The Interest and Event Moderator Programs

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The Interest and Event Moderator Programs

The Interest Program

Each branch of Electronic Arts had its own separate Interest Program, so the Japanese shards, the Korean shards, and the rest of the shards were run by three different teams.

Each Interest Program was run by an Interest Manager. On the Japanese and Korean shards, the Interest Program staff then consisted of a team of Interest Game Masters.

Western Shards

On the western shards, there were generally between two and four Interest Game Masters (IGMs) at any given time while the program was active. The IGMs were the link between the Interest Manager and the Seer Program. When Seers wanted to create items, the IGMs were the ones who approved creating those items. The IGMs also developed and ran the global storylines, such as the Trinsic invasion, as well as coordinating with player establishments to help with decorations (known as 'blessings') and player events. In many respects, the closest current analogue to a western IGM today would be the Player Event Coordinator (PEC), though the PEC does not have the ability to grant permanent blessings nor does the PEC create or manage quests. IGMs were paid employees of OSI/Electronic Arts.

Under the western IGMs was the Seer Program. There were 6 levels of roles within that program, all of them unpaid volunteer positions:

  1. Lead Seer
  2. Ancient Seer
  3. Seer
  4. Arch Elder Seer
  5. Elder Seer
  6. Troubador

Lead Seers were added on September 9, 2001. The shards were divided into four groups. A Lead Seer managed the Ancient Seers for his assigned shards.

  • West Coast Shards (Baja, Napa Valley, Pacific, and Sonoma)
  • Central Shards (AOL Legends, Great Lakes, Lake Superior, and Siege Perilous)
  • East Coast Shards (Atlantic, Catskills, and Chesapeake)
  • Remaining Shards (Drachenfels, Europa, and Oceania)

Ancient Seers were responsible for managing the events, Seers, Arch Elders, Elders, and Troubadors for a given shard.

Lead Seers, Ancient Seers and Seers conducted medium to advanced level quests and events directed at mid level to advanced level characters. All three roles wore green robes with gold trim.

Arch Elder Seers were responsible for managing teams of Elder Seers and Troubadors. Not every shard had Arch Elder Seers.

Both Arch Elder Seers and Elder Seers conducted low level to medium level quests and events directed at beginner to mid level characters. Generally, each shard had zero or one Arch Elder Seer and one to two Elder Seers. Both roles originally wore black robes, though this was later changed to dark brown robes.

Troubadors various necessary roles needed during events. These roles ranged from single-event characters to characters that were persistent throughout an entire plot line. They were whatever clothing was appropriate for the role. Not every shard had Troubadors.

The official breakdown of responsibilities was stated in this manner: [1]

Troubador Tasks: Your job is simple. At times you will be contacted to play a certain role at a certain time -- you can then either accept of decline the offer. If more than one person accepts, then one will be chosen. This may or may not be based on whether or not the person has participated recently in an event. We hope to give everyone a chance to participate as much as they are able.

Seer Tasks: Seers are very flexible in their roles. The first task is to become acquainted with your home shard. This means that you should visit player-run towns, attempt to talk with community leaders, and find out what the general shard populous would like to see in the way of fiction. Every shard will have their own Lead Shard Seer, be sure to stay in constant contact with him/her. He/She will likely have various task for you to choose from. You may be asked to assist a local guild with their quest, you may have the opportunity to help another seer with a quest, or you may have the opportunity to design your own quest. You should regularly let your Lead Shard Seer know what you have been doing and what your plans are.

Elder Seer Tasks: Your tasks are identical to those Seer Tasks above; however, your mission is to concentrate more on the community interaction aspect of the quests. You will actively seek out guilds, rendering assistance when necessary. Keep in mind that you are not there to be a guild "lackey" though. You should advise guilds in their own quests and you should be willing to help play roles. You should not give resources, help collect resources, or be party to a guild war.

Ancient Seer Tasks: Your tasks are identical to those of the Seer Tasks above; however, your mission is to concentrate more on unique quest creation. It is likely that you have much experience in running quests and so you should have little problem coming up with interesting and exciting plotlines. Your task is also to advise and guide the Seers in the creation of their own events. You should encourage them and mentor them. By doing this we can create a talented and able team which should improve efficiency and allow everyone to have fun. Be sure to stay in contact with the Lead Shard Seer.

