Developer Meet And Greet from 2016-07-11

Developer Meet And Greet from 2016-07-11

This meeting was held in English. It was logged by BrianFreud[1].

Attendance was very small; 9 people, plus the 3 devs. The meet and greet started about 8:08 pm EST, and ended by 8:40 pm EST. (Note that that's 10:00 AM Wednesday morning local time for most Oceania players.)

Note: Parts of the meeting were not logged by the client, and have been summarized from memory.


Kyronix test
Mesanna ok Good evening Oceania
Quick have a question about enhancing
Mesanna one sec
Quick k
Quick why lower requirements doesn't affect 125 strength requirement?
Mesanna yes ts due to the curse
Quick ty
Mesanna most welcome
Bishop my question is about imbuing
Bishop two haned weps
Bishop handed
Bishop they have 600 pts of imbue could we have 6 props to place on them instead of 5
Misk no
Bishop i always have extra weight
Bishop ok
Bishop left
Mesanna come back
Bishop returned
Mesanna let them tell you why
Mesanna lol
Bishop oh np
Misk It is because they are two-handed.
Misk the system itself is capped at 5 properties
Bishop poor typer sorry
Bishop oh ok ty
Mesanna thanks for coming back
Mezzac Hail and well met gentle dev folks.
Mezzac I have 2 questions about stone deco for houses
Mezzac It is a pain to unlock all the stone stuff, carpets, redeed gozas, etc.
Mezzac Could we get an option in the house menu to send *everything* in a house to the crate?
Mesanna one sec we are talking about it
Mesanna It sounds reasonable
Mesanna we will consider it.
Mesanna and your second question
Mezzac Can you look into the code for stone stuff?
Mezzac If you use pavers for a single castle floor, you get way more lag than if you use gozas.
Kyronix Use less of them.
Mezzac Same number of pavers vs gozas; way more lag with pavers.
Mesanna Bleak will look to see why
Mesanna if its the same amount it should act the same
Mezzac Ty :)
Mesanna see if we can figure it out
Mezzac Fare thee well
Mezzac left
Mesanna Come back!
Mezzac came back
Mezzac lol, sorry
Kyronix How many pavers are we talking about?
Mezzac A single floor of a castle
Mesanna Which client do you use?
Mezzac so hmmm, 900 or so
Mezzac I run linux and use the classic client via wine
Mesanna do yo use our UI or Pinco's?
Mezzac neither, just the classic client
Mesanna ok thanks
Mezzac .NET req for EC makes EC = bad for wine lol
Mesanna thats all our questions
Purple Pazzion hiya
Mesanna Hi Purple
Purple Pazzion yeah, I have 14 question, lol
Purple Pazzion the shaman ,moves a lot
Purple Pazzion I dont have problem in ec, but cc people do
Mesanna we will work it out
Mesanna go ahead
Missing transcript: Purple Pazzion asked them to add to the status bar to indicate if you are grey, and a countdown timer for heat of battle.
Mesanna but why
Mesanna I don't understand
Purple Pazzion you dont need them, because you get them from the quest
Mesanna welcome
Toadkiller Dog hiya
Mesanna Hi Toadkiller
Missing transcript: Toadkiller Dog asked if they had looked into the amount of loot not being increased in relation to party size.
Mesanna one sec
Toadkiller Dog you asked me to check if it did
Toadkiller Dog so i did studies and it doesnt
Toadkiller Dog but if unpartied it does
Mesanna ok Bleak will dive into it this publish
Toadkiller Dog ok
Mesanna if its broken he will address it
Toadkiller Dog one last thing
Toadkiller Dog could you place on your wiki somewhere in props or items
Mesanna publish goes out the end of August
Toadkiller Dog that ring and bracelets cannot be pofed
Mesanna That is reasonable enough
Kinney GodofLucl to be highest damage person always
Kinney GodofLucl opk
Kinney GodofLucl are neclace and earring like rings and bracelets and not pofable?
Kinney GodofLucl is it all jewelry?
Kinney GodofLucl or just hands ones
Mesanna and no they are not
Kinney GodofLucl could you please consider making all jewelry loot drops brittle and then the confusion would be gone
Kinney GodofLucl no where in the antique prop does it say not work for jewelry
Mesanna that is what was asked to be stated in the wiki
Mesanna so it clear to everyone
luzisbel hello all
Mesanna Hi Luzisbel
luzisbel frist i apoligize if i ask someting already ask
luzisbel I ask about memorials, we had one that was cancelled
luzisbel when will we finaly have one?
Mesanna ok what memorial
luzisbel i am talking about the memorial for players who died
Missing transcript: Mesanna talked about some memorial on an island, and it wasn't clear what they were talking about. All I got from it was that Mesanna will allow memorials, but they are basically limited to a rock with maybe a few personal items nearby.
Mesanna not like this
luzisbel when are you going to activate jail again?
Mesanna all the time
luzisbel well someone told me it was not activated anymore
Mesanna thats not true
luzisbel ok
Mesanna they pull the players there to ban them
Mesanna or if they want to talk to them about something
luzisbel now about events has the situacion about events during week been solve?
Mesanna Have you spoken to your EM?
Mesanna he stated to me one during the week and one on weekends
Mesanna thats one for him really
luzisbel because there is no way to conct him
luzisbel no mail or facebook
Mesanna I will get that resolved
Mesanna he will place a plaque
Mesanna have a good evening
luzisbel tank you
Mesanna most welcome
Mesanna leave via teleporter
Mesanna hi Mezzac
Mezzac Hello again :)
Mesanna welcome
Mezzac Talk of timers reminded me lol
Mezzac The delay for buying pets is a holdover from long ago.
Mezzac Buying 5 packies is annoying :p
Mezzac Can you consider removing the timer,
Mezzac or let us buy 5 at once, rather than 1, wait 2 min, 1 wait, etc
Mesanna the delay was to prevent an exploit
Mesanna But we will look into it.
Mesanna No promises though
Mezzac understood :)
Mesanna hi Deno
Deno I need to suggest we need a way for guilds to have a separate bank account please
Mesanna hrm
Mesanna due to GM's going afk
Mesanna so question
Deno and getting old
Deno I need to suggest we need a way for guilds to have a separate bank account please
Mesanna I heard you
Mesanna not sure I think its a good idea
Mesanna we will sit down and talk about it
Mesanna bye
Bishop do you have plans for leaf itmes to be enhanceD?
Bishop or are they like cloth
Mesanna good question one sec
Bishop oh ok yeah :)
Bishop might be able to then?
Mesanna yes
Mesanna its made from leather
Mesanna so should be able to
Mesanna Not sure why the confusion
Mesanna but I have a question for you guys
Bishop me
Mesanna Time difference is pretty wide so what is a good time for this to happen

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Bishop all the jaopanese ones wer morning for my in us
Purple Pazzion hi, on last one
Mesanna ok
Purple Pazzion 4. Will the gargoyle race get horn color dyes, similar to human/elf hair dyes?
Mesanna we have talked about adding new hair styles so thats a good addition
Mesanna ok guys have a good evening
Purple Pazzion bye
Mesanna Thanks for having us!
Bleak Thanks Everyone!
Bahset have a good morning
Bahset is any needing my help
Deno bahset
Bahset yes dear
Toadkiller Dog no ty
Deno this time was it advertised pleas
Deno thanks, that would be good