking the vat areas?
Dreamy Ok that was the first place i checked for fishing dungeon fish but i understand
Dreamy no the bigger pond
Dreamy with the zoggies spawning around
Mesanna ok
Mesanna its not out of the question to add them
Dreamy was just curious is all :)
Mesanna but thats why currently you can't
Misk send her an e-mail
Dreamy yes i couldnt the day i tried
Dreamy sueacron ☆☆
Misk or submit a bug report on it
Dreamy She loves my emails i will have to do that lol
Mesanna lol
Dreamy One more thing if i may :)
Mesanna if we add areas would be nice to add fish with it
Mesanna sure
Dreamy EM Falcon is doing a wonderful job !!!
Mesanna I think so also
Dreamy Thank you all
EM Falcon *chuckles*
Mesanna I think it was a good fit
Jack Wagon she Aight
Dreamy ok the end :)
Dreamy ty
Aphid she fits in on LS
Aphid she gets us
Mesanna Jack was that a compliment?
Aphid lol
Dreamy hehe
Jack Wagon No Ma'A\aM
EM Falcon I think it was
Mesanna hi Dreamy
Dreamy hi
EM Falcon lol
Mesanna welcome back
Dreamy love you guys keepup the good work
Aphid that move to herndon was rough
Mesanna thanks
Dreamy Im done lol do i leave?
Mesanna lol
Mesanna yes
Big John hello again
Mesanna hi John
Mesanna I feel like I know you
Bleak Hi
Big John ive been playing here for 14 years
Big John and was a guard
Big John before
Big John it was recorded
Big John so you proboly do
Big John well this question i wanted to ask someone for years
Big John will there ever be a button to dance
Mesanna there was a button to dance once
Dreamy only if you go to uo jail you can dance there lol
Drac Vallarusa in 3d
Mesanna so Bleak
Taeara Mi'aken I still remember the dance animations in the 3D client
Mesanna would you like to answer this fine gentlemen
Big John disco dancing
Bleak Mesanna would love to get dancing into the game
Bleak I am all for the idea as well
Dreamy John wants to have his own strip pole, dont let him fool you lol
Mesanna *growls for the rest of Bleaks answers*
Big John then we could have em events
FusionCut heh
Big John like balls
Bleak It is on my list :)
Mesanna man that list is might long my friend!
Mesanna I can see it now
Dreamy oh shoot i have another question can i get back in line or no? lol
drcossack yes
Jack Wagon go figure,Big John likes Balls
Mesanna the players have a Bleaks list of things to do started
Mesanna lol
Big John heh
Mesanna LOLOL
Mesanna OMG
drcossack Poor Bleak.
Mesanna JACK
Mesanna thats horrible
Jack Wagon Sorry
Big John dont mind him he got nudered
Big John along
EM Falcon throw him in the moat
Big John time ago
Jack Wagon DoH
Kariny Stormsong *chants*
Kariny Stormsong Moat, Moat, Moat
Big John so no dancing
Big John button
Big John n the forseeable
EM Falcon yet
Korben Dallas hi branny
Big John future
Mesanna not till I stop laughing
Kariny Stormsong Hiya Korben!
Big John heh
Mesanna no sir
Big John thankyou
Big John hehe
Pandora hello again
Pandora sorry
Jack Wagon *Grins*
Pandora i'd like to inquire about check elimination - status of it AND how it will handle
Bleak you again :)
Pandora checks that are stored in houses.
Misk currency conversion
Mesanna currency conversion
Pandora *nods*
Mesanna that is not in the next publish
Mesanna but it is something we do want to do
Mesanna the checks will stay in check for in a house
Pandora ok gotcha.
Mesanna but when its put in a bank it will be "deposited"
Pandora *nods*
Pandora ok and last question (i wont promise though)
Mesanna ok
Korben Dallas i been saying uo credit cards for awhile :p
Pandora progress on eliminating.......the infamous....
Pandora Bank Trade window crash ?
Mesanna do you have exact steps?
Pandora negative
Pandora i can not
Pandora simulate regularly
Pandora i cant pinpoint it
Mesanna we can not reproduce it
Pandora it must be interrmittant
Aphid the trade window crash has happened on and off at odd times for as long as i can remember
Mesanna if we can't reproduce it we can't fix it =(
Pandora ok then.... not on bug list until i figure out how to make it reproduce...
