Start Date 1998-10-22

Governance Last Updated: 2016-08-21
City Governor Trade Deal
Britain Ruebezahll +5% SSI
Jhelom Aby +5% HCI
Minoc Vaga +3 Str
Moonglow Nicnivin +5% SDI
New Magincia Kimba Deschain +5% SSI
Skara Brae Nandus +2 MR
Trinsic Ithildin Balbeth +5% SSI
Vesper Robin +1 FC
Yew Finley Grant +5% SSI

Broadsword Staff
Event Moderator EM Lyraa
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2000-06-20: Attack On The Orc Fort
2000-06-20: Lizardmen Uprising In The Swamps Near Trinsic
2000-07-01: A Bloody Battle
2000-07-01: The Attempted Bridge Burning
2000-09-18: A Secret In The Jhelom Pit?
2000-09-18: Strange Appearances Of A Lady In Blue
2000-09-21: Gladiator Games
2000-09-24: Britain Under Siege
2000-10-23: Another Day In The Pit
2000-11-14: Circus Coming To Britain
2000-11-24: A Petition To The High Court Of Britannia
2000-11-30: The New Official Marketplace Of Vesper
2001-01-18: Something Wicked Near Destard
2001-01-30: The Ceremony
2001-02-27: Spider Nest Near Destard
2002: Boroni`s Challenge
2002: Cove
2002: Dark Tides
2002: Dark Tides II
2002: Dark Tides III
2002: Dark Tides IV
2002: Dark Tides V
2002: Distant Shores
2002: Dran Fenala I
2002: Dran Fenala II
2002: Dran Fenala III
2002: Gossip Archive I
2002: Magincia
2002: Malashi’s Master I
2002: Rumors and Lies
2002: Seth Bluepyre I
2002: Seth Bluepyre II
2002: Witherton`s Peril
2002: Witherton`s Peril II

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