Developer Meet And Greet from 2015-11-02

Developer Meet And Greet from 2015-11-02

This meeting was held in English. It was logged by Riyanna[1].

Note: This transcript is incomplete. It is missing the first part of the meet and greet.

Mesanna its a big task to redo it all
Mesanna but its very time consuming also
Mesanna Bleak would have to do it
A Dirty Old Man if it is not worth the time, I can understand that
A Dirty Old Man Just was tossing it out there to help the bod'ers
A Dirty Old Man I reckon that's all for me, thanks for listening!
Mesanna thank you
Mesanna hi Tigger
Lord Tigger Hail Thee
Lord Tigger thank for your time :)
Lord Tigger my question is simple
Mesanna Most welcome
Lord Tigger with the new stone floors and wall
Lord Tigger what is legal height on say a keep?
Lord Tigger 4 floors?
Kyronix If you drop the items and they get popped back into your backpack
Kyronix It's too high
Lord Tigger that simple?
Kyronix Or, if you manage to bypass that somehow
Kyronix And the items are too high they will be put into the moving crate on server maintenance
Lord Tigger umm
Lord Tigger classic house dont have
Lord Tigger moving crates
Lord Tigger do they?
Kyronix Sure they do
Mesanna yes they do
Lord Tigger learned something new
Lord Tigger :)
Lord Tigger Thank You
Mesanna lol
Kyronix Also, the same rule as always applies
Lord Tigger bye bye
Mesanna bye Tigger, have a good evening
Lord Tigger you too
Mesanna hi Mizzi
Mizzi Hi everyone, pleased to meet you :)
Mesanna you also!
Kyronix Hello! What stylish armor!
Mizzi we just got a brand new expansion
Mizzi and I got this armor from fihting there :)
Mesanna looking good
Mizzi there were a lot of improvements
Mizzi especially for tamers
Mizzi If i remember correctly, there was a taming revamp announced
Mizzi a while ago
Mesanna yes
Mizzi is that independently of thse improvements?
Mesanna we had said that
Mesanna we did say that but after some of the feedback we might alter the major revamp
Mizzi it that the next thing you are working on?
Mesanna I will tell you after the first of the year
Mizzi oh, I see
Mesanna when we solidify our plans
Mesanna the first patch is going to be bug fixes
Mesanna I can tell you that now
Mizzi that is good
Mizzi because there seem to be some bugs :)
Mesanna as I have asked the people on Baja that were telling me bugs
Mesanna to please send us your bugs and steps of the ones that bother you the most
Mizzi I did so already
Mizzi a compilation
Mesanna thank you
Mizzi old and new
Mesanna it is appreciated
Mizzi and it is good to concentrato on fixing bugs for now
Mizzi thank you :)
Mesanna atleast one patch should be a bug fix
Mesanna Hello Ozog
Ozog Giantfart da king habes vendeta agin alla da goblins
Ozog Giantfart dat all
Queen Mum :)
Mesanna hi Queen Mum
Queen Mum Have a Wish we could request
Queen Mum wish we could be able to engrave our seed boxes
Mesanna we will look into adding it to containers
Queen Mum thank you and *cookie hug* thank yous to all :)
Mesanna *hugs*
Mesanna hi Murdock
Murdock Redbone hail milady and greetings all
Murdock Redbone i have a question about the primer books
Murdock Redbone from theh new expansion
Murdock Redbone are there plans for any type of binder for them
Murdock Redbone for the lower levels
Murdock Redbone similiar to the power scrolls?
Mesanna you nean to combine then
Murdock Redbone aye
Mesanna them
Mesanna I highly doubt it
Mesanna maybe to store them
Murdock Redbone turn in value in time them perhaps?
Mesanna thats doable
Murdock Redbone thank you
Murdock Redbone an honor to meet you all thank you
Mesanna nice to meet you also
Ivy Good evening
Mesanna Hi Ivy
Ivy Every time there is a governor election, engraved titles get messed up
Ivy *points to overhead title*
Ivy Could this be fixed so it doesn't happen anymore?
