Hue 1172

Hue 1172

Hue # 1172
Color Code 0x0494
Official Name(s) none
Unofficial Name(s) Blue Red
Internal Name Blue red

Dye Tub(s) none
Natural Dye none
Compassion Dye none
Treasures of Tokuno none
Cleanup Pigments none
Haochi`s Pigments none

UO-Item-7940-1172.png UO-Item-9002-1172.png UO-Item-4011-1172.png UO-Item-3839-1172.png UO-Item-9003-1172.png UO-Item-7939-1172.png

Example items hued using hue 1172.

Items hued with hue 1172

UO-Item-9922-1172.png A Beloved Relic Of The Immortal Deity Of Desire, Adonis 
UO-Item-571-1172.png A Broken Heart From A Long Time Cursed Knight 
UO-Item-5055-1172.png A Chain Tunic Of Refined Sky Iron, It Seems To Pulsate And Slither With A Life-Force Of It's Own 
UO-Item-9036-1172.png A Cursed Climbing Rose 
UO-Item-3754-1172.png A Finely Spun Silk "Humanity First" Banner, It In Pristine Condition 
UO-Item-10311-1172.png A Happy Carp For Boy's Festival 2016 
UO-Item-41121-1172.png A Magical Box Containing The Heart Of My One True Love 
UO-Item-3213-1172.png A Passionate Rosebush Augmented With True Beauty: "Omnia Vincit Amor Et Nos Cedamus Amori" 
UO-Item-8756-1172.png A Puppy Dragon Raised In Anger And Fear By Mommyn The Destroyer Of Life 
UO-Item-4232-1172.png A Ruby Amulet Stolen From A Treasure Hoard Engraved With Its Last Known Coordinates 
UO-Item-5502-1172.png A Sled Primed And Ready For The Coming Snow 
UO-Item-3755-1172.png A Slightly Torn Silk "Humanity First!" Banner, It Has Smatterings Of Elven Blood. 
UO-Item-16447-1172.png A Statue Engraved With The Prophecy Of Pinetars The Destroyer 
UO-Item-13820-1172.png A Statue Of A Courageous Warrior 
UO-Item-16149-1172.png A Torture Chamber, Inside Is Carved The Second Part Of A Secret Word 
UO-Item-40358-1172.png A Trophy Of A Disgruntled Anomala Dubia 
UO-Item-17075-1172.png A Urn Containing The Ashes Of AmBar 
UO-Item-8478-1172.png A Valentine's Day Bear (Asuka 2010) 
UO-Item-8478-1172.png A Valentine's Day Bear (Hokuto 2010) 
UO-Item-8478-1172.png A Valentine's Day Bear (Izumo 2010) 
UO-Item-8478-1172.png A Valentine's Day Bear (Mizuho 2010) 
UO-Item-8478-1172.png A Valentine's Day Bear (Mugen 2010) 
UO-Item-8478-1172.png A Valentine's Day Bear (Mugen 2010) 
UO-Item-8478-1172.png A Valentine's Day Bear (Sakura 2010) 
UO-Item-8478-1172.png A Valentine's Day Bear (Wakoku 2010) 
UO-Item-8478-1172.png A Valentine's Day Bear (Yamato 2010) 
UO-Anim-8119-1172.png Anju Sermani - A Magical Spell From Old Sosaria Used To Restore A Destroyed Body 
UO-Item-12320-1172.png Brambles Of Misfortune 
UO-Item-8762-1172.png Broken Crystals 
UO-Item-8763-1172.png Broken Crystals 
UO-Item-8764-1172.png Broken Crystals 
UO-Item-8765-1172.png Broken Crystals 
UO-Item-8766-1172.png Broken Crystals 
UO-Item-8767-1172.png Broken Crystals 
UO-Item-8768-1172.png Broken Crystals 
UO-Item-8769-1172.png Broken Crystals 
UO-Item-8770-1172.png Broken Crystals 
UO-Item-8771-1172.png Broken Crystals 
UO-Item-8772-1172.png Broken Crystals 
UO-Item-8773-1172.png Broken Crystals 
UO-Item-8774-1172.png Broken Crystals 
UO-Item-8775-1172.png Broken Crystals 
UO-Item-8776-1172.png Broken Crystals 
UO-Item-8777-1172.png Broken Crystals 
UO-Item-5397-1172.png Cloak of Minax 
UO-Item-19091-1172.png Daemon Mask Hand Painted By Mesanna 
UO-Item-2471-1172.png Dont Drink The Fruit Punch! 
UO-Item-6479-1172.png Easter Basket 
UO-Anim-39529-1172.png Eternal Flame Of Love 
UO-Item-19089-1172.png Evil Clown Mask Hand Painted By Mesanna 
UO-Item-19366-1172.png Evil Jester Mask Hand Painted By Mesanna 
UO-Item-8424-1172.png Farmer Tojo's Slime 
UO-Item-6780-1172.png Fur Puddle 
UO-Item-5441-1172 CorrectHue.png Greetings From EM Silver Fox - Asuka 2018 
UO-Item-18100-1172.png Greetings From EM Silver Fox - Asuka 2018 
UO-Item-7159-1172.png Ingots Of Highly Refined Sky Iron 
UO-Item-7942-1172.png Jennys Broken Charm Bracelet 
UO-Item-40581-1172.png Love Trumps Hate 
UO-Item-3744-1172.png Margreta Taunts Her Adversaries From Atop The Walls Of Trinsic 
UO-Item-4162-1172.png Memorial Pie - Asuka 15th Anniversary 
UO-Item-3717-1172.png Pickaxe Made In Minoc[Exceptional] 
UO-Item-19086-1172.png Plague Mask Hand Painted By Mesanna 
UO-Item-19368-1172.png Porcelain Mask Hand Painted By Mesanna 
UO-Item-8455-1172.png Poseable Figurine Of A Traditional Britannian Gypsy In Festive Dress 
UO-Item-3722-1172.png Powerful Fireworks Staff 
UO-Item-4232-1172.png Roxanna The Kinds Lucky Pedant 
UO-Item-18713-1172.png Tarna Goblin Poppet 
UO-Item-8473-1172.png Thank You Catskills, I Had Fun! Mesanna 
UO-Item-10146-1172.png The Avenger Warlords Downfall 
UO-Item-18406-1172.png The Bonds Of Affection 
UO-Item-16507-1172.png The Ornate Blood Crown Of Sjena The Lich-Queen 
UO-Item-15793-1172.png The Remains Of Walpurgis Night -2017 
UO-Anim-2581-1172.png The Reminiscence Of Hell 
UO-Item-8448-1172.png The Wisp That Whispers Evil 
UO-Item-4216-1172.png Uggtocuctc's Hide 
UO-Item-42475-1172.png Xavriad The Magnificent 
UO-Item-4228-1172.png Yamandon Horns 
UO-Item-5112-1172.png “A Torch, Whose Flame Is The Imprisoned Lightning..."