Developer Meet And Greet from 2015-03-18

Developer Meet And Greet from 2015-03-18

This meeting was held in English. It was logged by Deraj[1].


Kyronix Hello!
Watcher ack
Watcher welcome to Napa
Watcher nauseated from moving that fast
Watcher thank yoou for coming
Watcher my conserns are 2 points
Watcher one, the IDOC times of up to 15 hours is extremely long, unhealthy..can lead to DVT and pulmonar
Watcher pulmonay embolisms
Watcher soooo please consider a reasonable max time of say 5 to 7 hours?
Watcher it also benefits the scripters, not reg fold
Watcher folk
Watcher agreed
Watcher i agree with the wipe of house list, just not the advantage to scripters who can monitor 24/7
EM Chance crystal not working they cant see text
Watcher i know you have helped a friend on napa regain a house, ty
Watcher another issue
Watcher is
Mesanna wait
Mesanna I want to state why
Mesanna I checked and since she renewed her account on the line
Mesanna I gave her the house back because I sided with the player
Mesanna thats why she got that house back
Mesanna and then dropped it!
Mesanna go ahead
Mesanna your next point =)
Watcher what has ahppened to many old items in the counselor's house in ilshenar?
Mesanna we have not touched that house
Watcher they were on display in the past, and nowhere to be seen now
Watcher the house has been redecorated inside
Mesanna I have not clue it would take a GM to get those items
Mesanna we have not touched the house
Mesanna here on Napa?
Watcher yes
Mesanna sorry this is news to me
Watcher okay just a bit leery of where our history has gone
Mesanna wait
Mesanna where did you say this house is
Watcher in ilshenar
Mesanna I am not aware of a house there
Mesanna so beats me
Watcher way west of luna
Mesanna are you sure?
Watcher oops that is malas
Watcher not ilshenar
Mesanna OK
Mesanna wow
Mesanna the EM has that house
Mesanna I will look into it
Watcher ty
Mesanna thats why I put them there
Mesanna for the items to be displayed
Watcher yay
Mesanna thanks for the heads up
Mesanna anything else?
Watcher that is fine
Watcher thank you
Watcher goodnight
Mesanna Thank you
Mesanna Have a good evening
Mesanna Anyone else
Mesanna ?
Pikeman Hello
Mesanna Evening PIkeman
Pikeman Since there are only a few people here, I have 5 or 6 questions if that is alright
Misk hello!
Mesanna we will answer them as you ask then
Pikeman First question
Pikeman Is there a particular reason for not allowing profession titles in guild titles?
Pikeman Such as blacksmith, ranger, or warrior, for example
Mesanna it goes back to the beginning to preserve the titles and keep people from scamming others
Pikeman Do you think it's still necessary? I kind of wish we could use those titles at times
Mesanna yes I do
Pikeman Understood
Pikeman Second question
Mesanna for the scamming reason alone
Mesanna to be honest
Pikeman This is about gamemasters
Mesanna ok
Pikeman I have some concerns, and I'm not asking this out of frustration, just concern
Pikeman I know we've seen some griping on the forums and such
Pikeman In my own experience paging a GM, I have noticed a few problems
Pikeman There seems to be no notification of one's place in the queue, or even if there is a queue
Pikeman Or even if there is a GM available to answer the page
Pikeman And there is not, and please correct me if I am wrong, any posted times
Pikeman for when GMs are available
Pikeman In my own personal experience doing customer service, calls going unanswered is not a good thing
Pikeman Do you have any thoughts or plans or desires to improve notifications or GM service?
Mesanna ok so let me address the number in the queque first
Mesanna we changed from a global system which UO was started with
Mesanna to a newer system to track pages
Mesanna when that happen we lost the number in the queque
Mesanna I can see if one of the engineers over that system can add it
Mesanna no promises
Mesanna as far as the service
Mesanna I do understand, and I personally have started as of today to help take calls when
Mesanna I have a few moments to spare
Mesanna We have several GM's out sick so its hurting us
Pikeman Ahh
Mesanna and yes I do understand your frustrations
Pikeman No no, not frustrated, just concerned