Mesanna I will have Bleak look at it
Ivy I hate to ask to get it fixed after every election
Ivy You'll see Murdock and Victor have it too
Ivy I'm also looking forward to the taming revamp
Ivy No hints at all on that?
Mesanna we will look into it
Mesanna thats all I can say
Mesanna it is an issue
Ivy Ok
Mesanna wait
Mesanna there you go
Mesanna fixed
Ivy Thanks
Mesanna welcome
Ivy And thanks again for your help with the Fest
Mesanna welcome
Mesanna our pleasure
kikiriki hi
Mesanna good evening
kikiriki first of all thanks for eodon
Mesanna we hope you are enjoying it
kikiriki i have only a fast question
kikiriki will we be able to place house in new magincia?
Mesanna you can place a house there but its lot based
Mesanna and size restricted
kikiriki it says me invalid area
Mesanna hrm
Mesanna send me the location and I will look into it
kikiriki i'm in europa idk if any bug there or
Mesanna should be the same on all shards
kikiriki ok
Mesanna send me the info shard etc
Mesanna and we will check it out
kikiriki how can i send it to you?
Mesanna my email [email protected]
kikiriki ok thanks a lot that was all :)
Mesanna ok have a good evening
kikiriki evening all
Shirtless Girl Hail My Lords and Lady. First, thanks for the new expansion!
Mesanna Greetings Shirtless
Shirtless Girl It has completely invigorated my home shard.
Shirtless Girl l
Shirtless Girl The first thing i have a question about is community collections
Mesanna stop hiding please
Shirtless Girl Will Bless deeds ever be available again, and will Mannequins be added?
Mesanna bless no mannnequins yes
Mesanna got a little heavy on the n's there
Shirtless Girl ok, then second many of us have noticed a change in the boss AI
Shirtless Girl some bosses behave differntly now
Mesanna the retargetting?
Shirtless Girl Especially Lady Mel
Mesanna it was added to all
Shirtless Girl was that intended?
Mesanna yes it was
Shirtless Girl and sometimes bosses stop dropping primer
Shirtless Girl is that part of the plan?
Mesanna ok peerless or fel champ spawns?
Shirtless Girl we did 25 Navreys yesterday
Shirtless Girl not one primer
Mesanna it does not drop off navery
Shirtless Girl oh
Shirtless Girl it was dropping for awhile
Shirtless Girl must have been a blip
Shirtless Girl ok, thanks
Mesanna maybe so
Shirtless Girl thanks again
Mesanna most welcome
Shirtless Girl have a wonderful day
Mesanna you also
sir Tedley hi from napa
Mesanna Good evening Tedley
sir Tedley im wanting to know about xmas trees
sir Tedley they do the same thing now
Mesanna what about them?
Mesanna sorry?
sir Tedley exsept add two more with snow
Mesanna what do you want them to do?
sir Tedley be white
sir Tedley like snow on them
Mesanna *grins*
Mesanna yes give us time
sir Tedley kk ty
Mesanna welcome
Moran Blackheart greetings
Mesanna Good Evening Moran
Moran Blackheart 2 questions
Moran Blackheart bows and reforging
Moran Blackheart will we ever be able to get area effect?
Mesanna one sec talking it over
Mesanna have you looked at the masteries
Moran Blackheart yes but that isnt reforging
Mesanna one sec
Moran Blackheart o.e cold area 0.7 example
Moran Blackheart :) i.e
Mesanna we can look into it to see if its added to other weapons
Mesanna but no promises one way or the other
Moran Blackheart it is reforgable on melee weapons
Mesanna we will look into it
Moran Blackheart plz do :)
Mesanna we will
Moran Blackheart 2nd question
Moran Blackheart artifacts with weight less than 500...can they be opened for imbuing?
Mesanna one sec
Moran Blackheart k
Bleak We looked into enabling these artifacts to be imbued but the reward was not great enough.
Moran Blackheart bad example is helm of swiftness
Moran Blackheart has fc 1
Moran Blackheart but rest is kinda crap
Bleak There are still some balance concerns with making this change as well.