Lead Seer Tasks: The Lead Shard Seers need to overseer and handle situations related specifically to their shard. The others seers will come to you seeking both help, and clarification. The Lead Shard Seers are the structural keystones of the operation. They need to be able to divide up tasks among the volunteers. They need to keep track of everyone's status. They need to handle problems and issues that will constantly be being raised. You should submit bi-weekly status reports to the head of the "UO Seers" Program, but you should also keep in contact with the head of the "UO Seers" Program. If you feel at any time that you are above your head then feel free to seek assistance. All seers of the shard should also report to you regularly as to their progress.

Japanese Shards

On the Japanese shards, the IGMs managed their own events separately from the western shards. Their team structure was designed to be the same as the western shards, though that IGM team appears to have handled all responsibilities without using the Lead Seer, Ancient Seer, Seer, Arch Elder, Elder, & Troubador hierarchy.

Korean Shards

On the Korean shards, the IGMs managed their own events via the "Korean IGM Team". Little detail is known about how those events were specifically managed.

Transition Period

Following a lawsuit by some western Interest Program staff filed on September 20, 2000, the western Interest Program discontinued all volunteer positions, which included Lead Seers, Ancient Seers, Seers, Arch Elder Seers, Elder Seers, and Troubadors, though Interest Game Masters remained. Those Interest Game Masters managed the early scenario events such as the orc/savage war.

Event Moderator Program

For the western shards, Event Moderators were introduced in August of 2003 to replace the Interest Program and Interest Game Masters. Unlike the Seers of the Interest Program, Event Moderators are paid contract employees.

In Korea, the Korean Interest Program continued until 2007, when it switched to the Event Moderator Program.

In Japan, the Japanese Interest Program continued until 2010 or 2012, depending on the shard. The Japanese Interest Program for Sakura and Yamato ended in 2010, to be replaced by the Event Moderator program, while Asuka, Hokuto, Izumo, Mizuho, Mugen, and Yamato did not switch from the Interest Program to the Event Moderator Program untiil 2012.

Initially Event Moderators had near-IGM powers to create locations, decorations, and items. However, due to abuse of power by a small number of EMs, the powers of EMs have been greatly reduced over the years.

Current Event Moderators

Shard Event Moderator(s)
Arirang Takako
Atlantic Roenick
Baja Echo
Balhae Nihil
Catskills Obsidian
Chesapeake Artemis
Drachenfels Lyraa
Europa Sarah
Formosa Takako
Great Lakes Elizabella
Hokuto Riccia
Izumo Nekomata
Lake Austin Topaz
Lake Superior Thrixx
Legends Cirillia
Mizuho Mercury
Napa Valley Chance
Oceania Reiver
Origin Rainstormer
Pacific Ashmedai
Sakura Nekomata
Siege Perilous Kincaid
Sonoma Azure Sky
Wakoku Mercury
Yamato Nekomata

