Hue 1922

Hue 1922

Hue # 1922
Color Code 0x0782
Official Name(s) none
Unofficial Name(s) none
Internal Name none

Dye Tub(s) none
Natural Dye none
Compassion Dye none
Treasures of Tokuno none
Cleanup Pigments none
Haochi`s Pigments none

UO-Item-7940-1922.png UO-Item-9002-1922.png UO-Item-4011-1922.png UO-Item-3839-1922.png UO-Item-9003-1922.png UO-Item-7939-1922.png

Example items hued using hue 1922.

Items hued with hue 1922

UO-Item-42488-1922.png A Stained Window Built From Pieces Of The Rift
UO-Item-19231-1922.png Prosperity Happy Lunar Rabbit
UO-Item-19231-1922.png Prosperity Lunar Rabbit
UO-Item-19228-1922.png 2012 Year End Dragon 
UO-Anim-40837-1922.png A Bloody Sack (Something Is Moving Inside) 
UO-Item-42161-1922.png A Caged Phoenix 
UO-Item-7801-1922.png A Crib 
UO-Item-13804-1922.png A Crystal Made From The Sacrifices Of The City Of Minoc 
UO-Anim-16574-1922.png A Light Against The Abyss - Origin Halloween 2011 
UO-Item-9669-1922.png A Multi-Legged, Bloodthirsty Surprise From Drachenfels 
UO-Item-10314-1922.png A Perfect Flower From Harvey's Collection (Drachenfels 2020) 
UO-Anim-18065-1922.png A Perfect Pumpkin From Harvey's Collection (Drachenfels 2016) 
UO-Item-4168-1922.png A Ruby Encrusted Sosarian Globe Rewarded For Valor In The Defense Of The King Of Britannia 
UO-Anim-41560-1922.png A Symbol Of Deep Affection 
UO-Item-17074-1922.png Ashes Of The Mystical Bennu Bird Matriarch: They Pulse With Life Still! 
UO-Item-5451-1922.png Balhae Halloween Mask 2014 
UO-Item-5437-1922.png Blood Clothing 
UO-Item-7573-1922.png Blood From A Spider Victim 
UO-Item-15285-1922.png Blood Leg Pendant 
UO-Item-10134-1922.png Blood Sandals 
UO-Item-7933-1922.png Blood Shirt 
UO-Item-17828-1922.png Blood Spider Wings 
UO-Item-8415-1922.png Bloodied Primitive Idol Representing The Gluttonous Orcish Diety Called Bludgod 
UO-Item-4646-1922.png Bloodstained Predilection 
UO-Item-17092-1922.png Celebrating The Chinese New Year Of 2012 
UO-Item-8437-1922.png Chinese New Year Great Monkey God Sun Wukong 
UO-Item-8476-1922.png Chinese New Year Prosperity Dog 
UO-Item-8456-1922.png Chinese New Year Prosperity Lucky Goats 
UO-Item-8689-1922.png Chinese Prosperity Horse 
UO-Item-17618-1922.png Cuddly Mr. Crab 
UO-Item-19091-1922.png Daemon Mask Hand Painted By Mesanna 
UO-Item-7390-1922.png Davy Jone's Torso 
UO-Item-6009-1922.png EM Lyraa's Rock Around The Clock 
UO-Item-3632-1922.png Essence Of Fire Smoldering Within A Crystal Orb 
UO-Item-19089-1922.png Evil Clown Mask Hand Painted By Mesanna 
UO-Item-16439-1922.png Evil Emblem 
UO-Item-19366-1922.png Evil Jester Mask Hand Painted By Mesanna 
UO-Item-5905-1922.png Fishing Waders Crafted From Lava Sea Serpent Scales 
UO-Item-8401-1922.png Formosa Chick Chick Chinese New Year ! 
UO-Item-5147-1922.png Formosa Halloween Mask 2014 
UO-Item-18076-1922.png Formosa Halloween Scarecrow 2021 