Moran Blackheart pk...just please debate it :)
Moran Blackheart also
Bleak okay : )
Moran Blackheart thank you and the team for all your hard work and dedication
Mesanna most welcome
Phoenix First I want to apologize for opening this meeting up with my no love question
Mesanna welcome back
Phoenix Thank you
Phoenix I know you folks work very hard
Phoenix and we appreciate it
Phoenix So my apology
Mesanna Most welcome and its ok
Mesanna no need Phoenix
Mesanna hush Ozog
Phoenix but I do want to know if there was a problem the last week with lag and crashing
Phoenix and has it been resolved
Mesanna ok thats odd
Phoenix I know I sent you an email on Friday
Mesanna Thursday and friday right?
Mesanna The odd part is a crash does not show on our end
Mesanna so I would love to hear more info on it
Phoenix Actually started with EM event on Thurs
Phoenix and Friday
Phoenix started the 28th
Mesanna Drams fault go figure
Phoenix with EM event Spooky
Mesanna lol I will talk to him
Phoenix and Friday
Phoenix I held an event small group of 12
Phoenix we were doing Shadowguard
Phoenix crashed inside the bar brawl
Phoenix Login server went down
Mesanna I will have Bleak look at it tomorrow
Phoenix folks got stuck in black holes
Phoenix It was bad
Mesanna still in
Mesanna or it fixed itself
Mesanna ?
Phoenix still bad lag
Mesanna I got one email stating they still can not log in
Phoenix but havent experienced crashes because I have not gone back
Mesanna how odd
Phoenix happens after killing turtle
Mesanna I just don't have an answer but I did start asking about it today
Phoenix and phantom loot
Phoenix folks were getting stuck in game
Phoenix that was a big problem
Phoenix Thank you for looking into it
Mesanna ok so no one reported it as a bug to a GM?
Mesanna and I have only gotten one email
Phoenix Mine?
Mesanna but what you guys are saying backs it up
Mesanna I still don't have any answers yet
Mesanna sorry
Phoenix I understand was Halloween
Phoenix ghosts perhaps
Mesanna its those dang goblins
Mesanna lol
Phoenix But thank you again ...and Murdock *points* needs his tattoo fixed
Mesanna check again
Phoenix Thank you all again
Mesanna most welcome
Mesanna its fixed
Phoenix Thank you
Mesanna hi Jimmy
Lord Jimmy Hello all and nice to see you
Lord Jimmy hello
Lord Jimmy All Kill
Lord Jimmy just a idea of mine
Mesanna Nice to meet you also
Lord Jimmy runebooks
Lord Jimmy topic
Mesanna yes?
Lord Jimmy is it possible to have larger books
Lord Jimmy hold more runes
Mesanna ahead of you
Lord Jimmy All Kill
Lord Jimmy maybe a table of contents
Mesanna have patience and if you are good you might get one for xmas
Lord Jimmy oh lol
Lord Jimmy hehe oops
Lord Jimmy All Kill
Lord Jimmy ya my backpack is full
Lord Jimmy All Kill
Lord Jimmy of them hehe
Lord Jimmy okay that is it
Mesanna I see that alot
Lord Jimmy thankyou
Mesanna have a good evening
Lord Jimmy you all too
Charlie Hello!
Mesanna hi Charlie
Charlie I have a question about dragon turtle hatchlings
Charlie stat wise
Charlie are the the same as greater dragons?
Kyronix Yes. Line for line.
Charlie Great! Thank you!
Mesanna welcome have a good evening
Mesanna Greetings
Lady DevilsAdvocate Hiya Folks
Mesanna nice name
Lady DevilsAdvocate just a few questions
Lady DevilsAdvocate to touch up on the xmas piece
Lady DevilsAdvocate will there be more selections in the future
Lady DevilsAdvocate say like garland or lights
Mesanna we can add some of the old ones
Mesanna and let you choose instead of give everything
Mesanna so that's doable
Lady DevilsAdvocate that would be great
Mesanna we can add past years to it
Lady DevilsAdvocate awesome
Lady DevilsAdvocate what about the turtle armor?
