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Ginseng is used by mages, mystics, and scribes for Magery and Mysticism spells, as well as by alchemists for Alchemy.

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From Ultima lore:

As a magical reagent, ginseng focuses the powers of healing and enhancement. However, its bitterness belies its restorative nature. Before it can be used in magic ritual, the root of the plant should be boiled in the freshest water, cooled and brought back to a boil in fresh water no less than forty times. With the last boiling, it is transformed into a heavy, strong-smelling syrup. For alchemy, ginseng potions are used to magically heal a person's wounds.
- Ultima Online Renaissance Manual

Long praised for its strength-giving and medicinal properties, the root of the Ginseng plant is immediately recognizable for its forked shape, and to those initiated in the mystic ways, by its overpowering rose-coloured aura. It has been used for centuries by peasants who chew it or brew tea from a powdered preparation of the root in order to gain strength and stamina as they toil in the fields. While commonly found throughout Britannia, the Ginseng used as a component in the casting of spells is generally black in colour and found only on the slopes of the northern mountains. It may be purchased in virtually any shop that sells magical goods, and most useful spells of a healing or narcotic nature, such as Cure or Sleep enchantments.
- The Book of Mystic Wisdom (Ultima IV)

Ancient reagent used extensively in healing.
- The Book of Lore (Ultima V)

The wizened physicians of ancient Sosaria wrote often of the curative powers of this bitter root. Prepare a syrupy, pure extract by reboiling forty times with clear mountain water, letting the mixture develop a strong, acrid odor.
- Compendium, (Ultima VI)

The healers of our fair land have known of the healthful and restorative powers of this bitter root for hundreds of years. But to the mage it requires special preparation. It must be boiled and reboiled in the freshest of water no less than forty times! This reduces it to a strong-smelling syrup that makes a very potent reagent.
- The Book of Fellowship (Ultima VII)

Another reagent found in Fawn, this root must be boiled in stream water 40 times until it becomes a syrup. Known for its curative properties, ginseng is generally prepared in greenhouses, where it can be treated immediately after it is collected.
- Beyond the Serpent Pillars (Ultima VII Part Two)

In ancient eras, ginseng was crushed into a fine powder and added to the ale of warriors on the eve of battle. Many awoke dead in the following morning, and much good ginseng was wasted. While you may choose to use ginseng as a primitive invigorator, such a preparation releases a sliver of its restorative powers. In magical application, ginseng binds curative spells and in the glimmer after the binding surrounds your person in a pleasant scent.
- Spellbook (Ultima IX)

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