Developer Meet And Greet from 2015-04-15

Developer Meet And Greet from 2015-04-15

This meeting was held in English. It was logged by EM Emile Layne[1].


EM Emile Layne Evening all :)
EM Emile Layne You guys better move down
EM Emile Layne You won't be able to see much from here
EM Emile Layne If you want to ask the devs a question, line up by the sign please
Mesanna Shall we begin
Mesanna Nice to see everyone
Lien Ragus Greetings
Mesanna come down here
Lien Ragus to you all
Mesanna Greetings Lien
Kyronix Greetings!
Lien Ragus welcome to Europa
Bleak Hello
Lien Ragus and thanks for visiting us
Lien Ragus indeed
Lien Ragus my first question
Lien Ragus is concerning
Lien Ragus your ideas
Lien Ragus about revamping
Lien Ragus new areas
Lien Ragus and places
Lien Ragus along with
Lien Ragus your actual plans
Mesanna umm can you be a little more specific
Lien Ragus for next extension
Lien Ragus redoing Doom
Mesanna the only thing have revamped are a few dungeons
Lien Ragus reviving a few
Lien Ragus peerlesses
Lien Ragus and such
Mesanna we have not made any plans on those as of yet
Mesanna we are working on the Legends of Time at this time
Lien Ragus understaod
Mesanna Time of Lengends
Mesanna sorry
Mesanna Legends
Lien Ragus okie
Mesanna wow I can't spell
Lien Ragus i let others
Lien Ragus and will return
Lien Ragus to the queue
Lien Ragus for more then
Mesanna ok
Lien Ragus thanks
Mesanna thank you
Mesanna perfect
Nirot hello
Mesanna Emile
Nirot sorry can not move

Nirot transferred.

Mesanna come here
Mesanna and pull please
Mesanna easier
Nirot slow please
Mesanna Greetings Nirot
Nirot well met again
Mesanna slow?
Nirot getting sick
Mesanna sorry to hear that
Nirot by pulling everywhere
Nirot ok
EM Emile Layne *Laughs* Sorry
Nirot my first question you might know
Nirot the mail i sent you
Nirot i sent a second reminder..
Nirot *smiles*
Mesanna more specific please
Nirot by last night
Mesanna I get alot of emails
Nirot the account
Nirot correction for vet rewards
Nirot we met on Drachenfels
Mesanna Yes I have verified that its off by 2 months
Nirot ok.. so this will be changed then?
Mesanna after I talk to Bleak on how to fix it
Nirot ok thank you
Nirot my next question is
Mesanna no reason to reply without info =)
Nirot can we expect more
Nirot useful stuff
Mesanna difine useful
Nirot like waschining machine/cloth clean tub
Nirot soap
Nirot or some stuff like that
Mesanna maybe a hot tub =P
Nirot that would be nice
Mesanna but yes we have a few ideas for vet rewards such as last year
Nirot for making my household better
Nirot great
Mesanna how about a toilet go to with the tub =P
Nirot awesome!
Nirot not nice to hold the stuff for years
Nirot last one..
Nirot would it also be possible to add some religous stuff
Mesanna no
Mesanna it is not
Nirot you made gothic glasses
Nirot ok
Nirot thats all for now... can not expecet that you die my stick same like yours, eh?
Nirot *smiles*
Mesanna sorry we stay away from that on purpose
Nirot *nods*
Nirot thank you
Mesanna nope
Nirot and move on with the good work
Mesanna but never hurts to ask
Nirot *nods*
Mesanna thank you
Nirot farewell all
Mesanna have a good day
Traveler hi
Mesanna Greetings Traveler
Traveler I here running EC to show
Traveler how hard to communicate for
Traveler not latin alphabet players
Traveler , ? (
Traveler see this?
Traveler it was typed on keyboard
Mesanna yes what language is that
Traveler , ? (
Mesanna what Language
Traveler this was pasted from clipboard
Mesanna we see it fine
EM Emile Layne I think that is Russian
Traveler and correct
Traveler yes
Traveler same bug reported japan players
Mesanna ok we can fix this, just had the same issue with Korean
Traveler any eta?
Traveler we waited more 5 years
Mesanna I do not have an eta
Bleak Not all the fonts in the EC support all languages
Mesanna Bleak will have to fix that
Traveler ye seen correct text
Traveler font exist
Traveler just keyboard input broken
Bleak We are adding more fonts to support more languages
Traveler community made hack to reenter text as it come from clipboard
Traveler but me not use this stuff
Bleak which will resolve this issue
Traveler dangerous
Mesanna we will make sure its on our list
Mesanna to get fixed
Traveler its input table conversion issue
Traveler like 1252 codepage used
Traveler but 1251 in my case
Traveler is correct
Mesanna we will make sure it is on the list to review
Traveler oki, thats all what I have to report for today :)
Mesanna thank you
Traveler thanks
Escaflowne Greetings!
