Gargish Leather Talons

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Gargoyles Only
2 stones
Strength Requirement 10

Gargish Leather Talons

Craftable Item
Name Gargish Leather Talons
Category Footwear
Skill(s) Required 40.4 Tailoring
Can be exceptional Yes
Wearable Slot Shoes
Wieldable No
Required Recipe None
Tool Required
Stackable No
6 LeatherLeather

When crafted or enhanced with special crafting materials, the following properties will be added:

Spined LeatherSpined Leather Horned LeatherHorned Leather Barbed LeatherBarbed Leather
Physical Resist +9 +2 +3
Fire Resist   +4 +2
Cold Resist   +3 +3
Poison Resist   +3 +3
Energy Resist   +3 +5
Luck +40    

Hides can be used in place of Leather.