Developer Meet And Greet from 2017-07-07

Developer Meet And Greet from 2017-07-07

This meeting was held in English. It was logged by Larisa.

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Kyronix Hello Napa! Thanks for attending tonight! We'll be attending shortly
Kyronix In the meantime, please staytuned for a message from our sponsors...
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Kyronix We've had some brown outs here, playing havoc with our connections. Thank you for your patience
Mesanna hi everyone
Kyronix Let's get started!
Ancient One Greetings once more Mistress of Darkness and Death, of Light and Glory
Kyronix Hello!
Ancient One I wish to thank you first for returning our Sea Dragon to us and now I ask
Ancient One Regarding the Hag's Assistant Quest,
Ancient One (it is a classic quest that is located South East of the Grove of Love.)
Ancient One of the possible rewards one can get is a A Tattered Treasure Map
Ancient One (randomly levels 1 - 4).
Ancient One I ask that this be changed for randomly levels 1-7
Ancient One If this was done then there would be far more folks doing the classic
Kyronix One of my favorites!
Ancient One quest for the maps and a far more vendors selling treasure maps.
Ancient One thank you
Kyronix It's something we can look into, would have to check how that would influence getting level 7s
Ancient One thank you
Kyronix elsewhere, but certainly something we can look into
Ancient One *waves*
Kyronix Thanks for the question!
Tanager me again!
Kyronix Hello!
Tanager First, thanks for all the love on Siege, we appreciate it
Tanager *hugs*
Tanager but a question if i may
Kyronix Fire away!
Tanager Would it be possible to upgrade the arcane circle in NM on Siege (and in Fel eslewhere) to equal the one at britain mint?
Tanager due to VvV
Kyronix To avoid the fights?
Tanager well so that non vvv can get a focus without gettingin the way of VvV
Kyronix It's something we could have to consider all the consequences of
Tanager *nods*
Kyronix But we will discuss it and way all the pros and cons
Tanager Thank you:)
Tanager have a great evening!
Kyronix Hello Bimmer!
Bimmer hiya one question limit?
Kyronix Usually...
Kyronix Whatcha got?
Bimmer ive been away from game how do i find out if my resevation still is valid for the party?
Kyronix You can email mesanna directly
Kyronix [email protected]
Bimmer ok ty
Kyronix Look forward to seeing you in September!
Kyronix Hello viper!
Viper hiya
Viper will you be having as turn in for mondain arties anytime soon
Viper al la ToT
Kyronix Nothing planned for Mondain artifacts specifically
Viper poop
Kyronix But our annual Treasures of Tokuno style Halloween event will be returning this October
Viper ok ty
Viper ty
Kyronix You bet!
Mesanna hi Justice
Justice hi
Kyronix Hello!
Justice i was wondering if you may ever allow us to buy or gain back months from incativity
Justice towards vet rewards
Mesanna we talked about it but have not made any final decisions as of yet
Justice ok ty
Mesanna welcome
Lavender Obsu Vulni
Lavender Expor Flamus
Soulreaper :)
Mesanna hi
Kyronix Hello!
Soulreaper could you pretty please add something for 20th anniversary
Mesanna we have
Mesanna are
Soulreaper that i can spend my faction silver coins on
Mesanna ahhh
Kyronix Faction silver is all deco at this point
Soulreaper i left they we good and came back and not so good
Mesanna sorry
Mesanna think about how rare it will be in a few years =)
Soulreaper can you tell me why it happened?
Mesanna why factions was removed?
Soulreaper no why the silver coin became non usualbe
Mesanna because it was associated with factions only
Soulreaper comp[ared to silver in a acct
Mesanna we have not made any other use of it
Soulreaper oh i thought silver was still a usable thing
Soulreaper just not coins
Mesanna no sir its not
Soulreaper ok
Soulreaper ty
Mesanna welcome
Ronan Hi
Mesanna hi
Kyronix Good Evening!
Ronan I know some party loot changes were made last year, i think
Ronan but would it be possible to opt out of party loot while still in it, as if you weren't in a party?
Mesanna we can look into it but why be in a party in the first place then?
Mesanna sorry a little confused
Ronan for the bard buffs
Ronan they work on pets now
Mesanna little one sided isn't it then?
Ronan and for some ec benefits, like target lowest party members health
Ronan well we party to get in some things
Ronan and have to break party in the instance
Mesanna we can look into it yes
Ronan to get our own loot
Ronan okay
Ronan is it possible to add stamina, mana bars to pet bars?
Ronan and maybe buffs?
Bleak 1
Mesanna Bleak with answer that one
Ronan okay
Bleak I will look into adding this for the EC
Ronan okay, ty
Ronan are there 4 slot turtle hatchlings?
Ronan like some greaters?
Bleak Yes
Ronan oh, wow, okay
Ronan is it possible to change the word of death ai on pets
Mesanna last question
Ronan to use it when pets are only low on health?
Ronan okay
Mesanna one sec
Ronan okay
Mesanna let us discuss it further
Mesanna and we will let you know
Mesanna it would have to be across the board
Ronan yeah
Mesanna so we need to think about this more
Mesanna and talk it out
Ronan okay
Ronan is the party filter in use in ec?
Ronan the chat?
Ronan sorry last one
Ronan errr
Ronan private chat
Mesanna umm
Ronan sorry
Mesanna we were confused there
Ronan yeah, meant private chat filter
Mesanna you do mean a chat channel right
Mesanna there are no filters in those
Ronan yes, in ec
Ronan okay, might look at it again and email
Ronan thank you for your time and patience
