Developer Meet And Greet from 2017-02-13

Developer Meet And Greet from 2017-02-13

This meeting was held in English. It was logged by Drakelord.

Image courtesy of Silent Singer

Fenn Some of the latest news!
Fenn *Tonight's Dev Meet & Greet will be at the Serpent's Hold Counselor's Hall aka War Room at 7pm!
Tanager It's on me!
Nebiki Wow!
Tanager It's on me!
Larisa Wow!
Tanager It's on me!
Kenzie Mori Wow!
Tanager It's on me!
CharGar Wow!
Bahset Good eve
Tanager It's on me!
Mistymoon Wow!
Tanager Hi, handsome. It's on me!
Joline Maza Thanks girl!
Bahset hehe
Tanager It's on me!
Cinderella Wow!
Nonel Topd Hi, handsome. It's on me!
ASKYRon Thanks girl!
Nonel Topd Hi, handsome. It's on me!
Kaisa Thanks girl!
Nonel Topd Hey baby. It's on me!
Mesanna Sweet!
Mesanna Or if you notice she does not have a pack
Bahset greetings boss
Nonel Topd It's on me!
Razz Wow!
Mesanna can't accept anything
Bahset nope
Bahset no pockets
Mesanna hi guys
Mesanna just checking making sure everything is still here
Mesanna hrm
Mesanna should I put down the intercom system
Mesanna or can you guys hear me
Bahset think its fine
Mesanna ok thanks guys
Mesanna lol cute
Nonel Topd Hi, handsome. It's on me!
Kelmo Thanks girl!
Nonel Topd It's on me!
Calavera Wow!
Mesanna wow I am dying here, brb need some meds
Bahset ok
Bahset save me some
Bahset shoulder and arm is killing me
Mesanna my dog took me out and crack my femur
Mesanna just got out of a cast but holy smoke it hurts
Bahset i did a header at the office
Bahset not fun
Bahset at least you can now itch the scrath
Bahset scratch
Bahset oi
Bahset should have made you a few throne chairs
Nonel Topd It's on me!
The Professional Wow!
Nonel Topd Hey baby. It's on me!
Hoffs Sweet!
Nonel Topd It's on me!
Brian Vampiro Wow!
Bahset only lady i know who carrys her own public address system in her pocket
Kaisa *hic*
Nonel Topd Hey baby. It's on me!
Kenzie Mori Sweet!
Nonel Topd Hey baby. It's on me!
Leawyn II Sweet!
Kaisa *hic*
Nonel Topd It's on me!
Parium the Black Wow!
Kaisa *hic*
Bahset another one bites the dust
Kaisa *hic*
Mesanna test
Kaisa *hic*
Bahset yes
Nonel Topd It's on me!
Reverend Wow!
Kaisa *hic*
Kaisa *hic*
Mesanna *sighs*
Bahset its working in the back
Kaisa *hic*
Nonel Topd It's on me!
Blitzkrieg Wow!
Kaisa *hic*
Bahset hehe
Mesanna I think I am going to set up a collection
Mesanna may I have one of these?
Mesanna I have mine from last one also
Mesanna think I am going to set up a wall
Mesanna with dates on it'
Nonel Topd Hey baby. It's on me!
Meee Sweet!
Nonel Topd Hey baby. It's on me!
Eshelle Sweet!
Tanager Hi, handsome. It's on me!
Pinball Wizard Thanks girl!
Nonel Topd It's on me!
Mister Sinister Wow!
Mesanna stand here
Bahset greetings bennu
Nonel Topd It's on me!
Norman Bates Wow!
Mesanna Kronix is going to be late his is trying to get out of class early
Bahset ah
Nonel Topd Hey baby. It's on me!
Jerika DarkStorm Sweet!
Tanager Hi, handsome. It's on me!
Garth Grey Thanks girl!
Nonel Topd It's on me!
Havoc Wow!
Bahset was gunna ask you if you wanted me to pull
Bahset but glad you got bennu to help
Bahset very nice croud tonight
Tanager Hi, handsome. It's on me!
Dumpy Thanks girl!
Nonel Topd Hey baby. It's on me!
Elvira Sweet!
Bahset oh no fair
Bahset you both got staffs
EM Bennu Mine is a crook. Thank you very much.
EM Bennu *winks*
Nonel Topd I missed!