Escaflowne Got three quick questions for you!
Mesanna Greetings Escaflowne
Escaflowne *Smiles*
Escaflowne First question, will there be new tamables in the upcoming expansion?
Mesanna no
Mesanna not till the pet revamp
Escaflowne Oh really?
Mesanna oh wait
Escaflowne Ah
Escaflowne So there is a pet revamp
Escaflowne Any giant bears amongst that?
Mesanna you have wait but maybe on the expansion
Escaflowne Okay
Escaflowne Second question
Escaflowne Will you ever introduce the Abyssal colour as a dye?
Escaflowne Its the best colour ever
Mesanna doubt it at this time
Escaflowne Okay
Escaflowne Lastly
Escaflowne Mesanna
Mesanna but you can buy the hair
Escaflowne *Gets down on one knee*
Kyronix There will be opportunities for new pets in the Time of Legends
EM Emile Layne *Laughs*
Mesanna oh goodness
Escaflowne Will you do me the honour
Escaflowne Of killing me one more time
Mesanna You didn't have to get down on a knee for that =)
Escaflowne Thank you so much
Mesanna would be my honor
Escaflowne That is all!
Mesanna have a good day
Mesanna lol ok
Escaflowne Thanks for your time
Mesanna thank you
Mesanna Greetings Melody
Melody Morrigan Greetings everyone
Kyronix Hello!
Melody Morrigan i saw the announcement on the news
Melody Morrigan about hiring a developer
Mesanna yes?
Melody Morrigan im a project manager
Melody Morrigan and a formal developer
Mesanna but where do you live?
Melody Morrigan im just curious if you also need a project manager
Melody Morrigan I'm living in Turkey/Istanbul
Mesanna lol no not unless you are bucking for my job
Melody Morrigan lol
EM Emile Layne *Laughs*
Mesanna we are looking for a pt dev but since we have wombat
Melody Morrigan i see
Mesanna they would need to be in the office to learn it first
Melody Morrigan im very aware of the dynamics.
Melody Morrigan but the thing is im not coding for 5 years now.
Melody Morrigan im woking in a company called Logo, doin ERP
Melody Morrigan as a Project Manager atm
Melody Morrigan but im not interested on your chair for sure :D
Mesanna *grins*
Melody Morrigan i hope you gonna need 1 PMP one day
Melody Morrigan and i can move to USA for that, yes.
Melody Morrigan without a doubt.
Mesanna nice
Melody Morrigan i worked in AU and many different countries too
Mesanna very nice
Melody Morrigan because of my old job.
Melody Morrigan we were doing all kinda airline solutions for airlines.
Melody Morrigan so thats why i was all around the world all the time.
Mesanna Have you sent in your resume so we have it on file
Mesanna but honestly we are not hiring outside of the US at this time
Mesanna due to the size of the company
Melody Morrigan so yes, if you would take a note about me, i would be appreciated. not for now, maybe for the
Melody Morrigan future.
Melody Morrigan where should i post my resume?
Mesanna Do you have any other questions?
Mesanna email it to me
Mesanna and I will put it on file
Melody Morrigan allright
Melody Morrigan yes
Melody Morrigan a short one
Melody Morrigan are you planning to change our underwear? :/ usgin the same one since 90's :/
Mesanna lol no
Melody Morrigan rofl
Melody Morrigan allright
Mesanna its alot more complicated than you would think
Melody Morrigan i know
Melody Morrigan this is a very old
Melody Morrigan conversation
Melody Morrigan just wanted to mention old days
Melody Morrigan thank you
Mesanna thank you
Mesanna have a good day
Vincent Vega Hi guys!
Mesanna Greetings Vincent
Kyronix Hello!
Vincent Vega Thank you for a great game!
Vincent Vega I got 1 question
Mesanna Thank you for playing
Mesanna sure
Vincent Vega Thanks
Vincent Vega played long time :)
Vincent Vega my question is
Vincent Vega would it be possible to get some uniq color for virtue towns
Vincent Vega "governor" citys
Vincent Vega ???
Mesanna one sec
Mesanna talking
Vincent Vega sure
Mesanna well the colors from the virtues
Mesanna what exactly are you asking for dyes
Mesanna but most of these are probably available
Kyronix A lot of the virtue hues are already defined, and most are likely available
Mesanna the problem is honestly
Vincent Vega Would it be possible if eatch
Vincent Vega town could have there own color
Vincent Vega like a uniq dye tube or something?
