Great Lakes

Great Lakes
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Start Date 1997-09-23

Governance Last Updated: 2016-08-22
City Governor Trade Deal
Britain Dot Warner +5% SDI
Jhelom Thom Jameison +5% SSI
Minoc Tanda +2 MR
Moonglow Kittie +2 MR
New Magincia Mr E +5% SSI
Skara Brae Farrah +5% SDI
Trinsic Gurney +5% SSI
Vesper Aornis +5% SSI
Yew Willa of The Yew-wood +1 FC

Broadsword Staff
Event Moderator
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Great Lakes

News and Events

Town Cryer Reports

1999-04-15: Sheep Slaughtered By Unknown Creature!
1998-03-04: The Doom Tree Is Seen Near Minoc
1998-03-14: Mage Finds The City Of Pirates To Be More A Den Of Lions
1998-03-24: Trinsic Jail Gets A New Resident
1998-03-24: Writing Contest To Be Held At Moonglow Lycaeum
1998-03-25: Could It Be... Return Of The Doom Tree?
1998-03-26: Gargoyles At The Shrine Of Sacrifice
1998-03-28: Thief Robs The Traveller’s Inn
1998-03-30: Caravan From Trinsic To Britain Ambushed
1998-03-30: Juo'Nar Wreaks Havoc Across The Land
1998-04-06: Orcs Attempt To Launch Major Offensive On Skara Brae
1999-04-13: Vesper And Cove Invaded!
1999-04-20: Farmers In Britain Slaughtered!
1999-05-29: Cove Under Siege!
1999-09-23: Massacre At The Mage Tower In Britain!!
2000-03-09: Brief Respite For Trinsic
2000-03-09: Gold Caravan Attacked
2000-03-09: Kidnapping In Trinsic
2000-03-09: Undead Attack Defeated In Trinsic

Britannia News Network Reports

2000-04-12: Books Missing From Lyceum
2000-04-12: Troll Leader Slain!
2000-04-19: Attacks Resume As New Troll Leader Emerges
2000-06-07: Gargoyles Attempt To Overtake Mount Kendall
2000-06-09: Cemetery Cleansed
2000-06-16: Moonglow Mage Guild Expels Member
2000-06-18: Strange Deaths Strike Britannia!
2000-06-18: Strange Deaths Strike Britannia!
2000-06-18: Tensions Rise Between Moonglow And Nujel’M
2000-06-20: Ogres Attempt To Take Britain Crossroads And Western Pass!
2000-06-21: Evil Mages Attempt To Enter Moonglow City Trammel!
2000-06-26: Brigands In Britain Trammel!
2000-08-02: Scholarly Thanks
2000-08-03: The Living Dead
2000-08-07: Elementals, My Dear
2000-08-09: Undead Invasion In Moonglow On A Sunny Afternoon!
2000-08-14: Murder Of Moonglow Alchemist Points Finger At Nujel’m
2000-08-16: Undead Invade Britain Graveyard!
2000-08-24: Mad Mage Attack!
2000-08-25: Snake Shipment Slithers Away!
2000-08-30: Orc War Parties Thwarted At The West Britain Pass
2000-08-31: Moonlight Madness
2000-09-05: Night Of The Living Dead?
2000-09-05: Provisioner Found Dead, Orcs Implicated
2000-09-11: Acruvir Falls!
2000-09-24: Undead In Britain
2000-09-28: Brigands Attempt To Gain Foothold In Moonglow
2000-09-29: Shrine Of Sacrifice Scene Of Slaughter
2000-10-17: Captain Diego Arrested!
2000-10-17: Undead Attempt Takeover Of Britain Crossroads
2000-10-19: Ritual On Fire Isle
2000-10-24: Mad Mage Attack Near Yew Crypts And Village Of TUR!
2000-10-25: Mongbat Attacks Reach Plague Proportions
2000-10-29: Mongbat Swarm Exterminated
2000-11-05: Once Upon A Midnight Dreary
2000-11-09: Marcus The Mage Escapes Nujel’M Prison
2000-11-15: Skara Brae Fairground Construction Underway
2000-11-15: Philanthropist To Graciously Build Fairgrounds Near Skara Brae
2000-11-16: Ancient Graveyard Found On Western Edge Of Skara Brae Fairgrounds!
2000-11-19: Fairgrounds Near Completion
2000-11-22: Fairgrounds To Open In Two Days!
2000-12-05: Secrets Of The Cult Of The Rat
2000-12-07: A Rogue’s Bitter End
2000-12-19: Brigands Stage Ambush West Of Britain!
2001-01-02: Cult Of The Rat Destroyed?
2001-01-03: Brigand Blockade Bludgeoned
2001-01-07: All That Glitters
2001-01-11: Cause Of Undead And Brigand Attacks Revealed?
2001-01-11: Child’s Play
2001-01-17: Shabti Here And Gone Again?
2001-01-17: Gypsy Girl Sought For Questioning As Rampages Continue
2001-01-22: Third Staff Piece Recovered Along With Lanterns!
2001-01-22: Two Pieces Of The Staff Of Balance Found!
2001-01-23: Expedition Uncovers Truth About Buc’s Den Ghost
2001-01-23: Rare Books Safely Delivered
2001-01-25: Shocking Surprise Development In Sarielle Saga
2001-01-25: Adventurers Wanted: Inquire Within
2001-01-31: Anwar Found Dead!
2001-01-31: Tavern Gossip
2001-02-21: Mongbat Mush
2001-02-22: Places To Go, People To See
2001-02-26: Britannian Botanist Abducted: Search Efforts Continue
2001-03-01: Botanist Rescued, Tree Worshipping Cultists Cut Down
2001-03-04: Spider Queen Slain! Spider Attacks Cease
2001-03-04: Remaining Cult Members Found Dead
2001-03-05: Sleuths Stupefied By Miner’s Mortality
2001-03-05: Caravan Attacks Reported!
2001-03-13: New Library And Museum To Open!
2001-03-15: Death Of A Monk
2001-03-18: Forgotten Tomes Resurface In Controversy
2001-03-20: Tomes Tell Of Agonized Abbots
2001-03-26: Heroes & Legends Festival Brings Out The Best
2001-03-28: Lilibet At Large

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