Talia The bottle thrown by Nonel Topd has hit my head and liquid in the bottle has spilled out!
Tanager It's on me!
Talia Wow!
Talia *hic*
Bahset well i cant yip too much i do have a lantern on pac
Nonel Topd Hey baby. It's on me!
Sara Dale Sweet!
Talia *hic*
Bahset hi misk
Bahset waves
Talia *hic*
Nonel Topd It's on me!
Misk Wow!
Talia *hic*
Nonel Topd It's on me!
Requiem Wow!
Talia *hic*
Nonel Topd It's on me!
Bleak Wow!
Bahset g day bleek
Talia *hic*
Nonel Topd I missed!
Tabitha The bottle thrown by Nonel Topd has hit my head and liquid in the bottle has spilled out!
Tabitha *hic*
Talia *hic*
Tabitha *hic*
Mesanna sorry lets get started
Tabitha *hic*
Mesanna Bennu pull the first person please
Kenzie Mori Greetings, a few questions and a request for you today.
Mesanna hi Kenzie
Tabitha *hic*
Kenzie Mori My question for the EM events concerns EM drops on Siege.
Kenzie Mori Would it be possible to change the location of the drop by sending it to your bank,
Kenzie Mori or if that cannot be done then make the drop Blessed? So if you are murdered it
Kenzie Mori remains on your body. I know that items such as the Lantern on Sonoma or the
Kenzie Mori Bracelet on Great lakes are blessed, these are items given out by the EM as rewards
Kenzie Mori on promotions so why not bless the drops?
Mesanna the lanterns are not EM items
Kenzie Mori I see
Mesanna and this is Siege its really up to the EM on where the mobs are
Mesanna but also let me explain this
Kenzie Mori alright
Kenzie Mori Next is a request. Concerning Doom can we please fix it so that the DF does not
Kenzie Mori rubber band back to the pack in the central hall. And dial back on the number of
Kenzie Mori DFs Summons, and cut the speed the summons move. They are far to fast.
Mesanna the only way the item goes to the bank from the top attacker is if your pack is full
Kenzie Mori Most seem to move at warp speed.
Kenzie Mori Now Why so many NEW summons for the DFs? I was happy with what he had in his
Kenzie Mori stable. Really no fair, he gets new pets and we get Rainbow Brites Horse.
Kenzie Mori smiles
Mesanna two different items there my friend
Mesanna one has nothing to do with the other
Kenzie Mori nods*
Kenzie Mori ??
Mesanna try that guys
Bahset phew
Mesanna kewl
Kenzie Mori The last is please fix the Doors in Doom, specially the healer's room, sometime the doors are miss
Mesanna they are fixed
Kenzie Mori good
Kenzie Mori That all folks, and thanks for the Visit, you really should put a house here and
Mesanna it was done manually first thing this morning
Kenzie Mori stay a while, *smiles*
Kenzie Mori TTFN and Thanks
Mesanna thank you
CharGar On 11/1/16,an email request with pertinent information was sent to EM Bennu about our void pool
Mesanna hi CharGar
CharGar banner..what is the status of that?
Nonel Topd Hey baby. It's on me!
Mesanna Sweet!
Mesanna no idea if its in my box I have not had time to do a banner
EM Bennu Mesanna and I talked about it a couple times, I believe the plan was to put a shield above the dun
EM Bennu dungeon entrance.
Nonel Topd It's on me!
Blind Otto Wow!
Mesanna that is the easiest with the numbers
Mesanna and details
CharGar We appreciate the work it would take for you to do it. We are quite proud of it.
Mesanna need details
Mesanna shield is easy to do
EM Bennu Ill forward the email again.
Mesanna hi
Mesanna Tanager
Tanager hi
Tanager sorry standin on you
Mesanna its ok
Tanager first, will we meet new EM tonight?
Mesanna are you talking?
Mesanna or just casting spells
Tanager yes
Mesanna come over here
Tanager no i was unlocking a box
Mesanna this area is bugged
Tanager sorry
Tanager beter?
Mesanna yes
Mesanna please repeat
Tanager i was curious if we meet new EM. I ask only because
Tanager i brought a lil welcome basket
Tanager (which i was untrapping just now)
Mesanna thats sweet but he has not finished his training
Mesanna so no he will not be robed till he does
Tanager all righty, i will keep it til later
Mesanna I am sure he will appreciate it
Tanager ok may i sk another?
