Developer Meet And Greet from 2017-07-31

Developer Meet And Greet from 2017-07-31

This meeting was held on a Korean shard, but took place entirely in English. It was logged by spin.


Mesanna good morning
uss Baat'leb morning
Mesanna good morning
Kyronix Hello!
uss Baat'leb will you be adding new rewards to the huntsmasters quest
Kyronix We added new trophies
Kyronix No new rewards this year
uss Baat'leb any new claim rewards items
Kyronix Not this year
uss Baat'leb poopers ty all
Mesanna welcome
Mesanna good morning
Fingolfin morning
Fingolfin Is it possible for ilsh and the all the modain legacy dungeons to get luck bonus
Fingolfin like we do in fel
Fingolfin the ones that are tram only
Mesanna one sec
Mesanna Is there a reason you are asking
Mesanna good question
Mesanna but curious
Fingolfin well they have wonderful critters to hunt but with luck being so important
Fingolfin the loot is poopie
Kyronix Well, that has less to do with luck and more to do with the creatures
Fingolfin like miama
Kyronix If anything we would focus on providing new encounters such like the ones you find
Fingolfin is there a reason some are tram only
Kyronix In some of the newer areas of the game, to justify the less poopie loots
Kyronix What do you mean?
Fingolfin like the labrinth is only in tram right?
Fingolfin and the ilsh are with dread hotn
Fingolfin horn
Fingolfin is tram ruleset
Kyronix Ahhh, a decision made by a team long ago so unsure why they didn't copy it
Kyronix Likely because it started out as a 3D only land
Fingolfin so the 1000 luck is only for luring us somewhere not to get better loot?
Kyronix in regards to Ilsh at least
Kyronix The original intention of the 1000 luck bonus predates our team, but the intent was likely to
Kyronix entice people to go to Fel
Kyronix other facets don't have that problem
Fingolfin ilsh is pretty empty most shards
Kyronix Halloween will surely drive some new traffic to the Sorcerer's Dungeon
Kyronix however a 1000 point luck bonus isn't going to magically revitalize Ilshenar
Kyronix unfortunately not that simple
Fingolfin ok ty anyway
Kyronix Thanks for the question!
Relm morning
Kyronix Hello!
EM Takako forward
Relm can we get a looting assistant or way to better id weight of loot
Mesanna morning
Relm did i screw that up
Mesanna Bleak is going to answer you
Relm oh ok wasnt sure how to word that question
Relm i have the stuff pretyped
Relm ok cool
Mesanna If you have any ideas we are open to suggestions
Relm email?
Relm you
Mesanna umm
Relm or now
Mesanna [email protected]
Mesanna email
Relm gotcha
Relm ty ty
Hetchel mornig
Hetchel morning lol
Hetchel would you please allow crafters to change a jewelry pc skill within a skill grp
Hetchel even if the loot is over it weight limit
Hetchel big ask but im trying lol
Mesanna we can't eat you =)
Mesanna only say No
Mesanna lol
Hetchel im scrumptoues
Mesanna chicken?
Hetchel no chocolate
Kyronix Mmmm, delicious
Mesanna LOL
Mesanna one sec talking
Hetchel k
Mesanna This is not something we fill comfortable in answering without talking about it more
Hetchel np i understand
Mesanna we don't want to open a can of worms with this type of change
Hetchel ty for considering
Mesanna look at the newsletter in the future
Mesanna for an answer to this question ok?
Hetchel k
Mesanna thanks
Soul morning
Mesanna Morning
Soul Can we have a drogon only area in destard the greaters are exteremely mean
Soul dragon
Kyronix How mean?
Soul like 3 times meaner than a regular one
Kyronix That's a mean dragon
Soul i agree
Mesanna for a better challenge?
Soul i used have fun in destard now im a ghost looking for a healer
Soul hard to tell them apart also
Mesanna oh
Soul until your toast
Mesanna now I get it
Soul :)
Mesanna having a hard time telling the difference by looks
Mesanna ?
Soul if engaged with a fight telling what is coming toward me is tough
Soul and one breathe and not good
Soul with dbl cast and a breathe attack your dead b4 you know what happened
Mesanna understand but not something we would just change
Soul if you could but some regulars in the water elem area for us not as talented peps
Soul to have a chance
Mesanna we will talk about it
Soul ok i understand
Mesanna its a compromise
Soul ty
Mesanna thank you
Mesanna Good morning
Soulreaper hello
Soulreaper will the zoo/library/musuem collections get new rewards?
Soulreaper after the anniversay publishes
Mesanna Not anytime soon, we have this year and the first quarter of next year already planned out
Soulreaper oh ok
Soulreaper can you tell me the turn in limit you can store
Mesanna we can put it on the list to update those systems in the future though
Soulreaper on the collections?
Soulreaper not sure where to look
Mesanna the cap is in the billions
Mesanna maybe we are not understanding
Soulreaper or just confirm is 100 million for all
Soulreaper the turn in pts
Soulreaper you can leave unclaimed
Soulreaper on the collection person
Soulreaper i think the meusuem someone sayd was capped at 100 mil
Mesanna one sec
Mesanna looking up the cap
Soulreaper the clean up is 10 mil?
Soulreaper for clean up brit
Soulreaper i get confused
Soulreaper you can get alot quick at an idoc is all
Mesanna we don't want to tell you a wrong answer still looking so we will post it in the newsletter