Mesanna we can call it a throwback xmas #NAME?
Mesanna yes
Lady DevilsAdvocate great idea!
Mesanna patience
Mesanna its coming
Mesanna it looks good too
Lady DevilsAdvocate good good
Lady DevilsAdvocate i can't wait
Lady DevilsAdvocate one last piece
Mesanna it will be worth the wait, or we hope you guys think so
Lady DevilsAdvocate one last piece
Lady DevilsAdvocate the rotation of furniture
Lady DevilsAdvocate south east
Lady DevilsAdvocate can it be done differently
Mesanna some of the pieces do not have all 4 directions
Mesanna we are looking into adding those for next year
Lady DevilsAdvocate one step ahead
Mesanna especially the kings collection furniture
Mesanna so far
Lady DevilsAdvocate yes yes
Mesanna we are trying
Lady DevilsAdvocate i hear that
Mesanna not always possible *winks*
Lady DevilsAdvocate Fantastic job on the expansion also!!
Lady DevilsAdvocate i understand
Mesanna we are all proud of it
Lady DevilsAdvocate :}
Lady DevilsAdvocate so are we
Lady DevilsAdvocate any tiger slayers coming?
Mesanna possible
Lady DevilsAdvocate all i need to hear
Mesanna can't tell you guys everything
Kyronix An Exhalted Broadsword of Belly Rubs
Mesanna it would spoil the suprises
Kyronix excellent at defeating tigers
Lady DevilsAdvocate purrrrr
Lady DevilsAdvocate ty so much for your time
Mesanna welcome
Lady DevilsAdvocate its been an honor
Mesanna thank you for having us
Lady DevilsAdvocate good evening
Mesanna evening
Lady DevilsAdvocate most welcome
Niva the Savage HA-OOH! HA-OOH! HA-OOH!
Mesanna so nice to see you again Niva
Kyronix Hi Niva!
Niva the Savage Niva want say Niva no miss paper gold!
Mesanna wonderful
Niva the Savage (Any update on the account management website?)
Mesanna Nothing I can tell you guys yet
Niva the Savage *takes that as something is coming*
Niva the Savage Thank you!
Mesanna welcome
Philly Hello all 4 of you
Mesanna hi Philly
Philly I dont want tp pat my own back butIm here tonight
Philly I have played 18 years and I mostly
Philly on ATl
Philly I answer questions all night
Philly and help others
Mesanna you should be an advisor!
Philly I am Catpn Norringtons Head Emmy
Philly He broke myheart tonight
Philly I have had problems
Philly with a mean player in guild
Philly I sadly had to kick and never done
Philly that before
Philly tonight he makes that person a ally
Philly I am in tears
Philly andask you as another female
Philly How hould Ihandle this?
Mesanna Ok let me get this straight
Mesanna a friend of yours hurt your feelings
Philly Captn Norrington
Mesanna because you had a player in your guild that you had to remove
Mesanna and he allied with him?
Philly yes
Philly I have already removed Woodsong
Mesanna have you spoken to your friend
Philly fromt he guild
Philly dont wnt to be pked
Philly and lose runincs
Philly and kits
Mesanna I am sorry you are upset but you if he was ever your friend in the first place
Mesanna you would be able to talk to him now
Mesanna and work this out between you two
Mesanna wait till your feelins are not so hurt
Philly Captn never even has time to play anymore, He is Stratics head person under owner
Mesanna and address it
Philly I know this is most unusual
Mesanna ahh
Philly and I wouldlove to be an advior
Mesanna so you should have his email address
Mesanna or some way to contact him
Philly I have his ICQ
Mesanna talk to him
Philly he told me I was over reacting
Philly ok
Mesanna best advice I can give you
Philly I will try
Philly when Im calmer
Philly ty
Mesanna yes wait till you are calmer so you do not say something you shouldn't
Philly ty
Philly good bye all nice to see you
Mesanna most welcome and good luck
Mesanna welcome back
Moran Blackheart :) again
Moran Blackheart now that we have all these new craftables...any thoughts on a craftable house tele
Mesanna no
Moran Blackheart only inside one house
Moran Blackheart lol ok
Mesanna sorry
Moran Blackheart next thing
Moran Blackheart LA...has been very laggy lately...and as we all know..very few ppl
Moran Blackheart any reason why
Mesanna when it is send us trace routes
Moran Blackheart i had to stop a Barracon cause lag was so bad
Mesanna and let us know where you are etc
Moran Blackheart ok
Moran Blackheart i will
Mesanna thank you
Moran Blackheart thanks :)
Mesanna anytime
Binky Greetings
Mesanna hi Binky
Binky hail
Binky question will there ever be more than 0.6 storage?