Mesanna sure
Tanager Is it possible to set up a tradable item
Tanager in the EA store
Tanager so that a player could buy game code and sell in game as a clickable item
Mesanna ahh not till we have total control
Mesanna right now we do not
Tanager aww ok, ty:)
Mesanna our hands are tied with the codes and expansions
Tanager *nods*
Tanager and please
Tanager make enchant3ed apples NM srtallable ;P
Tanager ok all done!
Tanager pardon typos...
Mesanna lol what was it
Mesanna not stealable?
Tanager vendable? ok. On New magincia stall
Mesanna ahh ok
Mesanna that makes sense also
Mesanna lol
Tanager the apples an savage kin paint wont go on it
Mesanna ahh we will add that to our list
Tanager yay!
Tanager ok, sorry to be a hog
Mesanna no worries
Tanager ty!
Mesanna have a good evening
Mesanna Hi Razz
Razz hi =)
Razz 2 small requests to consider please
Razz please add granite to ship booty
Mesanna doable
Razz all other resources are there but that
Mesanna agreed
Razz please take a loot at the improved rock hammer
Mesanna whats wrong with it
Razz for 10 bucks you get 500 hits that only allows you to get the same thing you normall would, just a lil faster
Mesanna we will review it
Razz Thats it. =)
Mesanna thank you
Razz oh and where can I get your outfit. =)
Razz no really. thansk for your time. =)
Mesanna I have a drunk tailor
Mesanna most welcome
Razz hehehe
Mesanna hi Ru
Ru howdy
Ru 2 questions if i may
Mesanna of course
Ru would it be possible to get a sortable jewelry box, as a craftable or reward of something?
Mesanna we have talked about one of those for 2 years now
Mesanna its a great idea
Ru so it could happen someday?
Mesanna maybe we can get it done for a vet reward this year
Ru awesome!
Mesanna with some nice art
Mesanna like a stand alone box
Ru that would be great
Mesanna and your next question
Ru also, the blood drinker mod does not work while in white tiger form, is this working as intended
Mesanna Bleak will look at it and see whats up
Ru ok, cool, thank you for your time
Mesanna most welcome
Ru all done for me.
Mesanna have a good evening
Ru you too
EM Bennu <--
Cinderella hi
Mesanna Hi Cinderella
Cinderella about the wedding package, can you make some of the items separate
Mesanna we did
Cinderella like the outfits and chocolate fountain
Mesanna lol
Mesanna you want the wedding outfits seperate?
Mesanna so you want a set of 2
Mesanna or just one?
Cinderella and its missing a flower girl basket (would like to have one that works like fireworks)
Cinderella yes a set would be nice
Mesanna I tried to get the flower on the tux
Mesanna but the ladies can not hold the flowers
Mesanna so I was shot down for that
Mesanna come on you have to admit there are alot of things in that package
Cinderella can you make a special basket to hold just for that
Cinderella yes and i plan on getting it
Mesanna I asked for a veil also
Mesanna to be the train
Mesanna was a little hard for her to do
Cinderella but want extra tux for groomsman
Mesanna we can sell the outfits seperate
Cinderella awesome job on the package
Cinderella ty
Mesanna hi Natalia
Natalia Marais Greetings!
Natalia Marais Thank you for coming to Siege
Mesanna thank you
Natalia Marais I have a few questions about player events
Mesanna ok
Nonel Topd Hey baby. It's on me!
Becca Sweet!
Natalia Marais I put on a player event during the holidays
Mesanna by players or EM's?
Natalia Marais and asked PEC Raine
Natalia Marais by us
Natalia Marais players not ems
Mesanna k
Natalia Marais I asked PEC Raine
Natalia Marais to lock down things
Natalia Marais for us on three shards
Natalia Marais and was told PEC Raine didn't have powers yet
Natalia Marais so someone helped
Mesanna ahh I have fixed that for him
Natalia Marais after christmas
Natalia Marais i asked
Natalia Marais to have the deco taken down
Mesanna hrm I will get with him then
Natalia Marais this was about 2 weeks back
Natalia Marais and he said he could not
Mesanna what shard
Natalia Marais here
Mesanna ok
Natalia Marais it is up in vesper
Natalia Marais by the bank
Mesanna I will ask him tomorrow
Natalia Marais he also could not
Natalia Marais work on Atlantic
Natalia Marais a while back
Natalia Marais so if that could be fixed
Natalia Marais would be great
Nonel Topd It's on me!