Mesanna we are trying to come up with better tools to help with this
Mesanna I as the Producer and a player agree with you
Mesanna we should and will do better
Pikeman My next quewstion
Mesanna ok
Pikeman Is about BODs
Pikeman I hate BODs
Pikeman And I think it is a wildly out of date system
Mesanna agreed as we stated in past M&G's
Pikeman Would you consider, in the future, revamping them into more of a fishing quest/trade quest style
Mesanna we are going to change the reward system to something similar to Tokuno
Pikeman Oh
Pikeman Well that answers my question perfectly
Mesanna Sweet
Pikeman Next question
Pikeman Can you provide any additional information at this time about upcoming skill masteries?
Pikeman How they work, etc?
Mesanna sorry
Mesanna Bleak is giving me a hard time
Mesanna Oh we are going to be releasing more information in the near future
EM Chance *snikers at bleaks death*
Pikeman Okay
Mesanna I think you guys are really going to like the changes
Pikeman Also, is there anything you can say about what the new player experience you are working on
Pikeman will be like?
Mesanna The team is working hard on this new system
Mesanna We are not working on that now
Mesanna but
Mesanna we need to put it in before we go to steam
Mesanna it will not be in Publish 90
Mesanna which will be out in late June early July
Pikeman One more question, really more of a suggestion
Mesanna ok
Pikeman And I'll stop harrassing you
Mesanna *smiles*
Pikeman In the dev diary it was mentioned there will be new clothing
Pikeman Can you please add a sea-captain's coat to that list
Pikeman I think it would be very fitting for the game
Mesanna Oh that would be good
Mesanna nice suggestion
Pikeman Thank you
Mesanna I will see if we have time for it
Pikeman That's all I have, I appreciate your time and responses
Mesanna thank you
Mesanna have a good evening
A Fine Wine hello all
Mesanna Good evening Fine Wine
Kyronix Hello!
A Fine Wine 4 questions
A Fine Wine 1. any chance all the EMS could post to one website on perhaps a calendar?
Mesanna We are making a new website
Mesanna on
A Fine Wine even better a google calender? that syncs to our phones?
Mesanna that should have a calendar for this
Mesanna but no
Mesanna each EM has their own web site
Mesanna but have you visited our facebook page
Mesanna we are posting them there also
A Fine Wine Facebook is the devil.
A Fine Wine :)
Mesanna ok trying to give you options =)
A Fine Wine stratics is easiest for me.
Mesanna Not posting them there sorry
A Fine Wine and some have stopped posting there
A Fine Wine ok next question
A Fine Wine Gold. how soon are we going to see a change to the currency?
Mesanna next big publish
Mesanna Bleak is working on it now
A Fine Wine awesome, thank you. so tired of the vendor storage.:)
Mesanna me too
Mesanna Vendor ATM's
Mesanna lol
A Fine Wine so sketchy lol
A Fine Wine :)
Mesanna I agree
A Fine Wine next question.
Mesanna we are starting to get a line
A Fine Wine 3. Idocs. 15 hours? really?
Mesanna already talked about this
A Fine Wine what is the logic in that?
Mesanna it varies from 5 to 10 to 15 hours
Mesanna it varies from 5 to 10 to 15 hours
A Fine Wine im sure it will eventually...
A Fine Wine but still 15 hours?
Mesanna top yes
A Fine Wine why?
Mesanna changed from 20
A Fine Wine purpose?
Mesanna You know
Mesanna You know
Mesanna we listen to you guys and you complain about scripters
Mesanna then we made a change from 20 hours to put some variance in it
Mesanna and tell you it will drop at 5 10 or 15 hours
Mesanna and we still get complaints
A Fine Wine 2 4 or 6 does the same thing
Mesanna no
Mesanna not with the change we are making so players can get their houses back
Mesanna as stated earlier
A Fine Wine ahh so it was a compromise.
Mesanna It will do one last check
A Fine Wine lastly
Mesanna I would rather keep players than drop houses
A Fine Wine 4. Young players at idocs. Ive noticed some still look young. Perhaps they are just renouncing
A Fine Wine and then coming to the party
A Fine Wine just wondering if you guys tested that.
Mesanna We tested it for trial accounts
Mesanna youngs that are paying for the account have every right to be there