Mesanna its hard to please everyone on every shard
Vincent Vega Like green is yew
Vincent Vega like a raree uniq color
Vincent Vega a bit special
Vincent Vega ^^
Mesanna it would be pretty hard honestly
Vincent Vega A stand out color green for yew exp
Mesanna we have given alot of the colors
Mesanna we will think about it
Vincent Vega cool
Vincent Vega cuz look on this sexy man
Vincent Vega infront of me
Vincent Vega hes blue is nice
Vincent Vega :)
Mesanna Kyronix just came up with a good idea
Vincent Vega yes?
Mesanna maybe put the town flags on a shield
Mesanna instead of colors
Vincent Vega YEA!!
Mesanna everyone already knows the colors
Vincent Vega i love it!!!
Mesanna if you are looking for something special for each town
Kyronix Gives us more wiggle room to make ti special
Mesanna I think that would be a better solution
Vincent Vega Yes
Vincent Vega toawsome
Vincent Vega Awsome cuz i want eatch town
Vincent Vega to feel more uniq
Mesanna that was the point anyways right?
Kyronix We just have to bribe Onifrk with an extra bucket of fish heads
Vincent Vega indeed it was :)
Kyronix And he'll put it on the list
Kyronix *chuckles*
Mesanna we will see what we can do
Vincent Vega if u need soem extra
Vincent Vega ask me
Vincent Vega i can sponsor :)
EM Emile Layne WE'll get Wally on that Fish
Vincent Vega If possible it would be great!
Vincent Vega thanks alot guys for takeing ur time
Mesanna anytime
Mesanna this way
Barian III *nods to Emile*
Mesanna Greetings Barian
Barian III Greetings Lady
Kyronix Hello!
Barian III And honoured guests
Barian III 2 questions if I may
Barian III Would it be possible
Barian III to revamp the BoD reward system
Mesanna we have that on our list to do
Barian III cool
Barian III mebbe a points system?
Barian III Secondly
Kyronix That's what we've talked about
Mesanna we have already said we were doing that
Mesanna similiar to the tokuno dye system
Barian III When Mining
Barian III we have a toggle for Stone & Gems
Barian III would it be possible to have a toggle
Barian III for Saltpeter & Blackrock?
Mesanna you want a way to turn off blackrock
Barian III So that we can choose NOT to mine it
Barian III yes
EM Emile Layne Both make explosions.... why would you want to turn that off?
Barian III both seem redundant to me
Barian III quiet in the cheap seats
EM Emile Layne lol
Kyronix *chuckles*
Mesanna wow
Mesanna that was cold
Barian III *winks*
Mesanna just for that nothing but blackrock for you
Mesanna we will review your request though
Barian III Thank you for listening
Mesanna Thank you
Barian III and for the meeting place at Britain Bank
Mesanna sorry was making notes
Mesanna glad you guys are using it
Barian III Could you renew the food you made please?
EM Emile Layne They do, every day!
Barian III indeed
Barian III Thankyou again
Lien Ragus greetings again
Lien Ragus i was wondering
Mesanna Greetings Lien
Lien Ragus if it could be possible
Lien Ragus to offer us
Lien Ragus a small change
Lien Ragus in the use
Lien Ragus of Power of Fotirtif
Lien Ragus Fortif
Lien Ragus would it be possible
Lien Ragus to get the possibility
Lien Ragus to apply
Lien Ragus all the pot
Lien Ragus in one itme
Lien Ragus time ?
Mesanna so much easier on your hands
Mesanna that is possible
Lien Ragus fortfying a piece
Lien Ragus of tailor
Lien Ragus is really
Lien Ragus around 22 click
Lien Ragus on average
Lien Ragus would be great
Mesanna *nods*
Lien Ragus to either choose 1 charges
Lien Ragus or the full pot
Mesanna like a slide bar on how many charges to use
Mesanna got it
Lien Ragus yes
Lien Ragus my second question if you dont mind
Lien Ragus do you have any plans
Lien Ragus to make some water titles
Lien Ragus as rare drops
Mesanna umm
Lien Ragus for new perlesses or champ bosses drop ?
Mesanna we will think about it
Lien Ragus lava and swamp
Lien Ragus are really
Lien Ragus appreciate
Lien Ragus a lot
Lien Ragus and i guess
Lien Ragus water tile
Lien Ragus would be
Lien Ragus a nice rewrads
Lien Ragus as well
Lien Ragus and finally
Lien Ragus do you see
Lien Ragus an evolution
Mesanna would go nicely on scalis
Lien Ragus in the role of governors
Lien Ragus and if yes
Lien Ragus what could it be ?
Kyronix That's a two fold issue
Kyronix So firstly we have the side of the coin that we want to keep it open ended as much as possible
Kyronix And give Governors the freedom to be creative and such
Kyronix But then the other side is we have to be pragmatic about it
Lien Ragus which means ?