Kyronix Wow!
Natalia Marais I also had a question
Mesanna I will look at it tomorrow
Kyronix Hello everyone, sorry I'm late!
Natalia Marais as I am the governor of
Natalia Marais Skara
Natalia Marais Thank you messana
Natalia Marais I would like to ask
Natalia Marais if it is possible
Natalia Marais to turn off vvv
Natalia Marais for just long enough
Natalia Marais to run an event
Natalia Marais say 2 hours
Natalia Marais in the vvv town
Natalia Marais so i could use the community hall
Mesanna we can do it
Natalia Marais in Skara
Natalia Marais that would be awesome
Natalia Marais how could I
Mesanna but you need to schedule it ahead of time
Natalia Marais request that?
Mesanna BUT
Natalia Marais I would be happy to
Mesanna if its abused once
Mesanna and I do mean one single time
Mesanna we would never do it again
Natalia Marais what do you mean by abused?
Natalia Marais I just put on holiday events
Natalia Marais Christmas was Santa giving out presents
Natalia Marais we used vesper
Mesanna ok
Natalia Marais so that we didn't have to deal with vvv
Mesanna I am telling you we can do it
Mesanna you just wanted it for xmas
Natalia Marais basically yes
Mesanna ok
Natalia Marais I asked another gov
Natalia Marais if we could do it in vesper
Natalia Marais so we didn't have to have the vvv
Natalia Marais during the Xmas event
Natalia Marais I always send the whole plan
Natalia Marais to you
Natalia Marais and the PEC
Mesanna ok
Mesanna sounds good
Natalia Marais It would just be nice to use the community hall
Natalia Marais thank you very much
Natalia Marais and my last question
Mesanna welcome
Natalia Marais has to do with historical houses
Natalia Marais i have some, sent request
Natalia Marais but nothing happened
Mesanna because I have not done any in a while
Natalia Marais ah
Natalia Marais should i resend?
Natalia Marais my request is over a year old
Mesanna then I don't have it resend
Natalia Marais thank you very much
Mesanna if I sent it back for questions I delete them
Natalia Marais I greatly appreciate you help
Mesanna to cut down on my emails
Natalia Marais I didn't hear back
Mesanna so resent it please
Natalia Marais I will do that
Natalia Marais Thank you very much
Natalia Marais and if Raine
Natalia Marais can take down the Vesper deco
Natalia Marais Christmas is over
Natalia Marais and i feel bad
Mesanna umm
Natalia Marais to have that stil up
Mesanna ok
Natalia Marais Thank you
Mesanna thank you
Natalia Marais That was all for me
Natalia Marais Many thanks
Mesanna have a good evening
Mesanna use the teleporter please
EM Bennu <--
Eshelle hello
Eshelle *)*
Mesanna hi Eshelle
Eshelle just a couple of questions
Eshelle Is there any chance of making scroll of transcendence books either craftable or a drop?
Mesanna we can add them to the clean up brit collection
Eshelle if you werent here for the gifts they are really super hard to get
Eshelle that would be great
Eshelle 2nd
Eshelle 4 or more yrs ago it was said that in game books would be 'fixed' so they could be read in both clients.
Eshelle When is this going to happen? It seriously impedes player run events.
Eshelle If you can't fix the EC books, can't you put in the CC code for them and get rid of the EC format completely?
Eshelle lol
Bleak We are still looking into this issue.