A Fine Wine and the trial accounts that renounce... have you tested them?
Mesanna that doesn't matter
Mesanna its still a trial account
Mesanna trial accounts can not pick up items
Mesanna from a idoc house
A Fine Wine ok. Thank you for your time. but seriously 15 hours is crazy talk.:)
Mesanna Thank you
Mesanna ok no more 6 questions to many people in line now
Lord Taliesin Good Evening, Dark Lady and honored minions!
Mesanna Good evening
Kyronix Hello!
Lord Taliesin If I may ask two questions.
Lord Taliesin First a quick one.
Lord Taliesin Is there any chance of allowing us to imbue Fey Slayer?
Mesanna we have that on our list actually
Lord Taliesin Wonderful!
Mesanna we are going to add it
Lord Taliesin :)
Lord Taliesin Secondly, could I invite you to give us a tease or sneak peak of something upcoming?
Lord Taliesin There's got to be something you all are working on that you're dying to tell us?
Lord Taliesin :)
Mesanna we did give you a sneak peak with your video
Mesanna we will be giving more in the near future
Lord Taliesin A sneakier peak , then?
Lord Taliesin :)
Mesanna lol
Mesanna cute
Lord Taliesin I've heard rumors
Lord Taliesin of
Lord Taliesin ...
Lord Taliesin Hot air balloons?
EM Chance lol
Kyronix What a fantastic idea
Mesanna do you want me to kill you
EM Chance hahahaha
Mesanna =P
Lord Taliesin It would be an honor.
EM Chance lol
Taliesin :)
Mesanna don't have to ask me twice =)
Taliesin Have a great night!
Mesanna you also
Mesanna thank you
Mesanna Evening Waters
Taliesin my blessed items
Taliesin reequiped!
Mesanna that was a fix
Mesanna we did
Waters Evening!
Waters Two specific questions if I may
Kyronix Greetings!
Waters What determines whether an item will receive the material's name upon enhancement?
Waters I ask because I have enhanced a few items and no name change
Waters Others have reverted to material names after a few server cycles
Mesanna do you mean enchancing with valorite or whatever
Waters Yes
Mesanna can you be more specific
Mesanna ok
Waters I enhanced Alchy bracers
Waters they retained their name
Waters an orc chieftain helm
Waters after a week became "horned...
Mesanna so we do not have a good answer to this
Mesanna but
Mesanna if you could email us the steps to let us confirm this
Mesanna and give specific items etc
Waters sure thing
Mesanna we would appreciate it
Mesanna you have my email right?
Waters I know where to find it, will do it after this session
Mesanna send it to me and I will make sure everyone sees it
Waters thank you. Secondly,
Mesanna [email protected]
Waters does the damage from frenzied whirlwind count towards leech effects?
Mesanna Bleak want to answer this
Bleak No
Bleak it is seperate
Waters Ok thank you very much for your time. Also if there is a Bleak look-a-like contest I think I win
Waters =D
Mesanna thank you
Mesanna lol
Bleak =D
Waters Have a good evening!
Mesanna you also
Lord Arm haill all bad typer here lol
Mesanna Evening Arm
Lord Arm vet rewards
Lord Arm can we get some kind of clean up
Mesanna you mean turn in one reward for another?
Lord Arm my picks of robesworthless
Lord Arm like 50
Mesanna since we made the change you an sell and use vet rewards no
Lord Arm to get eomething
Mesanna we will not have a turn in system for them
Lord Arm i was dumb and picked earlier
Mesanna I am sorry
Mesanna but now you have the option to buy them from someone
Lord Arm new vet reward , an armor stand
Mesanna or have someone that loves you give you items =P
Lord Arm where u can put armor and give alol stats
Lord Arm like manaquin
Lord Arm just an idea
Mesanna we can add it to manniquins
Mesanna mannequins
Mesanna anything else?
Arm i see they ask about 15 hours idocs
Mesanna several tinmes
Arm it is too long
Mesanna times
Mesanna not going to keep talking about the same subject please
Arm at enets the lag bad
Arm events
Arm lag is bad
Arm so many multis
Arm im sure its been said
Mesanna yes sir it has
Arm are there gms?
Arm when i call nwver come
Mesanna yes we stated this also
Mesanna yes sir
Mesanna ok we have a longer line
Mesanna anything else
Arm well ty thats all really just haye cheating ty
Alie hi all
EM Chance *hands allie a robe*
Mesanna Greetings Alie
Alie i am too hot
