Developer Meet And Greet from 2016-05-02

Developer Meet And Greet from 2016-05-02

This meeting was held in English. It was logged by Wildstar[1] and Merlin[2].

Note: This transcript has been rebuilt from multiple sources. All of the questions are included, as well as as many answers as possible. However, a couple of answers, as well as some small talk is missing. There was a very small turnout for this meet and greet, so it was relatively short compared to most.


(questioner) Will you be changing mortal strike and removing diminishing returns.
Mesanna We have a fix coming for not being able to spam it.
(questioner) Spirituality shield is really messing up PvP.
Mesanna We will look into fixing the spirituality shield for pvp.
Bishop Will the swing interruption while casting Bushido and Chivalry spells be reverted?
Mesanna That is working as planned.
Bishop ok sorry ty
Ophelia Payne Could we have a up/down added to atlas/runebooks to sort runes alphabetically.
Mesanna Good question
Mesanna We can look into seeing if we can change the order for sorting so we can’t really give you an answer tonight
Mesanna We can look into it though
Ophelia Payne Awesome, also can turn in points be like the bank system per account but increase cap

Missing transcript here, but the answer boiled down to "it is not possible".

WildStar What is the status of the account management website update?
Mesanna The account center is going to get some updates when we get to the second phase of the store but we hope to have some sooner.
WildStar Since Ozog is not here to ask. I have to ask this…. When are goblins going to get knees?
EM Obsidian Haha
Mesanna Do you want me to hurt you?
Mesanna Run forrest run!
EM Obsidian lol
Mesanna smart lady!
WildStar Ozog is not here to ask
Laura Can you please unify crafting modification under imbuing because the current system of reforging, refining, imbuing, enhancing is crazy?
Mesanna That is really not possible to put it all together.
Mesanna What is what your asking right for it to all be under one system?
Mesanna That’s a very difficult task
Laura Can you please allow imbuing of ALL the new item properties, e.g. reactive paralyze etc?

Missing transcript here.

Laura What about the other three tribes of Eodon? Disquiqui, intelligent lizardmen, Haakur?

Missing transcript here, but the answer was basically that "Time of Legends was based on Savage Empire".

Laura Will we be getting hot air balloons?
Mesanna Who put you up to asking that?
Mesanna Who bribed you?
Laura No one put me up to that
Mesanna Laura
Mesanna I would like a name.
Mesanna then you know you must die right?
Mesanna hot air balloons = Death.

Mesanna killed Laura.

Mesanna Remember, no balloons
Mesanna ever
Mesanna never
Mesanna ever
Mesanna LOL
Laura I thank thee for the experience.
Little Magnolia` Thanks guys for keeping this game going for as long as it has
Little Magnolia` Much appreciated
Mesanna I got your emails and forwarded them to the team to try to figure it out
Little Magnolia` ok you can kill me now
Little Magnolia` okies
Little Magnolia` :D
EM Obsidian Haha
Wildstar ask thee shall receive
Little Magnolia` awesome

Mesanna killed Little Magnolia`.

Mesanna I will get back to you in a moment
EM Obsidian I had a question
Mesanna Thank you baja for having us
Mesanna yes I will kill you
EM Obsidian Haha
EM Obsidian No not that
Mesanna ?
EM Obsidian Any new info on the 20th anniversary meet up?
Mesanna I am researching hotels near dulles
Mesanna I will have more details around September
EM Obsidian Hot air balloons at the 20th?
Mesanna Laura can you move?

Mesanna killed EM Obsidian.