Eshelle well sorry but kinda seems to be taking a while
Eshelle has been 8 yrs
Eshelle since the first request
Eshelle dont mean to be pushy
Mesanna ok look at it from our view point also
Mesanna we can do new quests
Mesanna or new game play things for the game
Mesanna we can do a nice new pet revamp
Mesanna or we can stop and fix the books
Eshelle it would just be nice to be able to write a book that eveyone can read is all
Mesanna I know you guys want the books fixed
Mesanna and if we have any free time between publishes
Mesanna we will try our best to add it in
Eshelle anyways, makes i t hard when you want to advertise things and ppl cant read your book:) just would like it on the radar again:)
Mesanna we have been getting a few bugs fixed each publish
Eshelle thanks
Mesanna but it also determines just how hard this is going to be to fix
Mesanna the last time we tried this
Mesanna it messed up and we reverted it
Mesanna but
Mesanna Bleak thinks he does have a solution
Mesanna again its time we are lacking
Mesanna I will not blow smoke and tell you we will look into it
Eshelle ok well that is all i have
Mesanna we will try to fit it in this publish if we can
Mesanna that is if we can
Eshelle that would be great lots of scholars out there but if i open their books i trash em
Mesanna we will try to get this fixed we all know the players want it
Eshelle aye
Eshelle thankyou
Mesanna thank you
Mesanna have a good evening
Eshelle and thee
Meee hi
Mesanna hi Meee
Meee thanks for the wedding package
Mesanna welcome
Tanager Hi, handsome. It's on me!
Grim Thanks girl!
Meee i took the seed to test
Meee if i want the flower trellis i have to pick the middle one
Meee not the last one
Mesanna it was fixed today
Mesanna you will see the fix tomorrow
Meee ok thanks and one more
Kyronix Oooo it tickles!
Meee maybe could you think about giving us leaves for dead plants
Meee instead of the sticks we get now
Mesanna sticks are so much more like the dead plant
Mesanna instead of a leaf
Meee leaves like in the ant caves
Meee but the leaves would be great deco under trees
Meee and different colors
Mesanna maybe fall leaves
Meee thanks so much for everything you guys do love the wedding stuff
Meee enjoy
Mesanna thank you
Joline Maza Hello MLady, hello Sirs, thank you for coming to Siege...
Joline Maza My first question is about the EMail i sent you about the Britain Hub and my suggestions in it
Mesanna Hi Joline
Joline Maza did the Email reached you? - How did you like the ideas of having a pawn ticket for things ...
Joline Maza so one can leand things to others
Joline Maza and get it returned
Mesanna you are talking for the gov towns right?
Joline Maza sorry got you speach less
Mesanna no just way to many emails
Joline Maza no
Mesanna and you sent it a while back
Joline Maza the central hub
Joline Maza at britain moongate
Joline Maza sent you 2 emails
Joline Maza i did not got any answer
Mesanna most I read and share with the team
Joline Maza i was thinking about haveing runes
Mesanna I do not answer
Joline Maza craftable runes
Joline Maza to make tiles more valueable
Joline Maza or name floor tiles
Joline Maza the second idea was about having pawn tickets
Joline Maza so one can lend teletiles
Joline Maza or stuff for museum
Mesanna we have already talked about the craftable runes
Mesanna in a Meet and greet
Joline Maza oh, ok. havent seen that
Joline Maza at Xmas you said nothing about it..
Mesanna umm teleport tiles you can lend out?
Joline Maza yes
Mesanna why
Mesanna I am confused
Joline Maza well its something like a pawn ticket
Joline Maza you mark an item
Joline Maza and hand to another
Joline Maza when by a certain mistake
Joline Maza the house mighgt get idoc
Joline Maza f.e.
Joline Maza you can retrieve the item you lent
Mesanna but if you are talking about teleport tiles
Mesanna why would we make them craftable with they are a vet reward
Joline Maza well it can be used for everything
Mesanna and we sell them?
Mesanna so why would we make them craftable?
Joline Maza sorry that are 2 differnt things
Joline Maza not talking about craftable runes
Joline Maza was talking about bringing
Mesanna I am sorry but I am a tad confused
Joline Maza yes a ticket
Joline Maza where you can mark an item
Joline Maza and lent to another one
Joline Maza f.e. i have now 48 teleporters
Joline Maza in the hub
Joline Maza at britain moongate
Joline Maza and its still growing
Mesanna ok so you want to be able to engrave them
Mesanna to be able to visually see where they are going to?
Joline Maza no....
Joline Maza you lost me
Joline Maza i want, when someone hands me a teletile
Mesanna yes we are not connecting here
Mesanna just when I think I have it
Joline Maza i can give him a pawn ticket
Joline Maza so the one can retrieve it
Joline Maza by a certain time
Mesanna I highly doubt we would do that
Joline Maza i will put it in a mail again..
Mesanna ok have a nice evening
Joline Maza you too
Mister Sinister good evening!