Mesanna sounds good
Mesanna welcome
Ronan rushed to get through, hehe
Ronan ty again
Mesanna hi
Milk Thank you all for all the work you do
Milk vendor searching on most shards can be a ghost town due to the extremely high daily fee for item
Mesanna thank you
Milk is it possible to reduce the vendor feeds for vendors on less populated shards?
Milk to help revitalize local shard economies?
Mesanna we can't do that sorry
Milk :) had to ask
Mesanna I know
Mesanna this has come up before
Milk its rough going to atlantic to buy something someone our home shard is selling there
Milk lol
Milk but on that note
Milk i say... i would buy back all my time...from when i was inactive~
Mesanna lol
Mesanna we understand
Milk thank you:)
Mesanna its a very popular question
Mesanna err request
Mesanna thank you
Mesanna we will talk about it more
Milk have a great night
Mesanna you also
Cotton Candy Hello
Mesanna hi
Kyronix Good evening!
Cotton Candy My lion will not gain in heqaling
Cotton Candy healing
Mesanna you sure it has it
Cotton Candy yes
Mesanna we would have to see it
Cotton Candy keeps going down not up
Cotton Candy It is on GL
Mesanna ahh
Mesanna send me your info and I will look at it tomorrow
Mesanna if you are around
Cotton Candy has a 120 healing scroll too
Mesanna but it has to have the healing ai
Mesanna hi
Balmoral I aplogise if this has been asked before
Balmoral Whats up with the super fast insane mob mage AI
Mesanna can you be a bit more specific
Mesanna which mob
Mesanna where
Mesanna etc
Balmoral any magic monster casts with superior speed
Balmoral they will 3, 4 5 spell you before you run past them
Mesanna thats a bit fast if thats what you are seeing
Mesanna they do cast faster
Balmoral as if they have no FC FCR restrictions
Mesanna but should not cast that fast
Mesanna we will look into it but you should give us some examples
Balmoral I would just ask you to look into it, I am adapting, but it makes some places too dangerous to get to
Mesanna what places and mobs though
Misk need more specifics
Balmoral some champs, running past a group of goblin mages
Balmoral you'll have 3 cast 2 spells on you as you run by
Mesanna ok we will look into it
Balmoral ok, thank you
Balmoral I yield the balance of my time
Mesanna night
Pawain Thank you for your time my Queen
Mesanna hi
Mesanna good evening
Pawain I have asimple request to make my hunting life easier
Pawain would you allow us to double click gold stacks or arrows on corpses to gain those items
Mesanna use the EC client and right click
Mesanna lol
Pawain it makes me queezy
Mesanna the EC?
Pawain and makes my eyes hurt
Mesanna ahh
Pawain Yes my Queen
Mesanna I use the classic also
Mesanna just between us =)
Pawain then you see it would make our lives easier
Pawain That is all My Queen Thank You all
Mesanna so you want to dbl click on the items in the corpse
Pawain yes start with gold and stackables
Mesanna Classic is going to be almost impossible to do that to
Pawain like arrows
Mesanna EC was much easier
Mesanna so I highly doubt it
Pawain ok Good evening
Mesanna good evening
Mesanna hi Tarzam
tarzan hello!
Mesanna ack
Mesanna Tarzan
tarzan :)
tarzan thanks for taking the time
Mesanna wild gargoyle walking
Bleak :p
tarzan first, have you given any thought to adding a transmogrify system to the game?
tarzan I would love to be able to change the look of certain items to better match my armor set
tarzan not alterint the armor type or properties, but just the way it looks
Kyronix We implemented that in Blackthorn's Dungeon, admittedly it needs a major update, but a crafting
Kyronix based system was not something we could of easily done, hence the Blackthorn's Dungeon approach
tarzan thank you
tarzan last question
tarzan any plans to add more pets that could have armor applied to them, like the swamps dragons?
tarzan since all the warriors run around looking the same with the swampy
Mesanna we talked about saddles etc but right now our efforts are in a different direction
tarzan ok, thank you for your time:)
Mesanna thank you good evening
Lavender Hello.
Mesanna hi
Lavender Sorry to be so last minute with my question. The spawn speeds slowed down a lot. Is there any
Lavender way we could make a system so the person who pops the spawn can speed it up? Similar to
Lavender "bumping" the spawn up a level but instead creatures spawn at a faster rate. I'm a warrior,
Lavender not a necro so the new spawn speed really slows me down! I believe it was done because some
Mesanna which spawns
Lavender not a necro so the new spawn speed really slows me down! I believe it was done because some
Lavender Expor Flamus
Lavender Extermo Vomica
Lavender Sorry.... champion spawns
Mesanna there were capped because of the lag players were having
Lavender Expor Flamus
Mesanna if we increase it we are going to get the same complaints
Lavender Expor Flamus
Lavender Extermo Vomica
Lavender I just didn't know if we could find a way to "choose" the speed
Lavender Expor Flamus
Lavender Extermo Vomica
Lavender Like when we use justice to bump it
Lavender Obsu Vulni
Lavender *valor
Mesanna interesting idea
Mesanna we would have ot discuss this
Lavender Extermo Vomica
Lavender Expor Flamus
Lavender That way people could choose
Lavender Thank you
Mesanna welcome
Mesanna Thank you Napa for joining us this evening
Kyronix Thank you Napa! Have a wonderful evining!
Misk yes, thank you for having us
Bleak Thanks for coming out!
Mesanna Questions that were not answered will be addressed in the newsletter
Mesanna make sure you look for it
Mesanna good night