Developer Meet And Greet from 2014-09-10

Developer Meet And Greet from 2014-09-10

This meeting was held in English and Japanese. It was logged by SoftServeDreams.

Note: The questions were originally asked in Japanese. They have been translated to English by SoftServeDreams.

This meet and greet was cut short, while there were still questioners in line. Mesanna answered those questions in a followup Producer's Letter. The translations of those questions were provided by Broadsword.

(questioner) Now that Shame, Wrong, Covetous and Despise has been revamped, do you have any plan to also revamp Hythroth, Deciet and Destard ?
(Broadsword) We do not have plans to do another dungeon. But all dungeons will get the loot updates with this coming publish.
(questioner) It would be fantastic if we can customize and design our castles !
(Broadsword) As we have said several times, I think we should have the player submit some ideas for plans. It is not out of question. We can not customize the castle and keep the footage you have. We can just change the prefab of the castle.
(questioner) Mannequins and stewards, they do need some hair growth !
(Broadsword) OK, that's not impossible. We can do that.
(questioner) Can you make all kinds of engraving tools stackable ? They really take up a lot of space and item count.
(Broadsword) We will look at them. We can do something like the runic tools do.
(questioner) My request is about treasure hunting. I think it can be more interesting and exciting if the items from the treasure chests are unidentified as they were before.
(Broadsword) I am sure I do not understand the question or request. Is it about the level 6 HMS cape? Do you feel the loot is not worth the level of the chest ?
(questioner) I love UO, I have passion for it and I believe everyone here feels the same. I always look forward to every new publish.However, I'm worried about the future of UO. Population is declining, The future is uncertain. What should we do ?How about running ads ? TV commercials, banner ads on websites, magazine ads... No one knows the exact answer.I have a proposal, let's gather feedbacks and opinions from Britannians. If there are any good ideas, just make it happen and reward the person who submits a good idea or suggestion.
(questioner) One more thing, I just downloaded Classic Client from today and it took about 50 minutes to download the whole patch. Don't you think it's just too long ?
(questioner) This will probably make people who plan to return to the game leave their PCs even before they actually return to Britannia.You should upload the latest version of the client for downloads.
(Broadsword) We are working on different things. We are doing a return to brit, doing Vice vs Virtue, new and exciting systems, and new web sites. I am always willing to listen to opinions.

Patch time depends on your connection speed as well as your location to your region's patch server.(*This answer is from Bleak)

(questioner) It's been almost one month since I lost my character when I use shard shield transfer token last month. I've already sent e-mail but still no response yet.
(questioner) I've heard that my character still remains in the original shard but it looks to me that my char just disappeared and I can't see it now. A EM is taking care of this issue for me at the moment.
(Broadsword) Send me the details of the character shard account etc. The character is there, we checked this character,

I will talk to you off line, not here. This is not the place for this discussion.

(questioner) I want bamboo to be added as craft resource. I just can't accept it that we currently make bamboo flutes with wood, not with bamboo.It'd also be nice to have bamboo furniture like bamboo tables. I see some bamboo furniture in Papua and I like them.

I also want more types of bamboos added to clean up brit as rewards so I can make bamboo forest.

(Broadsword) What type of materials would you like to see? Baskets ? More mats? You want houses on stilts ? We do have the plant. It's an idea, thank you for the idea.
(questioner) Japanese official UO website is gone. The website worked as an important place for storing all the precious artworks, stories and history of Ultima Online.Do you have any plan to archive the website ?
(Broadsword) It's not gone. It will be archived on We are redoing it and you will be able to see it there any time.

Also you will have the option to translate the site to several languages when we finish.

(questioner) I want to have rice, coffee and tea in game.
(Broadsword) Coming. Then your chiristmas will be a happy one.
(questioner) There are no NPC paladins in Trinsic now.
(Broadsword) Yes we know about this issue and we are going to be fixing this. Paladins will be spawning again soon.
(questioner) I have live streamed UO for 4 years. Would you open official UO channel in nico nico live ?