Mesanna Greetings Mister
Mister Sinister I have a bunch of quetions
Mister Sinister lemme start with 1
Mister Sinister The vet reward gem carts are bugged, they wont produce sapphires.
Mesanna you can ask 3
Mister Sinister This has been around for a long time. Can this be fixed?
Mesanna we will look into it sure
Mesanna if its bugged we will fix it
Mister Sinister Could you please consider adding the tactics and/or chivalry skill to the list of skills that
Mister Sinister reduce special moves mana cost?
Mister Sinister This would allow for a greater variety in templates. Maybe even more skills besides those two?
Mesanna valid question we will look at it
Mister Sinister ok and another one
Mister Sinister Could you maybe change the trade deal system as to where you get to choose which trade deal
Mister Sinister you want when you activate it every 24 hours?
Kyronix This has come up before, at that point we would simply add in a gold for daily bonus feature
Kyronix Which is not in line with what the Governor system is
Kyronix If you want to be able to pick the trade deal, you could try to run for office and use that as a
Mister Sinister Could you maybe reduce the time to switch between towns then?
Kyronix campaign platform!
Mister Sinister The reason I ask is sometimes one trade deal makes more sense for a certain template than anoth
Mister Sinister er
Mister Sinister and people like to switch more than once a month
Mister Sinister or every couple of days
Kyronix Should be one week
Mister Sinister it is
Kyronix Any shorter and it's a voting period concern
Mister Sinister ok
Mister Sinister one last question?
Mister Sinister a short one too
Kyronix What's that?
Mister Sinister Will mastery primers and antique jewellery be given clean up points when dumped in the trash some
Mister Sinister day?
Kyronix not currently on the radar, but something we would consdier in more detail when addding more
Kyronix to the cleanup system
Mister Sinister Thank you for your time .
Kyronix Thanks for the questions!
Mister Sinister bows*
Mesanna greetings
Elvira greeting devs
Elvira First Id like to thank the team for the Doom revamp. Its relatively easy for a single character to do the content(may want to slightly adjust bone breaker for pvp).
Kyronix You are most welcome!
Elvira 1. Is it intended that anyone can cast a gate to their boat with 0 magery and 0 reagents, and no one can enter gate due to security settings?
Kyronix Doesn't sound like it
Elvira it exist on siege
Kyronix Something we will investigate
Elvira k,
Elvira 2. Will the BLESSED war of shadows invasion spellbooks(30sdi, mr3, lmc etc also the sdi/lmc/dci one) ever be removed from Siege?
Brian Vampiro Anh Mi Sah Ko
Mesanna no taking things away after we gave them out is not a good idea
Elvira the blessed portion?
Mesanna not something we are looking at at this time
Elvira k, thanks..did you fix arrirang navery yet?
Mesanna whats wrong with it?
Elvira the webs are everywhere, mentioned it on two meet and greet
Mesanna `I will look again
Elvira k, thanks have a good day
Mesanna I have fixed it several times
Mesanna thank you
Sara Dale Hello thank you for coming
Mesanna hi Sara
Sara Dale hello
Sara Dale My email is borked
Sara Dale I cant get to it
Sara Dale is there any way
Sara Dale to change the email on my account?
Sara Dale I looked today
Mesanna oh yes send the into to [email protected]
Mesanna and make sure you identify the account with secret word if you have it
Mesanna and ask them to change the email
Sara Dale ok
Sara Dale also if we come across a scriptor
Mesanna page a GM
Sara Dale how long if I page on him/her will someone come
Mesanna shouldn't take to long
Mesanna of course
Sara Dale ok thanks
Sara Dale bye
Sara Dale Waves*
Mesanna they might no get back to you
The Professional 'Elo
Mesanna not
Mesanna hi
The Professional Ok, two questions
The Professional First, is there any plans on having a "welcome back to UO' type deal, free month or so for
The Professional previously active accounts
Mesanna nope
Mesanna we have other plans in the near future
The Professional Good to hear
Mesanna when we get it worked out we will announce it then
The Professional Also, what are some future plans for Siege?
The Professional Any in the works?