Aphid just make trade
FusionCut its doesnt seem to have a pattern, happens a lot on yew abbey roof
Aphid client stop responding
Aphid and have to reload it
Pandora it doesn happen....
Pandora notice audience :)
Pandora but
Gidge and brit bank
Pandora i understand
Pandora if u cant reproduce it
Pandora ima coder..
Pandora i get it
Aphid its not like theres a certain time or place or thing
Pandora *smiles big*
Pandora THANKS :)
Mesanna yep
Aphid it just happens periodically
Mesanna anytime
Aphid anywhere
Aphid yeah
Hawklin Lore Evening Ladies and Lords
Mesanna oh fresh blood
Mesanna welcome
Mesanna hi Hawklin
EM Falcon *chuckles*
Misk hello
Pandora *chuckles about fresh*
drcossack lol
Hawklin Lore plz forgive my bluntness
Bleak Hi
Hawklin Lore can we ever expect any real Policing of the Game again,as in Scripter,AFKers and Help from GMs
Mesanna *hangs head*
Mesanna we are constantly changing our policy to try to catch these guys
Mesanna before to be honest with you they would wait x amount of time for them to respond
Korben Dallas if they did that then there's only be about 10 players left
Drac Vallarusa not true
Hawklin Lore More Soilders on the Ground would help alot,IE GMs,maybe ???
Mesanna now I have asked that if they don't respond within a much shorter time they are taken out
Hawklin Lore Well from all of us on LS ty for your time and efforts
Mesanna wait
Mesanna I want to say this
Mesanna Its really hard for GM's to run around each shard and look for scripters
Mesanna they are trying to do better
Mesanna and we are changing our policy all the time
Mesanna I know you guys are tired of hearing we are working on it
Mesanna but we truely are
Mesanna and we are going to get better
Gidge that's all we can ask. :)
Taeara Mi'aken hi again!
Mesanna hi
Taeara Mi'aken I remembered
Korben Dallas we can rebuild it, we have the technology, we can make it faster , stronger...
drcossack lol
Jack Wagon *Grins*
Taeara Mi'aken I believe the classic client has a key that locks the player in place to allow him/her to turn around
Korben Dallas *makes bionic sound*
Mesanna huh?
Mesanna sorry
Mesanna I am not following you
Taeara Mi'aken maybe they took it out
drcossack Basically, your cursor faces a certain direction and you right click
Taeara Mi'aken i think it was the CTRL key
Mesanna that?
EM Falcon I can't do that in enhanced
EM Falcon *nods*
Taeara Mi'aken keep it pressed while right-clicking your direction and your avatr would turn that way without walking off
Taeara Mi'aken yeah
Taeara Mi'aken could that function be moved to the enhanced client?
Jack Wagon wood make a Damn fine Family Photo right now
Jack Wagon *Grins*
Misk this sounds like a bleak question
Bleak Yes it can
Kalia most of us have the same robe
Mesanna last question is from Dubja
Taeara Mi'aken it made for some rather tedious exercises during my guard training drills :p
Mesanna Bleak needs a nap
EM Falcon *nods*
Taeara Mi'aken thank you
Dreamy hi again
Mesanna Hi Dreamy
Dreamy sorry i forgot to ask this
Mesanna lol
Dreamy its about honesty virtue and lost items
Korben Dallas good one dreamy
Dreamy I used to do it all the time on a character but it seems the respawn rate is off or something?
Dreamy Can you please increase it so i can work it more
Mesanna I will have Misk look into it
Dreamy ok great thanks
Misk is it just on LS?
Dreamy and then one thing and not to complain but without mentioning names...
Korben Dallas dont encourage her branny!
Dreamy is there a way to keep a young player from re upping a young account
Dreamy When I came back 7 years ago
Dreamy I met this person that was young
Korben Dallas lol Link
Kalia link
Drac Vallarusa link
Kalia my gosh he hides at my house all the time
Dreamy and this whole time i notice hes been playing free for years
Dreamy and I think the program is nice for a person trying out an account
Mesanna how do you know he is playing for free?
Dreamy but I think that is taking advantage
Korben Dallas we all know the name
Drac Vallarusa been young atleast 7 years
drcossack but how? Young status expires after 40 hours, doesn't it?
