Fishing is one of those skills that takes a while to GM but once complete offers several rewards. You can use a Crystal Ball of Knowledge Crystal Ball of Knowledge to assist with training.

0-30 Skill: If you haven't started a character with 50 Fishing, you can buy up to 30 from a Fisher near docks.

30-75 Skill: Between these values you will need to fish shallow water, At docks or coastlines.

75-120 Skill: Between these values you will need to fish in deep water, Buy a boat from a Shipwright and sail out of Dock and fish. A good spot is east of Moonglow, You can sail North/South without hitting any islands.

What Can I Fish Up?

Footwear: They are labeled with "recovered from a shipwreck. They can be used to fill footwear bods, apart from that not worth keeping. They can be put into a trash barrel for clean-up but only worth a fraction of a point.

Thigh Boots Boots Shoes Sandals

Normal Fish: you usually get these when fishing. They can only be caught until 90 fishing when ONLY High Seas fish will be caught. They yield 4 fish steaks each when cut with a knife. They can be cut up with a blade, 1 Fish will make 4 fish steaks.

Fish Fish Fish Fish

High Seas Fish: Accounts upgraded to ‘High Seas’ booster catch a larger variety of fish These fish are caught with increasing frequency as skill rises, gradually replacing normal fish. Normal fish become completely phased out at 90 skill.

Fish Fish Fish Fish

Special Fish
Prized 'Prized Fish': Adds a temporary boost to your Intelligence when eaten, no cooking needed.
Wondrous 'Wondrous Fish': Adds a temporary boost to your Dexterity when eaten, no cooking needed.
Truly Rare Truly Rare Fish: Adds a temporary boost to your Strength when eaten
Highly Peculiar Highly Peculiar Fish: Restores 10 points of stamina when eaten.

Special Fishing Net: Can be found as loot on sea serpents or in fished up treasure chests. When used, the net appears to throw out many fishing lines and a set of nasty monsters will spawn, consisting of: water ementals, sea serpents s, deep sea serpents and a Kraken (deep sea). They come in various colors.

Special Net Dark Green Green Brown Shadow frostwood Turquise Blue Purple Dark Purple Pink Light Red Red Yellow Blaze

Big Fish, Dragonfish and Marlin types: Rare fish that one can use a Taxidermy Kit on to make a nice looking trophy. Do not cut this fish up or stack it with other fish for it will lose its unique capacities. When caught, a big fish may land at your feet, not in your back pack. Their weight is random, the heavier it is, the more rare. Both the weight and fisherman's name will be displayed on the trophy, but only if the fish weighed more than 20 stones.

Big fish can only be found in deep water*, various varieties of dragonfish and Marlin types spawn in specific areas.

Big Fish Big Fish Dragon Fish Black Marllin

Message in a Bottle: When used it will turn into a Waterstained SOS. Or if you’re lucky it will turn into an Ancient SOS, which about 1 in 25 does. Every time you successfully fish up a treasure map or SOS bottle, a sea serpent or deep sea serpent will surface and attack. The MIB will be on the serpents corpse. Sea serpents that are pulled up through normal fishing that did not result in a treasure map or SOS bottle will not have these items on them. They can only be fished up in deep water.


Treasure Map: A level 1 treasure map, the same as the treasure maps you get off monsters. Like MIBs, these can only be fished up in deep water and will be on sea serpent or deep sea serpent corpses.

Treasure Map