Kyronix If there are specific areas you would like to get into, it's certainly a discussion we can have
Kyronix Just remember, we have to be pragmatic about it
Lien Ragus okie point taken
Lien Ragus thanks a lot
Lien Ragus for your answers
Lien Ragus and hope you will tell us
Lien Ragus a bit
Lien Ragus about next expansion
Lien Ragus when you can
Lien Ragus thansk Milady and Mylords
Mesanna we will talk more about it soon
Kyronix Thanks for your questinos!
drcossack Hi
Mesanna Greetings Drcossack
Kyronix Hello
drcossack Two questions. First, since it has to be asked: Hot Air Balloons?
drcossack :)
Kyronix Fantastic idea
Mesanna go away
Mesanna leave now
drcossack :(
Mesanna Next player

Waervyn Nox transferred.

Waervyn Nox Greetings everyone
Mesanna I was kidding Emile
EM Emile Layne Oh!
Mesanna I don't think he was finished
Kyronix Just you and the open sky in your Hot Air Balloon!
Mesanna Greetings Waervyn
Waervyn Nox hehe
EM Emile Layne Sorry :)
Waervyn Nox First, has there been any talk about altering the subscription model of this game?
Mesanna you mean when we go to steam?
Waervyn Nox something like that
Mesanna of course we have talked about it
Mesanna we always talk about it
Mesanna the best solution etc
Waervyn Nox second question would have been steam
Waervyn Nox and if it was ever possible to see UO on steam
Mesanna yes it is
Mesanna we are already green lighted for Steam
Waervyn Nox just thinking how many new players it could potentially bring in
Mesanna a few things need to be done before hand but yes we hope that is the case
Mesanna such as a new player experience etc
Waervyn Nox aye
Waervyn Nox thank you for the answers
Mesanna your welcome
Mesanna Greetings Petra
Petra Fyde greetinsg :)
Petra Fyde 2 very quick ones
Kyronix *whispers*
Kyronix It's Petra...I know her
Kyronix *grins*
Petra Fyde 1 will we get any sneak peaks of the new stuff in the run up to the expansion?
Mesanna later yes and we are putting together a focus group
Mesanna that will be on a closed shard
Petra Fyde *)*
Mesanna please make sure you sign up for it Petra
Mesanna oh wait nm I see your name on it already
Petra Fyde you know I'm always there if you need me :D
Mesanna We do
Mesanna *hugs*
Petra Fyde 2. I love the tubs, and built a bath house just to house several of them. But could my alchemist please learn how to make soap?
Mesanna lol hrm have you seen Fight Club
Petra Fyde hehe nope
Mesanna ok nm then
Mesanna We will look into it
Petra Fyde please feel free to visit my bathouse and sauna if you'd like to.
Mesanna thank you
Petra Fyde lovely to see you, farewell for now :)
Mesanna you also Petra
Mesanna Greetings Minerva
Minerva Foxglove Greetings
Kyronix Greetings
Minerva Foxglove would it be possible to sort the crafting menues to items were easier to find?
Minerva Foxglove its hard for us old to find things even if we were here when the items were introdused
Mesanna as in grouping them better?
Minerva Foxglove for newer crafters its a mystery why tables are in so many places of the menue etc
Minerva Foxglove yes
Minerva Foxglove please
Kyronix It's an unfortunate side effect of so many hands in the crafting tables over the years
Mesanna Welcome Nadigan
Nadigan Hi everyone
Kyronix we try to put new stuff in where it makes sense
Minerva Foxglove elven or garg doesnt matter as much
Minerva Foxglove rather al lcontainers togeather
Minerva Foxglove all tables weather they sare old oe later expansions
Mesanna its very tinme consuming
Mesanna but if you have specific ideas of what to group with what
Mesanna please send them to us
Minerva Foxglove same for tinker
Mesanna if we can get more help I would be happy to see that done
Minerva Foxglove sure
Minerva Foxglove thank you
Mesanna we would like to see your feedback
Trent Edwards ooh
Trent Edwards hi!
Mesanna Greetings Trent
Trent Edwards This is just a really minor thing
Mesanna ok
Trent Edwards but it's been bugging me for 15 years now
Trent Edwards nearly all the weapons we can hold look really good in the classic client
Trent Edwards but then if you pick up a short spear...
Mesanna oh god
Trent Edwards it sticks right through me!
Mesanna its true
Mesanna how about this
Trent Edwards is there anything that can be done to fix it?
Mesanna I will have our artist look at it after this expansion
Trent Edwards thanks!
Trent Edwards After 15 years
Mesanna and yes it does look bad
Trent Edwards i can finally stop whining about it
Mesanna lol
Trent Edwards my second question was going to be to ask you to kill escaflowne again
Trent Edwards but he left
Trent Edwards so i guess i'm done!
Trent Edwards thanks!
EM Emile Layne *Grins*
Mesanna lol
Trent Edwards just next time you see him!