Kalia doracron sueacron
Mesanna let me know and I will find out
Dreamy he just keeps re starting a new young so he never pays lol
Kalia he was at my house yesterday
Korben Dallas dude is ALWAYS on not matter what time
Dreamy like i said i do not mean to complain
Mesanna he is making a new trial account?
Mesanna over and over?
Pandora he has young status
Pandora we dont know how
Pandora he does it
Dreamy over and over for 7 or so years i believe
Gidge perpetually
Pandora perpetually (young)
drcossack it has to be new trial accounts
drcossack 40 hours or a certain # of skill points cancels it, if I remember right
Drac Vallarusa yeah
Jack Wagon it may just be a Guild Tag is what i was thinkin
FusionCut thats a lot of skill training
Pandora maybe that his guild name
Kalia maybe i tis his guild title
Kariny Stormsong I thought it might be a guild tag?
drcossack no, it's (young)
Mesanna hard to believe every 14 days he is going to make a new character
Kariny Stormsong Nothing attacks him?
drcossack guilds are in []
Dreamy he uses the boats
Mesanna not anymore
Dreamy for his stuff and transfers
Dreamy lol
Kalia he was at my houses last year for months everytime i logged in
Mesanna he can't own a boat anymore with a trial account
Pandora i saw him at oaks spawn once
Dreamy ok well I just was wondering and ty and one more thing pretty please
William Wallace not sure but hes always in newb gear
Kalia i saw him yesterday at my houses again im redoing them so they are locked up
Kalia but i bet he is there
Mesanna you can't be in a guild with a young title
Dreamy If im good all year can I have a pair of thigh boots like yours ? :)
Mesanna send me his name
Dreamy lol in my christmas box lol
Mesanna these?
Korben Dallas !!!!
Pandora awesome
Dreamy yes lol
Drac Vallarusa < I have like 5 screenshots!
Big John heh we should get a sash saying taking down the spiders with EM Falcon at the end of all these spiders
Drac Vallarusa oops
Mesanna rofl
Dreamy lol
Korben Dallas hi pandy
drcossack I've got one last one before you leave, lol. Feel like killing us tonight, Mesanna? :)
Korben Dallas *licks*
Pandora :)
FusionCut skill less clone every 14 days...
Dreamy Ok ty very much and ill be good i promise
Mesanna lol
Korben Dallas she's lying!
Mesanna have a good 4th
Korben Dallas :p
drcossack you too
Mesanna hi Rayna
Dreamy lol
Rayna Hiya mesanna :)
Misk hello!
Rayna hiya misk
Bleak Hello
Big John ooo i wonder if they will have a uo fireworks show in minioc on the 4th
Rayna I have 2 questions if thats alright?
Korben Dallas that makes 3!
Rayna 1 would there be any chance we could get ethereal cows as a vet reward?
Mesanna ROFL
Pandora Moooooo!!!!!
Drac Vallarusa hahaha
Mesanna to ride?
EM Falcon *facepalms*
FusionCut want to tip them over ?
Pandora Red Cow Rules !!!! Mooooo
drcossack Only if the rider can be tipped over!
Mesanna or milk?
Rayna yes :)
Rayna ride :)
Mesanna I will have to find out on that one
Mesanna they are a little fat to sit on
Rayna so are the polar bears :)
FusionCut slow too
Drac Vallarusa rofl
Jack Wagon Hey Now
drcossack saw that coming.
Rayna i would appreciate it :)
Dane hehe
Jack Wagon leave the Polar Bears outta this
Aphid they will get spit polished and shined
Rayna 2 question is can you kill us all :)
Big John yes
Mesanna yes I could
Kariny Stormsong Plz
drcossack YES.
Big John finaly she will finish what that spider wizzard
drcossack last time I saw you, you missed me. :p
Rayna will you after this is done :) ?
Aphid just kill Rayna and give us all drops?
Korben Dallas im too young to die
Mesanna all at once or one at a time?
Dreamy I wanna live!
drcossack ALL AT ONCE
Rayna all
Mesanna lol
Big John couldnt do evenget close
Big John to to
Kariny Stormsong Lady's choice?
Gidge *notices no one is opposed*
Dreamy lol
Kariny Stormsong This is LS. We are used to collecting death robes....