Mesanna so we can not hold you up
Soulreaper ty vm
Mesanna most welcome
Soulreaper :)
Cotton Candy hello
Mesanna Hi Cotton
Cotton Candy didi you look at the kion
Cotton Candy lion
Mesanna No want to go after this meeting?
Cotton Candy ok thanks
Mesanna on great lakes right
Cotton Candy yes
Mesanna under cotton?
Mesanna player name
Cotton Candy Rae
Mesanna ?
Mesanna ok
Mesanna right after this meeting
Cotton Candy Where
Mesanna I will find you
Cotton Candy Ok thanks
Mesanna welcome and sorry
Cutbow Good morning. Can you tell us how many/locations of the confiscated Clops houses?
Mesanna 4 right on on Atlantic
Mesanna right now
Mesanna lol
Mesanna more if I find more accounts
Cutbow okay and...
Cutbow why do the paragon nightmares not come in gold hue?
Kyronix That is a bug that will be resolved in Publish 98
Cutbow quite a shock to get them agroing
Cutbow ty
Cutbow one more, may we have a means to reforge rings and bracelet?
Cutbow the rng is so cruel
Cutbow the good ones are mostly cursed
Mesanna anything else?
Cutbow nope thanks
Mesanna oh umm
Mesanna on the rings and bracelets right off the top of my head no
Mesanna you can already imbue them?
Cutbow thanks for the time and answers
Mesanna most welcome
EM Takako tr /1
Three Questions Hello
Mesanna Morning
Three Questions I have 3 questions
Three Questions here is #1
Three Questions Is it possible to get a resist lowering tool for CUs that'll allow you to lower resists upto ....
Three Questions ... the minimum allowed?
Three Questions For example, in a CU, the minimum CO/EN resists are 70/70, so, with the resist lowering tool,...
Three Questions ... you'd be able to lower your CU's CO/EN resist to a minimum of 70/70 but not below that.
Three Questions Also something similar that lowers overcapped Dex would be nice.
Three Questions That's #1
Mesanna 1. no not doing that sorry
Three Questions k
Three Questions Here is #2
Three Questions Is it possible to implement a lock/unlock for pet abilities? For example, turn off Discordance,...
Three Questions ...Chiv or Explosive Goo?
Three Questions That's #2
Kyronix As in they won't use those abilities if they have them?
Three Questions yes, you'll be able to toggle abilities
Mesanna 2. possible
Three Questions Last one
Mesanna but not for a bit
Three Questions Pet Discordance is not up to par with human Discordance. I feel that this defeats the whole ...
Three Questions ......point of training a pet with Legendary Disco because most people will much rather put ...
Three Questions ...something like Chiv on their pet and have Disco on their character. SO it it possible to have ....
Three Questions .... Disco up to par with human Disco?
Kyronix Pet sare not players, so reaching that level of power is not in line with the role pets
Three Questions k
Three Questions Thank you
Kyronix play in the grand scheme of the player, pet, monster circle of life
Three Questions gotcha
Kyronix My pleasure
Ancient One Greetings once more Mistress of Darkness and Death, of Light and Glory
Mesanna Greetings
Ancient One There a problem with the Moonglow Zoo not accepting the OLD Drakes or Greater Dragons.
Ancient One Message one receive when trying to turn them in is “they don't accept those kind of creatures”
Ancient One Would it be possible, most gracious lady to have your minions take a look at this?
Mesanna of course
Ancient One During the Hag quest one of the items requested is Chicken gizzard,
Kyronix Minions?!
Mesanna that is a bug
Ancient One why is it the Greater Chicken does not count toward that requested item?
Ancient One Is it not the same only greater?
Mesanna when we redo the zoo we will need to update the accepted creatures
Mesanna this system has not been touched in a very very long time
Mesanna and agreed its one that needs some love
Ancient One aye we do understand
Ancient One and yes minions are you not for this lady?
Kyronix I'll also have you know, that we are not minions!
Mesanna that and the decay rate has always been to high
Kyronix We are worker bees.
Ancient One hehe
Mesanna no honey for you bee
Ancient One then she is the queen
Mesanna I like you, and great name
Ancient One and the chicken for the hag?
Ancient One thank you
Ancient One last one for you today
Ancient One When appraising an item for turn in points why is it the Eodon stealbles have zero value
Ancient One Scared lava rock=0, Tiger figurine=0, Hatching net=0, Glyph=0, Dino hide=0, waku=0
Ancient One Since they are shard bound and cannot be transfer off the shard
Ancient One will there be a day they will be worth points?
Mesanna probably because it just was not updated
Mesanna let Kyronix answer that
Ancient One again thank you
Ancient One As before, we are indebted to you and your people, as always we thank you.
Kyronix Sure, when we update the turnin systems in the future
Ancient One thank you
EM Takako he log?
Cutbow i don't think i can imbue hit points mana and stamina, SSI on rings/bracelets. Please?
Mesanna welcome back
Cutbow ty
Cutbow those would help my crafter
Kyronix Those are properties for armor, and SSI is special
Cutbow pkay back to praying to RNG gods
Mesanna lol
Cutbow bye
Cutbow thanks again
Mesanna wish you luck
Kyronix Thansk for questions!
Mesanna Thank you Balhae for joining us
Mesanna Have a great week!!
EM Takako thank you