Mesanna ok
Trent Edwards *Waves short spear!*
Mesanna you have a deal
Kyronix See ya
drcossack My second question was over some pvp issues. Is it possible to reduce the duration of mortal if
Mesanna sorry
drcossack the user chains it? With the apple cooldown, it's not possible to keep removing it
drcossack Also, is there a way to make disarm/splinter not go off at the same time?
Mesanna Bleak is answering it
drcossack ok
Bleak Mortal's duration is subject to diminishing returns. We will will take a look into this next publish
drcossack alright. I haven't noticed so far
Bleak Splinter being chance based is not tied to specials
drcossack ah. :(
drcossack Both going off at once is a killer =/
Phoenix hello
Kyronix Hello
Mesanna Greetings Phoenix
Phoenix *hugs Messanna*
Mesanna *hugs*
Phoenix :)
Kyronix No hugs for us?
Kyronix Hrmph
Phoenix ok two quick questions
Phoenix we are all familiar now with secondary softwares playign ultima online
Phoenix speedengines/scripts/etc
Phoenix who am i gona be talking with?
Mesanna all of us
Mesanna go ahead
Phoenix cool
Mesanna what about them?
Phoenix well some speeders out there makes this game completly unfair
Phoenix escpecially in pvp situations
Mesanna can I ask you a question
Mesanna which client do you use?
Phoenix ive noticed more than one time some very particular players make me lag or even crash sometimes
Phoenix im on EC client
Mesanna EC will always be faster
Phoenix some players cant even cast while moving, or hit u a few screens away, or screen skipping
Phoenix i think there is a huge problem in synchronisation between EC / 2d
Phoenix but thats not the question im asking
Phoenix im talking about a software called speedengine
Phoenix razer
Phoenix uosteam
Phoenix cant u track people for usinng illegal soft
Mesanna as far as the softwares are you asking if they are legal
Mesanna *looks behind me*
Phoenix people are using them and ruining my game
Phoenix thats the thing
Mesanna If you know they are cheating page a GM
Mesanna but understand this
Brutrin *waves*
Mesanna unless they can prove it they will not act
Phoenix i did that over and over
Mesanna we do not do anything because of screenshots
Phoenix i also had a personal message sent for u messanna
Phoenix for someone streaming live on twitch
Phoenix using cheatengine
Mesanna But its not my job, its theirs
Mesanna Thats what they do
Stethun We will investigate the players you report, and take the appropriate action, should it be necessary.
Phoenix we need more GM assistance
Phoenix honestly
Phoenix another quick question
Mesanna yes sir?
Phoenix any chance for an EC Revamp in the next couple years?
Mesanna we just redid the UI
Mesanna what else are you looking for
Phoenix i like it, but weve seen versions before which never came live
Phoenix like kingdom reborn
Mesanna thats not the EC client
Mesanna that was KR
Phoenix the complete 3d uo version
Mesanna which was removed from the game
Phoenix yes
Mesanna no way I am adding another client
Phoenix no chances that it might go live again i suppose
Mesanna 3 is way to many
Mesanna no sir
Phoenix agreed
Phoenix ok
Mesanna I want to say something about CS also
Mesanna we are constantly looking for ways to improve
Mesanna Broadsword is a small company
Mesanna and yes we do not have the 100's of GM's like we did in the old days
Mesanna but we all care and are trying to improve
Phoenix ok, i hope they put cheating as a priority then
Phoenix coz ima start reporting well the next couple days
Mesanna please do
Phoenix well thx for ur time
Mesanna thank you
Ayseh Merp!
Ayseh *coighs*
Mesanna Greetings Aysel
Kyronix Hello
Ayseh Gr...greetings
Kyronix Everyone on Europa is so well dressed
Ayseh Wow....that method of transport is harsh....
Ayseh *coughs*
Ayseh I mean....
Kyronix So well coordinated
EM Emile Layne Could have been the moat again... :P
Ayseh I stand here to present tow issues.....
Ayseh The first, I have been reliably told is the.....
Ayseh *takes a piece of parchment out of her pocket*
Ayseh *reads from it*
Mesanna *sits down*
Ayseh The placement issue in player houses
Ayseh That when they try to place things on a solid surface like a table, it tries to place underneath
Ayseh It works on NPC houses and places, but not in player houses....
Ayseh *finishes reading*
Ayseh *looks hopefully*
Mesanna first help me out here
Mesanna npc houses?
Ayseh *blinks*
Mesanna do you mean the buildings in town etc
EM Emile Layne Buildings in towns
Ayseh I am just reading what I have been given, miss
Ayseh Aye, it would seem so
Mesanna that stuff is not placed like players place the items
Mesanna its done with a different client
Mesanna that is why you have the deco tool
Ayseh But.....
Ayseh I am not talking about decorating
Ayseh I am talking about putting a drink on the bar....
Kyronix Is it the same table? Or a different table?
Ayseh This is extremely difficult in ......