Gidge *cept Dreamy*
Kariny Stormsong Run now
FusionCut 1% chance of survival
Big John finish him
Mesanna Grrr
drcossack no way, she missed me last time.
Mesanna lol
Rayna Well thank you for your time you are doing a very good job
Dreamy lol im in maybe ill get my boots on my corpse
Big John rip out everyones heart
Mesanna thank you
Rayna *bows*
Mesanna Leave her alone
Dreamy lol
Gidge all groovy!
Mesanna hi Dubja
Dubja the Obnox hi
Dreamy Great Questions everyone
Dubja the Obnox i was wondering since we have dye of all sort
Aphid did dreamy say she would leave a couple boobs on her corpse?
Aphid now thats a drop id like to see
Gypsy Rose lol
Dubja the Obnox can we get clear dyes so i can run around naked
Dreamy lol
Aphid LOL
drcossack LOL
Dubja the Obnox with my armor actually on
Jack Wagon *Grins*
Gypsy Rose lol
Jack Wagon i 2nd that
Dreamy lol
Dane yeow
Gidge death would be better.
Dubja the Obnox cuz sometimes it gets hot in these
FusionCut ahh the days when you could be a mage and dress down
Aphid jack didnt your mom teach ya always look a woman in her eyes?
Dubja the Obnox =)
Dreamy weirdo
Taeara Mi'aken it'd still be hot....
Aphid when you light her Marlboro?
Mesanna You know what
Aphid lol
Drac Vallarusa 2 ebolts was oOOoOo
Kalia wonder if she is laughing or mad
Korben Dallas well i might be ok with a death for a robe that reads "mesanna melted me face off"
Mesanna Bleak that is actually a task for your list
Mesanna why don't you answer this one
Dreamy that would be a good idea for clean up dye stuff
Mesanna just an option for it to show or not
Dreamy or at blackthorns reward list invis items
Dubja the Obnox ya
Mesanna yep
Mesanna beats showing some of our fugly helms
Bleak I played around with the idea with hiding robes at one point
Mesanna its a good idea
Dubja the Obnox =)
Dubja the Obnox i also wanted to stand by awesomeness
Mesanna list it!
Dubja the Obnox =)
FusionCut heh, option for item to show or not show.. on every wearable item !
Kariny Stormsong lol
Korben Dallas take lobsters out of the fishing quests!
Dubja the Obnox lol
Bleak making everything invisible would be the next step
Mesanna yep
Mesanna I like it
Dubja the Obnox just thought it was neat idea
Dreamy No way Korben lol
Mesanna it is
Drac Vallarusa would be easy on the artist!
Dubja the Obnox thats all
Mesanna ok last question
Big John come on rip out my still beating heart and put it in my backpack *with my name on it* Lady Mesanna
Lawrence of Paws Greetings Dark Lady and Associated Minions.
Pandora heh
FusionCut *takes a step away from John*
EM Falcon *is not a minion*
Mesanna greetings
Lawrence of Paws My question is one of policy and clarification.
Dreamy lol
Lawrence of Paws In the last meeting someone asked about those holding ancient, extra long names.
Lawrence of Paws Some were given by GMs as favors, others earned through RP and other means.
Lawrence of Paws After the Seer program was revoked, many of us lost our names due to being reported
Lawrence of Paws To GMs, and the policy changed.
Lawrence of Paws I was a UBB shardmaster back then.
Lawrence of Paws My name was Theodore Winterwind.
Lawrence of Paws Before I was reported to the GM team
Lawrence of Paws And my name was changed.
Lawrence of Paws I was wondering, due to the change in policy as stated in one of the last meetings.
Lawrence of Paws If there was a way for us to regain our names.
Lawrence of Paws Or, conversely, for the name cap to be changed univerally.
Lawrence of Paws To 22 or 25 characters, instead of 17.
Lawrence of Paws To make things univerally fair all around.
Mesanna I don't know why they would have changed your names in the first place
Mesanna the problem I have is this
Mesanna and I hope you understand this
Lawrence of Paws After the Seer program, there was a shift in support policy.
Mesanna If I could verify you had the name I would fix the error
Mesanna but I can't
Mesanna no GM would do it now
Mesanna what is given stays
Lawrence of Paws What about changing the cap?
