Healing Stone

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1 stone
Mysticism Spell
Spell Healing Stone
Spell Circle 1st Circle
Mana Cost 4 mana
Duration immediate
Casting Delay 0.5 seconds
Skill (min) 0 Mysticism
Skill (99%) 37.5 Mysticism
Skill (Scribe) 0 Inscription
Spiders' SilkSpiders' Silk
Craftable Scroll
Name Healing Stone
Category Spells of Mysticism
Skill(s) Required 0 Inscription
Mana Cost 4 mana
Can be exceptional No
Wearable Slot None
Wieldable No
Required Recipe None
Tool Required
Stackable Yes
1 Blank ScrollBlank Scroll
1 BoneBone
1 GarlicGarlic
1 GinsengGinseng
1 Spiders' SilkSpiders' Silk

Healing Stone

Words of Power
Britannian kal in mani



Creates a large, non transferable, red gem in your backpack with a stored amount of healing points. You must have a free hand to use it. The stone takes 20 seconds to fully recharge, if used again before recharging it will heal for a lesser amount. Points are also deducted from the stone for cure attempts, the higher the poison, the more points will be used up.

The amount of healing points depends on your Mysticism & Focus or Imbuing skill. When used the Healing Stone will attempt to cure you or heal you, deducting points healed from the stone’s available total.

The amount healed = 1d6 + (((mysticismSkill + imbuingSkill) / 2) / 4), or put another way, a Healing Stone is equivalent to between a Heal and a Greater Heal spell when used.

The Healing effect can be augmented by the Spellweaving Arcane Empowerment ability, but Enhance Potions has no effect on healing stones.

The stone lasts until the points are used up, or it is dropped on the floor.