UO-Item-8451-1922.png Formosa Lunar New Year Reliable Ox 
UO-Item-8449-1922.png Formosa Thanksgiving Ham 2012 
UO-Item-2461-1922.png Fuddy Wuddys Orange Blossom Special 
UO-Item-8446-1922.png Gong Xi Fa Cai Snake 
UO-Item-18747-1922.png Guardian Dragon 
UO-Item-2885-1922.png Hand Made Piece Of Poottery By Feekal The Gobli 
UO-Item-8828-1922.png Happy Chinese New Year From The UO Team 
UO-Item-19481-1922.png Happy Holidays From EM Faine Morgan And EM Sangria, 2012 
UO-Item-40580-1922.png Happy Lovers Day 2020 
UO-Item-3626-1922.png Happy New Year From The Evil One! 
UO-Item-4161-1922.png Happy Thanksgiving Pie - Izumo 2012 
UO-Item-40581-1922.png Happy Valentines Day Balhae 
UO-Item-8757-1922.png Headmount Of Trachyt The Ruby Dragon 
UO-Item-587-1922.png Heart Of Molten Stone 
UO-Anim-40123-1922.png Heart Of The Inferno 
UO-Item-4586-1922.png Highly Volatile Enchanted Sand - Handle With Caution 
UO-Item-5112-1922.png Horance's Firedoom Staff 
UO-Anim-2581-1922.png I Won Playing Mesanna's Lets Make A Deal On Origin 2012 
UO-Anim-2581-1922.png I Won Playing Mesanna's Lets Make A Deal. 
UO-Item-19228-1922.png Idol Of The Void, Dragon Shaped Version 
UO-Item-7033-1922.png Lava Encrusted Scale 
UO-Item-2580-1922.png Light Of Riot's 
UO-Item-3310-1922.png Medrepora Oculata Coral 
UO-Item-8455-1922.png Mesanna's Little Minion 
UO-Item-8793-1922.png Moonglow Wizard Book Of Magic 
UO-Item-2505-1922.png Mutant Hamhocks - Not Recommended For Human Consumption 
UO-Item-3524-1922.png Mysterious Fruit 
UO-Item-5899-1922.png Mythical Boots Of Great Lake Stomping 
UO-Item-7867-1922.png Nachteule's Schnapidralli Werkzeugskiste 
UO-Anim-39594-1922.png Oni Koroshi - Japanese Sake Rice Wine 
UO-Item-9667-1922.png Peacock Spider 
UO-Item-9667-1922.png Phase Spiderling Born On Fire 
UO-Item-19086-1922.png Plague Mask Hand Painted By Mesanna 
UO-Item-19368-1922.png Porcelain Mask Hand Painted By Mesanna 
UO-Item-19278-1922.png Precious Gemstone In The Color Of Sacrifice Virtue 
UO-Item-18095-1922.png Proof Of The Sacrificial Minoc Blacksmith 
UO-Item-8792-1922.png Proof Of Minoc Blacksmith With Great Technology 
UO-Item-3656-1922.png Pumpkin Pie Seasoning 
UO-Item-5901-1922.png Red Hot Momma's 
UO-Item-2472-1922.png Red Packet 
UO-Item-3788-1922.png Remain Of Grumlad, Advocate Of Minax 
UO-Item-7825-1922.png Sacrificial Offering To The Beast Called Uskek'rah'p 
UO-Item-12216-1922.png Spider Blood Eyes 
UO-Item-2577-1922.png Taper Of Sacrifice 
UO-Item-10325-1922.png The Flaming Sword Of Hedge Maze 
UO-Item-2461-1922.png The Golden Days Of Royal Summer Wine 
UO-Item-10159-1922.png The Widowmaker - Elizabeth The Twins' Wicked Knives 
UO-Anim-7961-1922.png Trapped Mind Of Tuan The Wanderer 
UO-Item-6363-1922.png Vessel Holding A Bleeding Heart 
UO-Item-5201-1922.png Vhergor's Skull 
UO-Item-5055-1922.png Vulcan's Vanguard