Alie so i need to be naked
Alie lol
Bleak Hello Alie
Alie few questions
Mesanna 2
Mesanna only
Alie Mannequins, Can one day we be able to rename them? will be nice to rename after the Toon/Suit
Mesanna I will add it to our list
Alie ok
Alie also
Alie was asked b4
Alie about
Alie Turn Point Menu
Alie any change to get a better menu? like page maybe? hard to click 15 pages to pick last dyes
Alie if i need to buy 10 dyes
Alie i have to click 40x
Alie to go buy
Mesanna we would have to revamp the whole system
Mesanna its just time consuming
Alie oh
Alie well
Alie now
Alie for the best
Mesanna but we do understand what you are saying
Alie Love u all
Alie gn
Mesanna now you have a robe
Mesanna night
Mesanna hi Bob
Bob Ross hail all
Bob Ross couple pvp questions
Bleak 42
Bob Ross any thoughts on increasing the stat timer to say 5-7 mins
Bob Ross since there is stat pots now
Bob Ross 3 mins is just to short
Bob Ross when its out numbered
Bob Ross ?
Mesanna one sec they are looking it up
Bob Ross 5-7 mins woulsd make ppl
Bob Ross use the stat pots
Mesanna we will look into it and discuss it
Bob Ross ty
Mesanna welcome
Mesanna good point
Bob Ross i mean
Bob Ross ppl can res
Bob Ross faster thewn u can kep them down
Bob Ross also
Bob Ross the haven bug
Bob Ross is that being looked at
Mesanna we have it fixed
Bob Ross nice
Bob Ross thats all i got
Mesanna will be published soon
Mesanna thank you
Bob Ross take care
Mesanna you also
Mesanna Evening Demigodess
Kyronix Hello!
Kyronix Hello!
Demigodess you too Mesanna
Bleak Hi
Demigodess :p
Demigodess what the new lands and new animal and those speical items
Demigodess whats the new skill item olny thing
Mesanna umm
Mesanna what are you talking about sorry lost me
Mesanna not following your question Demi
Demigodess alot of people get lose talking me me i want to know about the new animals we will have
Mesanna oh
Mesanna are you talking about when we do the pet revamp
Mesanna or this upcoming publish?
Demigodess yup
Demigodess pet
Demigodess revamp
Mesanna ok we honestly do not have all of them finalized
Mesanna so I would rather not say something that is not true
Mesanna when you have a list
Mesanna we will let you guys know
Mesanna that is just going to take alot of art
Mesanna new mobs etc
Demigodess ok is theres going to be a smaller animal than greater in it
Mesanna Yes
Mesanna I would love to shrink the Greater =P
Demigodess becuase they allways get in the way of event just too big
Mesanna we understand
Mesanna give mobs a new skill to turn them into a
Demigodess lol
Demigodess that be fun and make them have cool colors
Mesanna within reason yes
Mesanna no purple dragons
Demigodess awww:p
Mesanna Any other questions?
Demigodess whats the new vet eths
Demigodess going to be or you dont know
Mesanna don't know yet for this year
Demigodess i would do a dragon looking thing
Demigodess that you can change its colors
Demigodess lol Chance
Mesanna Anything else Demi
Demigodess what do do Misk and
Mesanna Our line is getting longer
Demigodess Bleak do
Mesanna Bleak Engineer
Mesanna Misk QA
Demigodess and kyronix
Mesanna Kyronix Dev
Demigodess one last thing I LOVE YOU MESANNA:p
Mesanna *smiles* thank you Demi
Mesanna thats kind of you
Demigodess *smiles too*
Mesanna have a good evening
DarkSlave Hello it's a pleasure to be in your a 16 year vet,i didnt play much and i would like
Mesanna HI Darkslave
Bleak Hello
Kyronix Hello!
DarkSlave to know when i can get my mesanna masks painted here
DarkSlave ive talked to you before
DarkSlave no paint yet
Mesanna have a house?
DarkSlave :)
Mesanna send me the location
DarkSlave yea
DarkSlave copy that
Mesanna I will go find them and dye them
Mesanna eaier
Mesanna easier
DarkSlave sweet that will work for me
DarkSlave thank you
Mesanna great most welcome
DarkSlave can you dev's please ask us before you make massive changes we all live for this game
DarkSlave and thank you
Mesanna Thats why we put stuff on TC
Mesanna for feedback
DarkSlave Willard loves you all Remember me!!!!!!!!
DarkSlave take care
Mesanna Have a great evening
Mesanna you also
DarkSlave u too
Mesanna did you miss Fugly
EM Chance he cut
Mesanna Evening D'Artagnan
EM Chance he is after art