Mesanna none specific for Siege only I am afraid
The Professional Well I've been active/inactive a ton
The Professional so I don't speak for Siege, and I'm probably misinofmred
The Professional just came back a few weeks ago
Mesanna welcome back
The Professional but any plans to remove vendor fees or anythign like that
Mesanna but isn't that what makes siege siege
The Professional most people here seem I it just seems to be such a turn of to new charac
Mesanna its harder than the other shards
The Professional Originally yes.
Mesanna but alot of people are here because it is harder
Mesanna this is what makes it siege
The Professional But coming from shards with billiions, and a shard with people who have
Mesanna or part of it
The Professional Siege is great, dont get me wrong
The Professional but the system seems...antiquated
Bahset oi
Mesanna if the major portion of the shard wants those types of changes
The Professional Well I speak for myself
Mesanna then I highly suggest they speak up via emails
The Professional nods*
Mesanna just like they did with VvV artifacts
The Professional Thanks for your time
Mesanna hi Jerika
Jerika DarkStorm Greetings!
Jerika DarkStorm Two years ago I emailed Petra about
Jerika DarkStorm a historical banner on my house on baja
Jerika DarkStorm never heard anything
Mesanna send it to me
Mesanna not petra
Jerika DarkStorm earlier this month I emailed you Messanna
Mesanna then I have it on my list to do
Jerika DarkStorm Just curious when I might be getting banner
Mesanna I have not done them since Dec
Mesanna when I have time
Jerika DarkStorm AAh
Jerika DarkStorm Thnk you =}
Mesanna I just have not had time
Jerika DarkStorm No problem I as just curious
Jerika DarkStorm Much Appreciated
Mesanna I will get to it
Jerika DarkStorm Thank you again That was all I needed
Mesanna thank you
Bahset end
Mesanna hi Talia
Talia It's me again, with the fishing and boating requests!
Mesanna another or the same?
Talia Get rid of those un named crabs and lobsters!
Talia They're a nuissance
Talia and also
Talia We need frostwood and arrows and bolts on merchant ships
Talia but mostly the sweet sweet frostwood
Mesanna as stated before we will be redoing all those
Mesanna when we start on it
Talia and I was also told to request access to the empty courtyards in keeps
Talia and thats all
Mesanna ok
Talia Any plans there?
Mesanna we have talked about it but have not made any plans
Talia maybe we could throw some secret doors in the walls
Mesanna we would have to revise it as is
Mesanna and you would have to put down a new keep
Talia fair enough
Mesanna to get the newer style
Talia would that work the same as the resizing option?
Talia where the plot is reserved for you?
Mesanna no to the resizing
Talia okay...
Talia thanks
Mesanna thank you
Mesanna hi
ASKYRon Aloha to all ...
ASKYRon I just want to say thank you to the staff for all the great changes we are seeing...
ASKYRon and especially for the new game play window sizes!!
Mesanna thank you on behalf of my team
ASKYRon That is all:..:
ASKYRon *waves*
Mesanna bye
Mesanna hi Artic
Mesanna Arctic
Arctic Fox hello =)
Arctic Fox thank you all for everything. i <3 UO
Mesanna wonderful
Mesanna and you are most welcome
Arctic Fox May we please have BoD book covers for the new BoDs?
Mesanna coming soon
Mesanna already on the store list
Arctic Fox Sweet =) WOOT!! thank you
Arctic Fox May we please have dyeable bride maid and groom man clothing?
Mesanna sorry
Mesanna it is best in the colors provided
Arctic Fox and the house safes... may we please have them able to sent gold coins to our bank?
Mesanna chest and bag of sending
Mesanna will send gold
Mesanna the safe was not made that way
Arctic Fox Thank you all for all you've done and created. *bow*
Mesanna thank you
Mesanna have a great evening
Arctic Fox you as well =)
DarkLotus Hi.
Mesanna Hi DarkLotus
DarkLotus ok a few things here
DarkLotus sorry about the spells
DarkLotus want to hold book?
DarkLotus ill just drop
DarkLotus there we go
DarkLotus hi
DarkLotus ok i love the changes that were done to the apples
DarkLotus however i dont think they last long enough which birngs me to my next piont
DarkLotus 4-6 chiv
DarkLotus still wipes out 240 skills piont extremly fast
DarkLotus could remove curse have a longer cast time?