Ayseh *leafs through*
Ayseh "Player houses"
Mesanna it depends on the surface
Ayseh It doesn't recognises the table as a's caused unending problems at my hometown....
Mesanna it has to have surface assigned to it
Ayseh Which is Vesper......
Kyronix Would you be able to send us a picture of the table? We can double check the art
Ayseh Trying to serve drinks is very difficult
Mesanna send us a list of the tables you are having issues with
Ayseh It has simply become insanely difficult - and this has started since the EC was introduced.....
Mesanna and we will look at them
Ayseh Is there a fix for this?
Ayseh *nods*
Ayseh My second issue.....
Ayseh *bows politely*
Ayseh My hometown is Vesper.....we are the last real remaining seat of RP on this shard.....
Kyronix My hometown is Vesper too
Ayseh We love to enjoy and play UO the way it was meant to be played.....
Ayseh And we ask that we get a dock at the Swagger's Inn on the Vesper Coast
Ayseh JUST to the south of the city
Mesanna doesn't Vesper already have a dock
Ayseh It does, sir
Mesanna I am not a sir
Ayseh Miss - I mean
Ayseh It does, Miss
Mesanna When we put in docks to cut down on our work
Mesanna we do it for all shards
Mesanna currently we are trying to make sure all towns that should have one does
Mesanna after that is done
Mesanna we can look into special requests
Ayseh However, giving us a dock would be a mite of effort for all of you...and mean SO MUCH for us
Ayseh If nothing else has come from my time here....I wish that you will consider the table bug.....
Ayseh *bows head*
Kyronix Farewell!
Ayseh Thank you for listening to me
Mesanna please email me the tables
Mesanna thank you
Ayseh I am.......we are your debt
Mesanna you have my email address right
Ayseh I am only the messenger
Ayseh If you wish to discuss this.....
Ayseh I can give you my boss's ICQ
Mesanna lol
Mesanna have them email me then
Ayseh What is your email?
Mesanna [email protected]
Ayseh My thanks
Ayseh My thanks to you all!
Ayseh *bows head*
Mesanna have a good day
Ayseh You as well
Amantala Hello!
Mesanna greetings Amantala
Amantala *stares*
Kyronix Hello
Amantala Hello everyone
Mesanna Bhi
Mesanna hi
Amantala I just had a question following the chat you had with Petra
Brutrin *waves*
Mesanna ok
Stethun *salute*
Amantala the focus group for the new expansion on the closd forum
Amantala is that invite inly or can anyone apply?
Mesanna yes we will be putting up details soon
Amantala ahhh
Mesanna its an open invite for the first 250 people
Amantala *nods*
Mesanna Due to the fact we know Petra and her hard work
Amantala I hope to make that then
Mesanna she is always welcome in any focus group we have
Amantala Yes i know Petra does a ot of hard work
Amantala but its just somethiing I'd never heard of before
Amantala and I'd love to take part
Mesanna we will be advertising it soon
Amantala I just have one more question
Amantala before i leave you in peacve
Mesanna sure
Amantala I dont know if you all know
Amantala but i run the weekly auction on this shard
EM Emile Layne And has been like.... forever
Amantala we've ran is for a lot of yers, tonight being the 526th auction
Mesanna wow
Mesanna impressive
Mesanna same Building?
Amantala It's been in a few different buildings
Amantala but this house has bene there for quite a long time now
Amantala we have a good team
Amantala but we get issues with people greifing us
Mesanna email me and maybe we can come up with something for the outside
Amantala say releasing dragons outside to kill people
Amantala eetc
Mesanna ahh
Amantala I just wondered if anything can be done
Amantala we have paged GM's before
Mesanna this is in fel?
Amantala no its in trammel
Amantala but if you release a greater dragon in trammel it attacks anyone
Amantala if a person recalls in
Mesanna we will have to come up with something
Amantala *nods*
Mesanna we are talking about a few solutions
Amantala ok
Mesanna so let us work on it a bit
Mesanna but
Amantala great stuff
Mesanna if someone is griefing you guys over and over
Kyronix We have concluded it's all Bleak's fault
Mesanna Page one of the guys behind me
Amantala *glares at Bleak*
Amantala so its you!
Amantala I will try that agian next time
Amantala it doesnt happen all the time
Mesanna please do
Amantala but we just like to run a smooth operation
Amantala *smileds*
Mesanna understandable
Amantala and yes mesanna
Amantala i will email you about maybe something outside
Amantala would be awesome
Mesanna its deserving
Amantala I have one final request if you dont mind
Amantala can you please kill trent edwards!
Amantala *grins*
Mesanna sure but will he be upset
Amantala i doubt it
Amantala hes sat next to me
Amantala hahaha
Amantala he laughed
Amantala a lot
Amantala so thanks
Mesanna lol
Mesanna he is frozen
Amantala take care all of you
Amantala and thanks for a great game
Amantala *waves*
Aryala Thank you, cheap seat.