Binky for houses
Mesanna Bleak might have a heart attack if we do
Binky we all hoard too much
Binky :D
Mesanna this is 1
Binky haha
Mesanna everyone is guilty
Binky aye
Binky and every year
Binky get new pretty items
Binky :D
Mesanna of course
Binky so it adds up
Mesanna yes it does
Binky that is all thank you!
Binky :)
Mesanna come look at our houses
Mesanna lol
Binky gaga
Mesanna have a good evening
Binky haha
Mesanna hi Icky
Icky Rotblossom Greetins o Grate Onez
Icky Rotblossom Mees hab big questshun
Mesanna ok
Icky Rotblossom Dere bees sew meny gypsie en tradespeeples
Icky Rotblossom out ub werk dese days
Icky Rotblossom en dey wud lik too hit da road
Icky Rotblossom sew to speek
Icky Rotblossom but dey dont hab eny wagin too calls dere owns
Icky Rotblossom specshully da gypsies
Icky Rotblossom Willz dey eber geit a portible
Icky Rotblossom wagon
Icky Rotblossom dey kin take wit dem
Icky Rotblossom on da road?
Mesanna we would have to give you goblins little red wagons to pull behind you
Icky Rotblossom noooo.... jes gypsy oar crafter wagins?
Icky Rotblossom wagins dey kin werk in and pack up en take wit dem?
Mesanna we have not discussed putting wagons in the game in any details
Icky Rotblossom itz wud bees easy
Icky Rotblossom da wagins bees seen in da werld
Icky Rotblossom mak dem portible?
Mesanna but they do not move
Icky Rotblossom makes itz sew
Icky Rotblossom dey kin bees picked up en moveded
Mesanna easier said than done though little one
Icky Rotblossom wees sew hopin
Mesanna I know
Icky Rotblossom wud bees goos fer da poor folks travelin
Icky Rotblossom enywayes
Mesanna you have pack animals
Icky Rotblossom not da smae
Icky Rotblossom not da same atz alls
Mesanna I know
Mesanna sorry
Icky Rotblossom wells, girkle enyways
Mesanna we do not have any plans to put wagons in right now
Icky Rotblossom ty
Mesanna most welcome
Mesanna Linda is the last one
Tinky Footz aarp
Mesanna hi Tinky
Tinky Footz wen yoos maks vet rewurds
Tinky Footz kin yoos maks beddur tings fer da
Mesanna we have already made them and they will be in the next publish
Tinky Footz lower vet lebbuls too
Mesanna umm
Mesanna I honestly am not sure what you just said
Mesanna but
Tinky Footz will yoo habes beddur tings fer da lower vet ranks
Mesanna I think we are doing it this year if I understood you
Misk tell mesanna of your knee concerns....
Mesanna yes
Tinky Footz kin mees habes nees tu peese
Tinky Footz gubins no habes nees
Tinky Footz an kin noo sits on da chairs
Mesanna check out this years rewards
Mesanna the item we put in I think you guys will like
Mesanna we made it 1st year so everyone could get it
Tinky Footz hugs
Tinky Footz tank yoo
Mesanna *hugs*
Mesanna welcome
Tinky Footz nees tu peese will dem bees a wewurd
Mesanna say it again
Tinky Footz *puppy dog eyes*
Mesanna I know you didn't say need to pee
Tinky Footz mees needs nees
Mesanna oh no your not asking about knees!