It is the most popular and largest live streaming website in Japan. Live streaming is a cheap yet effective way to promote the game.

(Broadsword) That's awesome. Please contact me and I will let you know what we have been talking about and see if you are interested in joining us.
(questioner) I host ship-to-ship sea combat events on Izumo and other Japanese shards.
(questioner) We'd like to have more ship types for our events, in particular, we want a small ship that has one cannon and fast moving speed. Is it possible to have these kind of new ships in the future ?
(Broadsword) Took us a long time to get those in. I don't see us getting different ones in any time in the future. We can a new dingy maybe =) lol sorry and thank you.
(questioner) For us deco and house customizing lovers, can you give us more house customization parts and interior items ? I don't care at all about PvP stuff. I'd like you to put more effort on deco and house customization.

I see a lot of nice housing parts in towns, for example, I like the stairs in Magincia and the ladders in Papua, and there are a lot of deco items which is rare and hard for us to obtain.

(Broadsword) Define interior, more wall and floor tiles ? We are always looking to improve the tiles. They will see additions when we can do them. Just be patient we will be adding and improving.
(questioner) Can you make armor refinements stackable ? There are just too much types of them and they are hurting our secure containers.
(Broadsword) We will talk about it and give you guys our answer. We are divided about stacking them.
Mesanna Pub 86 is here on the 18th.

Additional questions and answers from the Producer's Letter:

(questioner) I want to stack the moonshines of pirate and bottle of single.
Mesanna This is not a simple fix, we will look into it and get back to you .
(questioner) Please do make a fruit juice.(non-alcoholic)
Mesanna Great Idea!
(questioner) I want to cook many kinds of more.Please increase the item type that can be cooking.
Mesanna We would love to do a Farming Booster pack with new foods and recipes and things to grow and cook.
(questioner) Please return the decay time of the house.
Mesanna It was returned to the 5 days.
(questioner) Disappearance time was shortened when placed in the ground objects.(it has been changed to about 60-80mins from a over 2hours.)
(questioner) Is it bug?Please correct quickly if it is bug.
Mesanna This is not a bug it was done on purpose to fix a crash in the game.
(questioner) sorry,No,6 is long.
(questioner) What I mean is the problem of where to find information of people in the English-speaking and non-English speaking.
(questioner) Comments from development, such as bug reports had been made in the form of mediating EA Japan until last year.
(questioner) However, EA Japan is from no longer matter to the Ultima Online, we have gained from (information).
(questioner) However, I have a problem here.
(questioner) You guys commented in UO Stratics For more information, even while public relations in
(questioner) It's not reflected in or this thing and Why?
(questioner) If you say recently, it was announced that it has restricted the character transfer by the 14th Anniversary Shard Shields.
(questioner) Mr.Bleak had commented on the detail in the UO Stratics about it, but in a few days, it was announced at the UO Stratics that it has an unlimited.
(questioner) But, it's not announce this thing in
(questioner) Who have seen only will become thought the character transfer by the 14th Anniversary Shard Shields function and remains of two weeks in this limit.
(questioner) All of us in the future to see undoubtedly, but it's not necessarily all of them and also see UO Stratics.
(questioner) Would not get to put as an article towards the all if, if to announce that it is important in the UO Stratics?
(questioner) There is also in development, you guys are news organizations that transmit information in the future to the player.
(questioner) Ask my'd make it easier to touch in non-English-speaking by centralizing information destination.
Mesanna We understand the frustration of the non- English speaking players, I am sorry it has taken us so long to find a web designer that we feel has the love and knowledge of UO to help us redo our Web page but we have finally found one and are really excited. As we go forward with the planning changes on UO.COM we are planning to have the site not only translate to Japanese but hopefully to Korean, Chinese and German. I will keep everyone updated on our progress as we make it. I want to make sure the Japanese players also know we have the archived Japanese site so it will not be lost.