Hue 902

Hue 902

Hue # 902
Color Code 0x0386
Official Name(s) none
Unofficial Name(s) none
Internal Name none

Dye Tub(s) NPC-purchased Dying Tub
Furniture Dye Tub
Natural Dye none
Compassion Dye none
Treasures of Tokuno none
Cleanup Pigments none
Haochi`s Pigments none

UO-Item-7940-902.png UO-Item-9002-902.png UO-Item-4011-902.png UO-Item-3839-902.png UO-Item-9003-902.png UO-Item-7939-902.png

Example items hued using hue 902.

Items hued with hue 902

UO-Item-4232-902.png A Blackrock Chain Studded With Crystalized Wisps 
UO-Item-3718-902.png A Blackrock Pickaxe [Europa, 2010] 
UO-Item-7939-902.png A Bloody And Worn Robe 
UO-Item-3192-902.png A Carrot Gone Bad 
UO-Item-2540-902.png A Container Of Tribal Paint To Be Used Before Battle 
UO-Item-5928-902.png A Cracked Easter Egg, Drained Of All Brightness 
UO-Anim-7964-902.png A Crystal Glowing With Mericles' Energy 
UO-Item-5928-902.png A Dark Chocolate Easter Egg... It Smells Wrong 
UO-Item-5121-902.png A Dark Elf Longsword Mangled By The Teeth Of A Gargantuan Tunnel Worm 
UO-Item-3827-902.png A Page From Mericles' Spellbook 
UO-Item-3859-902.png A Piece Of Blackrock Composite 
UO-Item-3718-902.png A Rusted Pickaxe With Zombie Brains Splattered All Over It 
UO-Item-9916-902.png A Spike With The Head Of A Scout Impaled On It 
UO-Item-4232-902.png A Strand Of Swirling Dark Energy 
UO-Item-9797-902.png A Void Demons Skull 
UO-Item-4231-902.png Agent Of Corruption Communication Device 
UO-Item-2504-902.png An Earthen Jug Filled With Zombie Juice 
UO-Item-3740-902.png An Old War Drum 
UO-Item-3937-902.png Baneblade 
UO-Item-12123-902.png Blackrock-Warped Claw 
UO-Item-2540-902.png Blasting Powder 
UO-Item-3628-902.png Bottle 
UO-Item-3934-902.png Broadsword Bearing The Mark Of The Hellhound Clan On The Pommel 
UO-Item-2491-902.png Buta No Marukoge (Sakura 2010) 
UO-Item-2537-902.png Chocolate Ice Cream Cake (Happy Holidays 2009) 
UO-Item-5932-902.png Chocolate Rum Balls 
UO-Item-12121-902.png Corrupted Soul 
UO-Anim-7964-902.png Crystal Veined With Blackrock 
UO-Item-3702-902.png Deformed Crimson Dragon's Bag 
UO-Item-9793-902.png Degaur The Elder Skin 
UO-Item-5441-902.png Dragon Knight 
UO-Item-11233-902.png Gingerbread Cookie crafted by Winter Of The Solstice Stag
UO-Item-4166-902.png Gunpowder 
UO-Item-5198-902.png Halloweenie Armor 
UO-Item-5199-902.png Halloweenie Armor 
UO-Item-5200-902.png Halloweenie Armor 
UO-Item-5201-902.png Halloweenie Armor 
UO-Item-5202-902.png Halloweenie Armor 
UO-Item-8442-902.png Happy Halloween [Drachenfels 2010] 
UO-Item-7154-902.png Ingots 
UO-Item-5062-902.png Leather Gloves 
UO-Item-5449-902.png Mask Of The Kragehul Tribe 
UO-Item-9892-902.png Master Assassin's Mask 
UO-Item-7192-902.png Naughty Child Cod Liver Oil (Pacific 2010) 
UO-Item-2485-902.png Naughty Christmas Rocks 2010 Napa Valley 
UO-Item-5903-902.png Necromancer Apprentice Shoes 
UO-Item-7947-902.png Orcish Captain Helm 
UO-Item-3191-902.png Powned Carrot- Easter 2010 
UO-Item-9914-902.png Reanimator's Scythe 
UO-Item-4165-902.png Sack Of Coal - Legends 2010 
UO-Item-4166-902.png Sack Of Coal - Legends 2010 
UO-Item-4165-902.png Sack Of Coal Legends 2009 
UO-Item-4165-902.png Sack Of Coal Legends 2010 
UO-Item-4166-902.png Sack Of Coal Legends 2010 
UO-Item-5201-902.png Skull Of A Cut Throat Pirate 
UO-Item-3721-902.png Staff Of The Warlord 
UO-Item-3834-902.png Talon's Book Of Fear 
UO-Item-3650-902.png The Undertaker 
UO-Item-3191-902.png Vermin Slayer Carrot