Lawrence of Paws It seems unfair to have people with exstra special names
Lawrence of Paws And those with not.
Lawrence of Paws I think changing the cap would be a fair compromise.
Mesanna can we haggle that number =)
Mesanna *grins*
Mesanna one sec
drcossack uh-oh, she's gonna kill us all.
Dreamy maybe a special token that lets you make a longer name
Lawrence of Paws 22 to 25 would be great, I think the cap is currently 17 or 18. I think there is a different
Big John come on rip out my still beating heart and put it in my backpack *with my name on it* Lady Mesannaextended name change token
Lawrence of Paws cap if you use a token, but I am not 100% sure.
Big John lol
Mesanna Honestly we have to look into it
Big John forgot
Lawrence of Paws That is all I can ask.
Big John i had
Pandora having longer names would invalidate some rares
Big John that in
Big John there
Pandora some rares are 'rare' due to their crafter name
Lawrence of Paws I was quite the smith back then, and it would mean a lot to me to have my old name back.
Mesanna the issue is with it displaying properly in the log in screen
Big John extended name change token
Mesanna all I can tell you if its not an issue
Mesanna we will change it
Lawrence of Paws Thank you great Dark Lady.
Mesanna we have no problem with increasing it
Dreamy I wish my name was all i had to worry bout :( lol
Lawrence of Paws Also.
drcossack heh
Dreamy im in trouble lol
Mesanna if there is not a problem with it
Kariny Stormsong Kill us all?
Lawrence of Paws Can I give my beard to Falcon?
Kariny Stormsong awwww
Lawrence of Paws She needs one.
EM Falcon *chuckles*
Kariny Stormsong Falcon the bearded lady em
Mesanna no
Lawrence of Paws :(
drcossack LOL
Lawrence of Paws Oh Well.
Mesanna Falcon has to earn his beard
Lawrence of Paws Thank you for your time.
Dreamy yuck lol
Jack Wagon Naw kets not
Mesanna lol
Mesanna LS you guys have been great
Big John come on rip out my still beating heart and put it in my backpack *with my name on it* Lady Mesanna
Dreamy Thanks very much for coming
Rayna :)
Drac Vallarusa *claps*
Dreamy We love you
Rayna *claps*
Misk thank you for having us!
Kalia Bthanks
Pandora :)
Kariny Stormsong Thanks for the visit
Pandora thanks !!! misk
Mesanna ok leave if you do not want to die
drcossack thanks for coming.
Kariny Stormsong Please come back and kill us all
Gypsy Rose thanks for visiting
Clutch Ty again
Korben Dallas *suddenly has the urge to run but cant*
drcossack WIMPS.
FusionCut thank you very much for your time
Big John do i get my still beating heart
Big John with my name
Big John on it
Jack Wagon she said Dye ,,Right ???
Kariny Stormsong Nope
Dreamy happy 4th of july dont forget to let us celebrate in game ! lol
Kariny Stormsong Just a death robe
Drac Vallarusa Dye yeah dye!"
Drac Vallarusa hmmm collor I want is
Gidge dye? or die!
Jack Wagon thats what i heard
Jack Wagon Dye
Kariny Stormsong haha
Kalia dye
Drac Vallarusa red!!!
Big John ill make sure to hit her with a book
Korben Dallas *ok ..tenses up*
Dreamy please kill john lol
Gidge if you tense up it hurts more!
Drac Vallarusa HAH
Dubja the Obnox missed me
Mesanna you are lucky
Aphid oh no
Aphid i been attacked
Kariny Stormsong Darn.
EM Falcon she hit me too
Gidge whew
Mesanna we are in tram and it will not let me group kill you
Rayna awww come one you can do better
Aphid tough life
Dreamy LOL
Kalia good
FusionCut are you sure you have all the stuffing up at one end ?
Aphid figures she would do that
Kariny Stormsong Well Falcon is working on that right?
Aphid in a spot we cnt cast in
Dreamy LOL
EM Falcon *nods*
Aphid LOL
Korben Dallas *victory?*
Rayna mwhahahahahahaha
FusionCut its been great
Dreamy lol bye
Kalia really
Dreamy lol
Korben Dallas ack!
Kariny Stormsong *chuckles*
Dubja the Obnox heh