Mesanna Greetings Aryala
Aryala *winks*
EM Emile Layne *Grins*
Aryala Good evening. I have several questions if I may, though quick ones.
Aryala Firstly, you mentioned paging the GMs. But that is a black box. they may or may not come.
Aryala Now, an hour, two, there is no queue or indicator. Will that change?
Mesanna The GM's do many things
Mesanna such as billing, trying to get your accounts back to you etc
Mesanna so we were thinking
Mesanna I repeat
Mesanna about posting times that they will take in game tickets
Mesanna and yes
Mesanna we are always trying to come up with better ways to serve our players
Mesanna how is that guys?
Aryala That would be helpful. At least to know that help is ~probably~ arriving would be a plus.
Aryala Secondly, will ther be a better way again to communicate EM events? Other than facebook?
Mesanna plus we are trying to evaluate the types of issues Advisors can help with
Mesanna everyone has a web page
Mesanna we are going to also have our new site up soon
Aryala Ours is not updated though, is it?
Mesanna and post a calendar there
Mesanna They were down for a while
Mesanna should be up now to work on
Aryala *nods*
Aryala Thank you.
EM Emile Layne I will use mainly facebook and the towncriers till the new site is up
EM Emile Layne So keep an eye on those places
Aryala *nods*
Mesanna we hope to have our new web page up in the next month
Aryala What happened to the library of stamps for governors to use in their towns?
Aryala Is that still comming and if so, soonish?
Kyronix It's still being added to
Kyronix We haven't had that many new additions
Mesanna the additions come from you guys
Kyronix The docks was the last major request, and we worldbuilt those out
Aryala Maybe because we do not know how it works, what and where to send anything?
Mesanna give it to Emile
EM Emile Layne *Nods*
Kyronix Well it starts with an idea, you interace with the Crown and work out a way to get it done
Kyronix Then it gets passed on to us to build
Kyronix Just again, keep in mind that we need to be pragmatic about it
Kyronix It was very uncontrolled in the beginning
Kyronix And a lot of people had an expectation that the Crown, and as a result, the EM would just follow
Kyronix them around and place or provide deco for the sake of deco
Kyronix Which is NOT what we intended, nor does it serve our broader goal
Kyronix of building community by giving players something to rally around
Kyronix So far other shards have requested things like market squares, and Jails...additions that promote
Aryala And once they are built they can be summoned again without hassle?
Kyronix Yes, we essentially make a big stamp, as you put it, and can recreate it very easily
Kyronix Just interface with the Crown and they will ask us for it
Aryala *nods*
Aryala I will do that.
Aryala And the last question: are there plans to make towns more interesting? Some of them are hardly
Aryala used at all. Trinsic for example has long distances, no unique fascilities
Aryala Few players come there at all.
Aryala A unique shopkeeper, or an interesting place could change that
Kyronix We can only do so much, a lot of what draws people to towns
Kyronix Is the interaction that players provide there
Kyronix Trinsic may be quiet here, but it's a bustling trade hub on other shards
Kyronix For example, one of the improvements that we often use is a Market Square in Trinsic
Kyronix That the resident of Trinsic on Catskills use to have a swap-meet/market event
Kyronix Which is enjoyed by many, and that is something you can get here since we can paste it out very
Kyronix Easily
Aryala Seeing the overall population on Europa I am not often tempted to use the term "bustling"
Aryala But I take your point. Thank you for your answers.
Mesanna thank you
Kyronix Thank you for the questions!
Mesanna greetings Loriel
Loriel Hail all
Kyronix Hello!
Loriel Appreciate a lot of whats been said already might cover the answers to my questions
Loriel My main concern is the issue with gold and resource sellers
Loriel that are effectively cheating and unabalancing the economy
Loriel unbalancing*
Loriel my suggestion that I submitted as part of a brief and limited economic report
Loriel that maintains a tighter grip on the financial distribution on all shards
Loriel for example tracking accurately the wealth of each player and the linked accounts
Loriel associated
Loriel and those that are not but still in the same name etc
Loriel what are your thoughts on this ?
Mesanna Ummm
Mesanna How can I say this
Mesanna that would be a full time job for someone number 1
Loriel :)
Mesanna second, we are putting in currency conversion which is going to help in a lot of ways
Mesanna we honestly don't have the people to monitor funds in the game to that extent
Mesanna I would rather fix bugs or put in new content
Loriel well I wish I had the knowledge to program a system to maintain itself doing something like that...
Loriel that sustains itself
Mesanna what are you suggesting
Mesanna putting a cap on the gold a person can have
Loriel to focus and prioritise it
Mesanna I don't really understand I guess
Loriel no
Loriel not a cap
Loriel just a global tracking system
Loriel so you can see instantly who has what cash levels
Loriel that would be an easy way to identify people who might be cheating
Loriel and give you guys a big break...