D'Artagnan: hi

Mesanna hi
Mesanna how can we help you this evening

D'Artagnan: 1 i have q is about life bars at events can u consider a different hue for the bosses? D'Artagnan: say like bright orange or somthin

Mesanna we have talked about colored health bars for difficulty

D'Artagnan: and another question

Mesanna ok

D'Artagnan: about crafting menue D'Artagnan: anyways of makiing the make max tab D'Artagnan: faster

Bleak No sorry

D'Artagnan: the crafting is way to slow

Mesanna lol no it would make Bleaks head explode to mess with that

D'Artagnan: when filling large amount of bods D'Artagnan: and weapons and suck D'Artagnan: such sorry D'Artagnan: what u mean?

Mesanna its pretty much as fast as its going to get, atleast you can macro it
Mesanna yes we understand
Mesanna but its not an easy change either
Mesanna and we all know crafting can be a pain at times

D'Artagnan: something to work on maybe please? D'Artagnan: future..

Mesanna no promises
Mesanna but we will take it under consideration
Mesanna how about that

D'Artagnan: i have have 1 thing for mesanna

Mesanna if we see a way we will
Mesanna yes sir?

D'Artagnan: since this is the first time ive been able to catch u D'Artagnan: may i ask u to dye my masks for me please

Mesanna please do what I asked the other guy to do for me
Mesanna send me an email with your house location and where the mask is

D'Artagnan: sorrry missed that?

Mesanna I will go tomorrow and dye them
Mesanna its ok you have my email address?

D'Artagnan: no i dont sorry D'Artagnan: and please ty very much

Mesanna [email protected]

D'Artagnan::::))))) D'Artagnan: OMG ty a bucnh D'Artagnan: !!