All Event Moderators

EM Acies Lake Austin
EM Adris Europa
EM Aeon Oceania
EM Alcor Siege Perilous
EM Amairgen Sonoma
EM Aname Lake Superior
EM Anderson Oceania
EM Annendora Floater
EM Ariadne Siege Perilous
EM Arilem Europa
EM Ashmedai Pacific
EM Asiantam Yamato, Asuka, Izumo
EM Augustus Lake Austin
EM Aumakua Origin
EM Aurora / EM AuroraSkye Siege Perilous
EM Autolycus Lake Superior
EM Avalon Legends
EM Azaire Great Lakes
EM Balthazar Oceania
EM Barnaby Catskills
EM Bennu Atlantic
Siege Perilous
EM Borbarad Drachenfels
EM Cecil Siege Perilous
EM Celestria Chesapeake
EM Cernunnos Floater
EM Cerulean Oceania
EM Challenger Chesapeake
EM Chance Lake Superior
EM Chaotica Origin
EM Chimaera Sonoma
EM Chobi Izumo
EM Claudius Origin
EM Corathan Pacific
EM Crysania Baja
EM Cyno Razik Pacific
EM Daeron ?
EM DeAngelo Formosa
EM Dedalus Asuka
EM Delang Oceania
EM Delnar ?
EM Dexter Oceania
Lake Austin
EM Dramnar Catskills
EM Dris Lake Austin
EM Drosselmeyer Chesapeake
EM Dudley Floater
EM Ealia Tiefwasser Drachenfels
EM Eira Sonoma
EM Elendrik Europa
EM Elizabella Great Lakes
EM Emile Layne Europa
EM Erebus Legends
EM Eris Atlantic
EM Faine Morgan Floater
EM Falcon Lake Superior
EM Feawen Sonoma
EM Fiorella Napa Valley
EM Glamdring EM Lead
Lake Superior
EM Godiva Baja
EM Gotan Europa
EM Gustus Catskills
EM Hanarin Arirang
EM Hawker Siege Perilous
EM Hazel Sonoma
EM Helios Legends
EM Iatu Great Lakes
EM Ikaris Legends
EM Immortal Drachenfels
EM Infinity Oceania
EM Iphitus Pacific
EM Isabelle Pacific
EM Janae Floater
EM Jyrra Pacific
EM Kaen Floater
Napa Valley
EM Kalag EM Lead
EM Kanata Wakoku
EM Kanmare Atlantic
EM Kasaven Catskills
EM Kaz Pacific
EM Kestral ?
EM Kimmie Europa
EM Kincaid Siege Perilous
EM Laurana Origin
EM Leonidas Catskills
EM Leto Great Lakes
EM Lillimu Pacific
EM Lyraa Drachenfels
EM Malachi Great Lakes
EM Masara Siege Perilous
EM Mayu Legends
EM Mephisto Europa
EM Mercury Mizuho
EM Miko Legends
EM Minette Asuka
EM Minilion Yamato
EM Misaki Asuka
EM Molly O'Malley Origin
EM Montagne Pacific
EM MunKey Balhae
EM Mystique Napa Valley
EM Nao Izumo
EM Nathael Catskills
EM Nekomata Sakura, Izumo
EM Nestor Atlantic
EM Nikademus Atlantic
EM Nina Chesapeake
EM Nyrogie Pacific
EM Nyssa Lake Austin
EM Obsidian Baja
EM Orix Pacific
EM Pallando Floater
Lake Austin
EM Promethium Atlantic
EM Quantum Lake Superior
Siege Perilous
EM Requiem Atlantic
EM Riccia Hokuto, Mugen
EM Samara Siege Perilous
EM Sameerah Baja
EM Sangria Origin
EM Sarah Europa
EM Sarakan Europa
EM Sarthus Lake Austin
EM Seppo Baja
EM Sezja Napa Valley
EM ShanyraFrye Oceania
EM Shiel Oceania
EM Sienna Oceania
EM Sirius Drachenfels
EM Spriggan Atlantic
EM Stardancer Sonoma
EM Stone Catskills
EM SykoBri Atlantic
EM Tailspin Chesapeake
EM Takako Balhae
EM Tashik Legends
EM Taweret Atlantic
EM Tazzy Pacific
EM Telnam Origin
EM Telnarn ?
EM Tempest Lake Austin
Napa Valley
EM Theowulf Napa Valley
EM Thomas Pyewacket Atlantic
EM Tiberias Atlantic
EM Topaz Lake Austin
EM Troubadour Siege Perilous
EM Tulkas Atlantic
EM Ulric Chesapeake
EM Uno Wakoku
EM Veli Europa
EM Vereor Napa Valley
EM Vespera Floater
EM Vikktor Baja
EM Vincent Baja
EM Vladimere Chesapeake
EM Vytacca Atlantic
EM Willow Sonoma
EM Xanthus Origin, Sonoma
EM Xena Drachenfels
EM Yoshi Atlantic
EM Zilo EM Lead
EM Ziv Formosa

Former Interest Program Staff

Manager of Interest Specialists

Richard Dell

Interest Game Masters

European Shards

GM Talos

Japanese Shards

GM Anplex
GM Coolio
GM Duckbill
GM Excrom
GM Galess
GM Inoia
GM Jawbra
GM Runna
GM Towein
GM Yarbrield
GM Zoer

Korean Shards

GM Blue
GM Garam
GM Ragnarok
GM Zeus

Western Shards

Greg "Lead IGM Eidolon, GM Ghostpig" Chapman
Aron "IGM Riptide" Stern
Charles "IGM kieron" Dane
David "IGM Goatboy/Orbeus" Abelt
Jamie "IGM Curunir" Caesar
"Owen McNemar"
Scott "IGM Nikademus" Clark

Lead Seers

Lead Seer Krohon Atlantic, Catskills, Chesapeake
Lead Seer Krosis Drachenfels, Europa, Oceania
Lead Seer Radnor Baja, Napa Valley, Pacific, Sonoma
Lead Seer Stheno AOL Legends, Great Lakes, Lake Superior, Siege Perilous
Lead Seer Tzeen ?