Mesanna go
Tinky Footz Misk ask mees tu ask fer nees
Mesanna yes and he is going to get in trouble tomorrow
Tinky Footz hugs
Murdock Redbone hello again
Mesanna hi Murdock
Murdock Redbone just quick question
Murdock Redbone any thought of bringing back heads of the fallen such as in pvp
Murdock Redbone or even for just halloween times
Mesanna I wished we could
Mesanna its a rating issue
Mesanna that they were taken out in the first place
Mesanna when we changed from Mature to Teen
Murdock Redbone i understand yet we do have heads on spikes and canabals for events
Mesanna yes well now they are monsters not people
Murdock Redbone but as you wish milady
Murdock Redbone thank you
Mesanna thank you
Mesanna hi Linda
Linda Hello
Linda I was wondering if BOD will ever take less item space
Linda BODS*
Kyronix It's something we can consider
Linda very nice!
Linda one more question if I may
Linda I love age of shadow items, was wondering if there might be something like that ever again
Linda wearable items with player names
Linda and phrases
Mesanna you mean besides the armor engraving tool?
Linda well I suppose that could work
Linda thank you for your time!
Mesanna yes we can make it so you can put in different colors to the text
Mesanna most welcome
Mesanna the next 3 we will open to but one question each
Mesanna the line is closed after Kaiya
Cutthroat Fisher Good evening. Will the Hawkwind robe be fixed so we can powder, repair, and alter them?
Mesanna hello Cutthroat
Kyronix Repair and Powder, but not alter
Cutthroat Fisher okay, thank you for clarifying
Cutthroat Fisher good night
Mesanna night
Mesanna hi Brian
Brian DeSpell Hail and well met dev team :)
Brian DeSpell I wonder if you might consider adding 2 new tool's?
Mesanna which tools?
Brian DeSpell One a general deeds' book, as we're flooded with lots of non-craftable deeds (gifts, etc)
Brian DeSpell and the other a tool like ...if I can mention the worldbuilding tool?... to ID borked world bits,
Brian DeSpell stewards floating out of IDOCs, floating fish, stuck carpet, etc
Mesanna you don't need a tool for that
Brian DeSpell well, I mean for no draws and such as well - statics
Brian DeSpell a way to point those out to you (esp kyronix, i guess?)
Mesanna what purpose would it be to give you a tool
Mesanna to page a gm with more info
Mesanna ?
Mesanna I am sorry I don't see the purpose
Brian DeSpell just to add them to a db you guys can check on as you have time, to fix up the world's broken
Brian DeSpell bits
Mesanna giving us a location and general discription does the same thing
Mesanna putting time into a tool like that would not really do anything for us
Brian DeSpell where is best for us to report those?
Mesanna you can either page in to a GM
Mesanna or email bugs or me
Brian DeSpell ok
Brian DeSpell and the first tool? :)
Mesanna the misc deeds book?
Brian DeSpell aye
Mesanna we will have to talk about it
Mesanna I will not say no
Brian DeSpell that would be a huge time saver
Mesanna until we talk more
Brian DeSpell i have bags and bags of them lol
Brian DeSpell thanks :)
Mesanna lol understand
Mesanna thank you'
Brian DeSpell oh, side note... if I may
Brian DeSpell the stage from the fest...
Mesanna ?
Brian DeSpell it only half decayed :p
Brian DeSpell :)
Mesanna I will look at it
Mesanna greetings Kaiya
Kaiya good evening hope your hallows eve went well :)
Mesanna so far it has
Mesanna I have killed many!
Mesanna so always a good day for me
Kaiya *smirks*
Kaiya ok i had 2 but limitied to 1 so, my friend wants to know if you will ever bring the whispering ros
Kaiya roses back with the players name on them ?
Mesanna not a bad idea for a reward in the future
Mesanna possible yes
Kaiya sweet :) thank you :) and if you really want to get your frustrations out you can kill me :p
Mesanna thank you!
Kaiya yw :)
Mesanna Thank you Chessy
Kyronix Thanks for having us Chessy! Always great to be back!
Kyronix Have a great night!
Mesanna We appreciate you having us tonight
Bleak Thanks Chessy!