Infectious Strike

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Special Moves and Abilities

Infectious Strike

Special Move
UO Icon Infectious Strike.png

Mana Cost 20
Weapons Primary Secondary
  • Assassin Spike
  • Gargish Dagger
  • Dagger
  • Double Bladed Staff
  • Kryss
  • Pike
  • Macing
  • Butcher’s Knife
  • Cleaver
  • Dual Short Axes
  • Throwing

    Infectious Strike is a Special Move.


    “Infectious Strike requires a weapon with poison charges on it Only weapon types that have Infectious Strike as an available special move will be able to be poisoned.. While no skill in Poisoning is absolutely required to use this ability, being knowledgeable in the application and use of toxins will allow a character to use Infectious Strike at reduced mana cost and to inflict more deadly poison on his victim. Level 5 poison will be possible when using this special move. Poisoning skill is not required, but without it you will only be able to inflict level 1 poisons on your victim. This move is exempt from the Tactics skill requirement.

    The Poisoning skill will give a (Poisoning Skill)% chance to increase the level of poison delivered by 1. The blade must have poison applied to it. The power of the poison depends on the type of poison used and your poisoning skill.
    • With Poisoning skill 0.0 – 19.9 you can inflict Level 1 (with a chance of level 0)
    • With Poisoning skill 20.0 – 39.9 you can inflict level 2 (with a chance of level 3)
    • With Poisoning skill 40.0 – 59.9 you can inflict level 3 (with a chance of level 4)
    • With Poisoning skill 60.0 – 100.0 you can inflict level 4 (with a chance of level 5) [1]

    Mobiles Using Infectious Strike


    Mobiles which can train in Infectious Strike

    This only lists mobiles which can train in Infectious Strike 'out of the box'. Some additional mobiles may also be able to train Infectious Strike if their initial set of abilities and moves is modified.