Hue 1192

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Hue 1192

Hue # 1192
Color Code 0x04A8
Official Name(s) Yew
Yew Brown
Unofficial Name(s) Yew Brown
Internal Name Yew

Dye Tub(s) none
Natural Dye none
Compassion Dye none
Treasures of Tokuno none
Cleanup Pigments none
Haochi`s Pigments none

UO-Item-7940-1192.png UO-Item-9002-1192.png UO-Item-4011-1192.png UO-Item-3839-1192.png UO-Item-9003-1192.png UO-Item-7939-1192.png

Example items hued using hue 1192.

Items hued with hue 1192