Mesanna *nods*
Loriel I dont know the timeframes involved in getting that off the gorund
Loriel but from the feedback I have got
Loriel its a big problem
Mesanna eng has to pull the report
Mesanna and they have to review it
Mesanna I only have one eng on my team
Mesanna I need him fixing things =)
Loriel is there no way to automate it ?
Mesanna did you have another question?
Mesanna nope
Loriel live tracking
Loriel ok
Loriel cheque limits...
Mesanna ok last thing I am going to say on this
Mesanna we are doing away with checks
Mesanna please be patient
Loriel ok that sounds like a good plan
Loriel the insurance system seems to have a better hold on what my bank balance is
Loriel so If i need to check it I just look on there
Mesanna you need to wait till the next expansion
Mesanna I think you will be happy
Loriel ok thats great
Mesanna anything else?
Loriel I think those were my priorities
Mesanna have a good day
Loriel lol
Loriel thanks guys
Mesanna Greetings Shadow
Shadow Walker evening
Shadow Walker been thinking about the magincia vendors
Shadow Walker ah no worries
Mesanna Shadow did you ask a question?
Shadow Walker no not yet
Shadow Walker if i can then it would be about magincia vendors
Mesanna what about them
Shadow Walker noticed that some items can be placed on them but not the same items on every shard
Shadow Walker like green thorns can be placed on some shards but not others
Shadow Walker and the other is the stand
Shadow Walker i would love to see them converted to say 7x7 plot
Shadow Walker single story with limited short walls
Shadow Walker let the players go to town on deco
Shadow Walker for there shops
Mesanna we are not changing the size of the plots sorry
Mesanna alot of work went into that
Mesanna as far as the green thorns
Mesanna we found they were not working correctly but none of the shards should accept them now
Shadow Walker not so much size change but alow soem lock dows for deco posibilities for the owners
Mesanna you have different types of stalls
Mesanna but no we are not making those customizeable
Shadow Walker ah ok was just a thought for intersting deco stuf
Shadow Walker and thank you
Shadow Walker thats all i had
Mesanna have a good day
Traveler opps its me again
Mesanna Hello again
Traveler there was good idea about soap
Traveler I have something to add
Mesanna whats that
Traveler you know what happen if you step over wet soap
Mesanna not touching that one
Traveler let this happen near water sources like lake
Traveler or river
Traveler just for fun
Traveler and another use
Traveler soap bubble machine
Mesanna lol cute idea
Traveler to make bubbles
Traveler thats all me have to add
Mesanna thanks
Traveler * smiles*
Mesanna lol
Won Kee Nee your majesty
Mesanna greetings Won
Won Kee Nee will you sign my moobs
Won Kee Nee lol i joke
Mesanna lol good
Won Kee Nee i wanted to know about the pet revamp you mention a while ago
Won Kee Nee any updates on that
Mesanna yes due to the art needed for new mobs we wanted
Won Kee Nee sorry if its already been mentioned i was at work
Mesanna we had to put it behind a few other tasks
Mesanna its ok
Won Kee Nee but we should still get it
Mesanna yes we all want to do a pet revamp
Won Kee Nee great news will there be new tamables too
Mesanna yes
Won Kee Nee like a glacial gorilla that shoots bannanas
Mesanna no
Won Kee Nee :(
Mesanna not glacial
Won Kee Nee but a gorilla that shoots bannanas
Won Kee Nee lol
Mesanna but we can have them throw something at you =)
Kyronix I think we can make that AI
Won Kee Nee yes
Won Kee Nee has to be ridable
Mesanna no
Mesanna not going to ride a gorilla
Won Kee Nee awwwwww
Mesanna would slide off
Mesanna anything else?
Won Kee Nee no thank you very much
Mesanna Thank you
Won Kee Nee just wanted to know about the pet revamp
Kyronix Thanks for having us Europa!
Mesanna Thank you Europa for having us
Won Kee Nee thanks for coming
EM Emile Layne Thanks for coming
Bleak Thanks Europa!
Won Kee Nee we was blessed by the gods :)
EM Emile Layne And thank you all for coming as well
Mesanna keep watching for the open invite to the expanions
Mesanna night guys
EM Emile Layne Good night!
Mesanna did you want to die Vega
EM Emile Layne *Waves*
Mesanna or was that someone else =)
KOMON :..:
EM Emile Layne Oh, I"m staying for that
EM Emile Layne It was Esca that wanted Trent killed
EM Emile Layne But you already took care of that
Mesanna your friend wants you to die
Vincent Vega My last word:
Mesanna *hugs*
Mesanna night guys
EM Emile Layne Bye bye all!
EM Emile Layne *Waves*