Mesanna welcome
Mesanna have a good evening
Mesanna Hi Fugly
Fugly Casanova what UP:)
*Fugly Casanova: Fugly Casanova begins to menacingly swing a bola...*
*Fugly Casanova: Fugly Casanova begins to menacingly swing a bola...*
Fugly Casanova couple questions
*Fugly Casanova: Fugly Casanova begins to menacingly swing a bola...*
Mesanna only if you stop swinging
EM Chance haha
Fugly Casanova have you guys ever thought about making another way to gain justice?
*Fugly Casanova: Fugly Casanova begins to menacingly swing a bola...*
Mesanna no sir we have not
Fugly Casanova with all the blues most shards don't have reds to kill to gain justice
Mesanna we want to finish the system first
Fugly Casanova and will you dye jack o lanterns also?
Mesanna you hear my answer right
Fugly Casanova k
Mesanna will be happy to, look forward to your email
Fugly Casanova good enough answer for me
Fugly Casanova ty
Mesanna welcome
*Fugly Casanova: Fugly Casanova begins to menacingly swing a bola...*
Mesanna have a good evening
Fugly Casanova duel me and bos ross dev team?
Mesanna lol we cheat
Fugly Casanova so
*Fugly Casanova: Fugly Casanova begins to menacingly swing a bola...*
Mesanna we have I win buttons
Fugly Casanova would be a great video then
Fugly Casanova :)
Mesanna *grins*
Fugly Casanova see ya:)
Mesanna Night\
Alfred von Weez Hi
Mesanna Greetings Alfred
Kyronix Greetings
Alfred von Weez Two quick questions: One, would you please dy e my maks if I send you and e-mail?
Mesanna yes
Mesanna that was easy
Alfred von Weez (I heard your response before)
Mesanna thank you
Alfred von Weez Also, any thoughts of enhancing the harrower experience?
Alfred von Weez I mean, you re-did the leagcy dungeons
Alfred von Weez but not the harry
Mesanna true but we have not done all of them yet
Alfred von Weez just a thought
Mesanna we have not thought about revamping him
Alfred von Weez TYou should maybe...
Mesanna if you have any suggestions we would love to read them
Alfred von Weez Great, thanks
Alfred von Weez Have a great night:)
Mesanna anytime
Mesanna you also Alfred
Mesanna Greetings Maparoni
Maparoni wow that was fast, haha
Maparoni hiya Mesanna
Maparoni so 2 questions...
Maparoni I was curious to know if you guys will ever be adding the option to have stairs on any side of
Maparoni custom placed houses
Mesanna only the front
Mesanna there are issues for the east side
Mesanna they won't work
Maparoni :[ even the north? for places in luna?
Mesanna and with the placement restrictions it makes it harder also
Maparoni hmm i guess that's true heh
Mesanna would be messy
Maparoni No probs, was just curious if it was possible
Maparoni second was about emails...
Mesanna ok
Maparoni I have sent out emails through contact page, and an email to you, but haven't received
Maparoni any responses in weeks/months...
Mesanna about bugs?
Maparoni Is there something with that? too many?
Mesanna accounts?
Maparoni about account issues
Mesanna well the ones coming to me gets forwarded
Mesanna to [email protected]
Mesanna you should be sending them there honestly
Mesanna if you are still having issues I can try to help
Mesanna but we need to havea ticket to track first
Maparoni I was told to email [email protected] or [email protected], I tried both of those
Maparoni was 2 or 3 weeks ago
Mesanna I am not going to ask your information here
Maparoni okie
Mesanna so send me an email stating this is me from Napa
Mesanna and I will look thru the emails to see if I have any from you
Mesanna best I can do right now
Maparoni Awesome, sounds good, I can also just resend the old email as well
Mesanna true
Mesanna you can do that
Mesanna thank you
Maparoni Thank you as well:D
Maparoni I'll send tonight
Mesanna ok
Mesanna I will check in the morning
Mesanna have a good evening Maparoni
Maparoni Glad to have met ya:D
Maparoni u too, cya later
Mesanna You also
Mesanna Greetings Hera
Hera Guards
Hera Guards
Hera good evening
Mesanna they won't help you
EM Chance lol
Hera thats ok
Hera recdu recsu
Hera recdu recsu
Hera i a veteran player
Hera recdu recsu
Hera 16 years
Hera recdu recsu
Hera Guards
Hera and never met you guys
Mesanna what can we do for you tonight
Hera so wanted to come and say hello
Mesanna Thank you
Hera my family plays
Kyronix Hello!
Mesanna We love to hear that
Hera recdu recsu
Hera recdu recsu
Hera we have like 18 accounts and play in many servers
Hera recdu recsu
Hera Guards
Hera i just wanted to tell you that we love your game
Hera and think it has many plus and a few minus
Mesanna Thank you, I have meet several families that still play together
Hera recdu recsu
Hera Guards
Hera Guards
Hera recdu recsu
Hera recdu recsu
Hera recdu recsu
Hera but overall we love the game and keep coming back after short breaks
Mesanna We do appreciate hearing that
Hera recdu recsu
Hera recdu recsu
Hera yeah i know there will always be cheaters
Hera Guards
Hera and not a lot can be done but we do all aspects of the game
Hera recdu recsu
Hera recdu recsu
Hera and will look forward to the new expansion
Mesanna we are excited about the upcoming one
Hera Guards
Hera yes any ideas how long?
Mesanna yes late June early July
Hera Guards
Hera wow thats great
Mesanna with a small publish for easter
Hera thanks
Hera !
Mesanna have a good evening
Hera you too
Hera all of you
Mesanna thank you
EM Chance i think shes afk