Bleak We have received several requests to look at 4/6 casting
DarkLotus sounds great now it brings me to bone breaker and how it makes noone want to play a mage
DarkLotus necro mages are nerfed to high heaven as it is
DarkLotus and now parry mages will have to overstack dex
DarkLotus dex/stam
DarkLotus which isnt cheap or easy to do
DarkLotus even on prodo
DarkLotus so in a sense
Bleak We have no plans at this time to change it but we will discuss it.
DarkLotus you are screwing every mage out there
DarkLotus another thing id protection recalling out of a VvV city on prodo server
DarkLotus this should not be allowed
DarkLotus there is enough safegaurds in fel as it is
DarkLotus if they choose to go there
DarkLotus then they shouldnt be able to recall out
Bleak Can you be more specific about bone breaker?
DarkLotus well on a mage you have no need for stam
DarkLotus but you are forcing me
DarkLotus to stack stam
DarkLotus when there is no need for it
DarkLotus on most mages
DarkLotus you are going to have to over cap on parry mages
DarkLotus which is going to be really hard on siege
DarkLotus and prodo
DarkLotus i mean alot of people are mad about this mega nerf to mages
DarkLotus when a explod flamestrike dont even compair
DarkLotus to what dexxors can do
DarkLotus death strike bone break rinse and repeat
DarkLotus thats prob why there is about 10 dexxorts trianing on atl right now
DarkLotus becuase they have shelved their mages
DarkLotus the pvp system needs alot more balance
DarkLotus then its current state
Bleak There is an immunity in place but we will continue to look at the new property
Bleak Thanks for your feedback
DarkLotus thats was all
DarkLotus ty for your time
EM Bennu <--
Mesanna thank you have a nice evening
Kelmo Thank you for coming to Siege for a visit. I hope you are all doing well.
Mesanna hi Kelmo
Kelmo We appreciate your efforts to keep Siege unique. *smiles*
Kelmo I do not have a question, I do have a request for the new EM.
Mesanna its the special one
Mesanna whats that
Kelmo *smiles*
Kelmo I do not have a question, I do have a request for the new EM.
Kelmo We as a community has some unique and inclusive ideas for the King's Council.
Kelmo I hope that these ideas would be considered.
Kelmo I look forward to seeing some contact information soon and I will share our ideas. Thank you for your time.
Sandman Vazcortz howdy
Sandman Vazcortz DJ Sandman here
Mesanna he will be on Siege only and wants to do a really good job for you guys
Mesanna hi

Sandman Vazcortz::)

Sandman Vazcortz is the 20th on track and will there be tickets?
Sandman Vazcortz (party)
Mesanna no tickets and yes its coming along
Sandman Vazcortz nice
Mesanna I hope to have all the details out by March
Sandman Vazcortz last question
Mesanna end of March
Sandman Vazcortz are you goint to paint us pink for a day?
Mesanna I have had some family issues I need to attend to
Mesanna lol
Sandman Vazcortz lol
Mesanna pink silly string
Bahset pink?
Sandman Vazcortz that was fun when you did it on Pacific a few years ago
Mesanna *nods*
Sandman Vazcortz thanks for all you do
Sandman Vazcortz I love UO!!
Mesanna most welcome
Mesanna so do we
EM Bennu Mesanna, may I say something right quick?
Mesanna have a good evening Kelmo
Mesanna sure
EM Bennu For 20 years we have been told that resizing the CC window was impossible.
EM Bennu I dont know who did the work
EM Bennu But seriously, thank you.
EM Bennu 1280x720 is amazing.
Bahset i second that
EM Bennu Hats off to you.
Mesanna I am loving it myself
Mesanna Thank Bleak
Mesanna he is the one that finally did it!
EM Bennu Whoever did that work, deserves to never have to pay for beer ever again.
Bahset bleek hugs my dear man
EM Bennu *salutes Bleak*
Mesanna well buy him a few at the party
Mesanna lol
EM Bennu :)
Bleak It was my pleasure
EM Bennu Thats allI wanted to say.
Mesanna Thank for having us Siege
Kyronix Thanks everyone!
Bleak Thanks Everyone!
Kyronix Have a wonderful evening!
Mesanna stay tuned for all the wonderful things in the future
Mesanna and we do appreciate the input
EM Bennu See you guys the 27th.
Bahset thakn you for filling in Bennu
EM Bennu Filling in?
EM Bennu This is still my job mate!
Bahset have a wonderfull night guys
Bahset aye