Ancient Seers

Ancient Seer Adamantyr Pacific
Ancient Seer Aria/Aurora Napa Valley


Seer AgentSOUL Lake Superior
Seer Albert the Insane Chesapeake
Seer Amber Catskills
Seer Andorr Oceania
Seer Argus Sonoma
Seer Aria ?
Seer Arislan Lake Superior
Seer Bastet Lake Superior
Seer Black Great Lakes
Seer Brisk9 Catskills
Seer Brutus Napa Valley
Seer Cepheus ?
Seer Christian AOL Legends
Seer Cliff Siege Perilous
Seer Cody Europa
Seer Cryptoknight Napa Valley
Seer Cylus Catskills
Seer Daemeon Chesapeake
Seer Daniel Atlantic
Seer Daredevile Napa Valley
Seer DeGodefroi Great Lakes
Seer Demon Pacific
Seer Dimeris Lake Superior
Seer Domaru Great Lakes
Seer Eliar Pacific
Seer Garak Chesapeake
Seer George Europa
Seer Ghandolf Napa Valley
Seer GoodGuy Sonoma
Seer Halo ?
Seer Hawk Baja
Seer Hearadh Sonoma
Seer Homnivus AOL Legends
Seer Illuceus Europa
Seer Intaria Europa
Seer Irien Baja
Seer Jayde Pacific
Seer Kal'Ferin Great Lakes
Seer Kelley Napa Valley
Seer Kristos ?
Seer Kyrianna Catskills
Seer Lacerta ?
Seer Lucent ?
Seer Ludacris Drachenfels
Seer Magdalena Chesapeake
Seer Mandor ?
Seer Matrium Napa Valley
Seer Maverick ?
Seer Mike Europa
Seer Mirthin Europa
Seer Mythos ?
Seer Nacrom Chesapeake
Seer Nathaniel ?
Seer Neptune Catskills
Seer Nikademus Atlantic
Seer oshtr Chesapeake
Seer Ozar Catskills
Seer Poltergeist Chesapeake
Seer Puck Pacific
Seer Reilly Drachenfels
Seer Rhiannon ?
Seer Rhykan Pacific
Seer Rimlock Pacific
Seer Scyllirya Great Lakes
Seer Seraphym Lake Superior
Seer Sea ?
Seer Seraphym ?
Seer Sirideain Lake Superior
Seer Sowleman Oceania
Seer Spirit Baja
Seer Stephen Great Lakes
Seer SWAT14 Atlantic
Seer Tain Lake Superior
Seer Thorn Napa Valley
Seer TheBlackJack9 Siege Perilous
Seer Thorn ?
Seer Trex Baja
Seer Tyler Baja
Seer Verow Lake Superior
Seer Zeros Lake Superior
Seer Zoe Atlantic

Arch Elder Seers

Elder Seers


Troubador Bolaron Catskills
Troubador Cattboy Great Lakes
Troubador Cuthulu Lake Superior
Troubador David Oceania
Troubador Freeze Chesapeake
Troubador Genoah AOL Legends
Troubador Gram Reaper Chesapeake
Troubador GreenFrog Great Lakes
Troubador Harabec Baja
Troubador Hexus8 Siege Perilous
Troubador Kaltes Atlantic
Troubador Lady Marmalade Catskills
Troubador Lightning Catskills
Troubador Neowolf Atlantic
Troubador Shanatha Oceania
Troubador Shawn Sonoma
Troubador Sir Galactis Siege Perilous
Troubador Tavis Sonoma
Troubador Tidalias Drachenfels
Troubador Trasaria Pacific
Troubador Tristan Catskills