Mesanna Greetings Beth
Mesanna Greetings Whisper
Whisper :)
Whisper how are yall
Mesanna good and yourself
Whisper busy woman
Whisper its been
Whisper 2 yrs since i saw u Mesanna
Mesanna I am around
Whisper i heard u mite color my mask?
Whisper i know
Whisper u have spies
Mesanna did you read what I told the other players?
Whisper lol
Whisper im good
Whisper iheard
Whisper ty
Mesanna good deal
Whisper im not here to compalain
Whisper just to say hi
Whisper :)
Mesanna thank you
Whisper oh and
Mesanna I will watch for all the emails in the morning
Kyronix Greetings!
Mesanna make sure you guys mail me
Whisper lol
Whisper drink lots of coffee
Whisper rofl
Mesanna lol
Whisper thats all
Whisper wanted to greet ya
Whisper :)
Mesanna have a good evening'
Whisper u too
Whisper all of u
Mesanna ok last one tonight is Beth
Whisper :)
Mesanna Hi Beth
Beth Hello
Beth Can I ask a couple of questions?
Mesanna 2
Mesanna sorry getting late
Beth 1?
Mesanna you can ask 2
Beth Ok
Mesanna go ahead
Beth I wish to ask that you have any plan to enhance or complete the EC or
Beth plan for unify the client as one which remake the game from fundamental
Beth As you may know that CC doesn't have chance of getting new functions
Mesanna Bleak will answer this for us
Beth and EC doesn't look not good, no offense, to both of Asia and US players
Bleak We just added new features to the EC in last couple of publishes.
Bleak What do you suggest we change about the client?
Beth It would be took a little bit time, is it okay?
Mesanna Email would be better
Beth Yes, I thought about it just now
Mesanna than doing it here
Mesanna lol
Beth I think I better email you feedback
Mesanna that would be great
Beth And one another question
Beth About quest
Beth I know that we have lots of quests but
Beth unfortunately that we do have only simple search and find or
Beth search and kill some kind of simple quests around old facets
Beth like ilshenar, malas, tokuno
Beth I think they deserve some quests that might be major quests
Beth that players can understand their history and background stories
Beth or something like connection between Britannia
Beth It's just suggestion
Mesanna I can see that, thanks for the suggestion
Beth Thank you for giving me time
Mesanna no worries thank you
Beth and thank you all of your great efforts for the game
Mesanna next
Mesanna since you pulled Beth from the back
Mesanna Raimeus is last
Mesanna Chance
EM Chance sorry
Mesanna Greetings'
Raimeus How Ma'am.
Raimeus Devs
Mesanna Greetings
Bleak Hi
Raimeus I got one question
Mesanna ok
Raimeus THREE CHEERS for the DEVS and Mesanna.
Raimeus HIP HIP
Raimeus ok bye
Mesanna question?
*Fugly Casanova: Fugly Casanova begins to menacingly swing a bola...*
Fugly Casanova just waiting for our duel
Demigodess when you going to do gifts that players will love like those anni horses (rember me (DarkSpawn)
Demigodess just had to say that Dark Part
Demigodess lol
Demigodess :p
Demigodess is the Dev afk now
Mesanna no clue we have not come up with any of the gifts right now
Demigodess ok
Demigodess :p i bet you rember me do you
Mesanna I am sorry do you have a question for us
Mesanna we are having a hard time reading your text in the journal
Demigodess oooo
Demigodess better
Mesanna yes what is your question
Mesanna sorry
Demigodess :p i bet you rember me do you (i am DarkSpawn)
Demigodess :p
Mesanna yes
Demigodess ty that all i wanted to know
Demigodess :p
Mesanna ok
Mesanna night again
Demigodess nice meeting you angin
Mesanna lol
Demigodess night lol
Mesanna you also
Gauthier hello. Thanks for takign time to meet with players like this.
Mesanna Our pleasure
Mesanna and greetings
Gauthier magincia bazaar plots and bidding the plot.
Gauthier the current owner must pay any bid (to cover those) to retain the plot.
Gauthier a new player bidding the plot pays it only 1 time
Gauthier from week to week, the owner must cover it while the bid from the outside is not paid
Gauthier unless they overcome the bid.
Gauthier this is the reason i gave up mine
Gauthier but i liked it
Gauthier it took probably 8 hours to setup
Gauthier with prices and organization.
Gauthier that was just too much to give up the 2mill bid weekly
Gauthier and the only way not to have the charge... is to drop the plot
Gauthier please examine this to be more fair.
Mesanna one sec
Mesanna trying to figure out everything
Mesanna you just said
Mesanna are you saying it was to expensive?
Gauthier the person put a bid on my plot for 2 mill
Gauthier but didn't have to pay that week after week.
Gauthier only put in the bid
Gauthier they are only charged that gold when they 'win' the plot.
Gauthier i had to cover that bid week after week.
Gauthier eventually i ran out of gold.
Gauthier it waas a gold sink to the current owner
Gauthier while someone bidding on the plot doesn't pay that aamount.
Mesanna we will look at it again
Gauthier at least not weekly.
Gauthier thanks .
Gauthier havea agreat night!
Gauthier u
Mesanna Good night
Gauthier do you need an email?
Mesanna yes please
Gauthier i can explain the details better maybe
Gauthier ok
Gauthier weill do
Mesanna good deal
Gauthier thanks !
Mesanna Thank you Napa for coming to talk to us
Mesanna Have a great evening everyone
Mesanna I look forward to getting your emails
Mesanna make sure you state the facet and name of house
Mesanna Night everyone